Meet TARS : A WhatsApp Based Personal Assistant

The trend of having a Virtual Personal Assistant is increasing day by day. Virtual PAs help us perform daily tasks in a much easier way than that we did without them. And here virtual personal assistant does not mean a human who manages and handles your tasks over the internet and makes your virtual life easy but I am talking about Personal Assistant like Siri, which we find on iOS, Cortana, which is found in Windows and more.

Today I stumbled upon an on-demand service which offers a much PA like experience on your smartphone, in fact, Tars offers its service on one of the most popular messengers, WhatsApp. We all have been using WhatsApp every day to share our talks, photos, video etc without friends and now you can chat, ask questions, ask help and anything to your new WhatsApp friend, TARS.


The name TARS is derived from the name of a robot which is found in a hit Hollywood movie named “Interstellar”. The robot in the movie helps astronauts in their inter-galactic travels. The official website claims that Tars is partially an artificial intelligence that operates with aids from local experts.

About Tars

Tars is a startup based out of Bangalore and is co-founded by Vinit Agarwal and Ish Jindal. Tars is an on-demand service which uses Whatsapp as its platform and acts as a personal assistant that will hopefully answer all your questions, as long as they are within it’s intelligence. Being a personal assistant, Tars takes users’ requests like Google search, making phone calls and reservations, read through reviews, compare prices, order a Pizza, call for a Plumber, Meaning of any word, etc. It is a sort of artificial intelligence program which is partially based on the local agents to work.

TARS with its local expert’s team, answers all your requests and they are online from 10 AM to 10 PM. Expert team behind Tars will google for you and will send you the results or information in your WhatsApp chat.


We will google for you, make phone calls and reservations, read through reviews, compare prices, add our local expertise and finally get you the best stuff. We want to make your life simpler and get you everything while you do what you love to do – messaging;  Just Whatsapp us and we’ll get you what you are looking for.” –TARS Team

How To Use Tars?

Using Tars does not require any technical skill or something, but it is damn easy to use Tars and get you requests answered. You just have to put forth your query/requests/questions and you will receive the response accordingly, and quickly.

You can ask Tars for services like,

Tars Services

The official website stats, “You can ask to book tickets, find a product, get best coupons/deals, order a pizza, call a plumber, get suggestions for restaurants, movie timings and much more. TARS will help you.

That means Tars will get almost anything done as per your request just as your personal assistance would have done. The experts behind Tars are available from 10 AM to 10 Pm, so, you can get you queries answered between the mentioned time period.

How To Get Tars?

Now here a simple yet important question, How can you get Tars ? As already mentioned, Tars is not a standalone app but it’s a WhatsApp based on-demand service so you don’t need to download anything additional to get it.

Get Tars

To get Tars on you WhatsApp all you have to do is, save 9900876785 to your contact and just WhatsApp a ‘Hello’ message to this number.

Is The Service Chargeable?

Now lets talk about the main thing, service charge. The best part is that the Tars chat service is completely free, so you don’t have to pay anything for Tars and its service.

However, if you want to book a movie or train ticket or order a product, then, of course, you will have to pay for it but the service will not be chargeable. For instance, if you ask Tars to book a movie for you, Tars will take care of the entire process except for the transaction. For payments, it will send you a secured payment link which is powered by Instamojo where you will have to fill up the details. And then Tars will make the booking on your behalf. And the good part is there won’t be any booking charges or additional/hidden charges, rather experts will add  the most relevant coupons too, making the payment amount as low as possible.


Currently, Tars is based out of Bangalore but it is an operational pan India. It has only been a month or two that its services have been rolled out. Given the fact that it is a startup in the market, its back-end services are still at their workshop stage. So you can get Tars service anywhere in India. Hopefully, Tars will gradually roll out its service to outside India in near future.


Tars seems a great service and an innovative startup that offers people a Whatsapp based personal assistant that answers almost all your questions. One of the best parts of Tars is that it is a Whatsapp based service and that simply means you DO NOT need to download any addition app to use this service so you don’t have to worry about it consuming extra memory.

Visit Official website of TARS for more information.

I hope you found this post interesting and I would really like to hear your thoughts on TARS. Do let me know what do you think about this on demand service, TARS ?

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