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Top 5 Cool Tech Videos Of The Week

You might have seen videos getting viral on social media sites these days, right ? Do you know why? Well, of course because they are amazing and super cool. But there are high changes that  you might miss some of the really cool videos that you should definitely watch. But how to get notified about these cool video? Well, I have a solution for it. Keep reading….

Here in this post I will be sharing top 5 cool video from around the web that you must not miss. As this is a tech blog based on  Gadget, gizmos & tech, the videos I will be sharing EVERY WEEK will be based on some cool tech or gadgets. Yes, I will be sharing top 5 amazing and trending tech videos every monday. So stay tuned!!

Week's 5 Best Tech VIdeos

Today I have some pretty amusing videos to share. Have a look below and check out these cool videos.

Ants Circling My Phone – Mysterious video of ants circling my iPhone

Have you ever seen ants rotating around a phone? If not then check out this cool video how ants starts revolving around iPhone when its starts ringing. What might be the possible reason for? Lets discuss, comment below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Hammer & Knife Test!

The all time favorite gadget durability tester or destroyer TechRax did a hammer test on Samsung’s latest flagship the Galaxy Note 5. Check out how well does the Note 5 survives this hammer as well as knife test.

Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram 

Bored of using your smartphone in the regular ways? Try out this new innovative trick and turn your smartphone into a Hologram Projector! Check out this tutorial and turn our smartphone into a 3D hologram.

Build an Infinity Mirror

Check out this video which provides an overview of the materials and process to build an infinity mirror, a trick mirror that creates the illusion of an infinitely deep tunnel using LEDs. You can build one using simple materials available at a hardware or arts and crafts store: a small cardboard box, a tiny craft mirror, some plexiglass, reflective window film, and LEDs.

nexpaq Kickstarter Video

nexpaq is a modular phone case. A module is a small square that has a unique function it adds to your smartphone; for instance a 3D camera or a blood-glucose monitor. One nexpaq case can hold up to 6 modules, all working at once. These modules can be shared between nexpaqs, even between iPhones and Androids.

Wrap Up:

So, these were some of the amazing tech videos that should not be missed. Feel free to watch them again and also share them with your friends. Stay tuned with us by subscribing to our newsletter(top-sidebar) as we will post top 5 cool tech videos every monday.

And also feel free to comment below your feedback on how did you like these video and this new series.

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