Pinpointe Review 2023 | Best Tool For Opt-In Email Marketing?

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Getting a word out about your product or service is essential for your success. Email marketing is an effective solution for creating buzz about your merchandise. In a sea of Email marketing options, Pinpointe has distinguished itself by focusing on business to business marketing.

Most E-mail marketing services focus sending email directly to consumers but Pinpointe takes a different approach having been created to handle high volumes of opt-in or subscription-based email marketing for business to business communications.

Pinpoint has created an advertising product that you will not find anywhere else. It as a high capacity, award-winning campaign builder designed for small and mid-size companies and franchises to help their business to business targets and to help then be in touch with customers constantly.

Pinpointe Review

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Features of Pinpointe:

  • Automation:

Pinpointe’s strong autoresponders and trigger campaign will help you maximize your marketing efficiency. Results have proved that Pinpointe’s autoresponders increase results by over 100%. Based on one’s prospect’s conduct it creates highly flexible autoresponders and trigger campaigns.

For every individual e-mail one can establish an automatic drip sequence for each precise filters. It also allows you to set up autoresponders on the behalf of different members in your company which helps you in taking personalization one step further.

  • Go Mobile

You can find the biggest and largest library of preliminarily tested, cellphone amiable and prompt HTML email templates or be more specific over 1000 email templates that help the customers in creating amazing email campaigns rapidly.

Pinpointe’s super responsive email templates instinctively adjust itself to exhibit correctly on desktops, cellphones or I-pads that makes your campaign look wonderful. You are also ought to enjoy super high response rate as most of the emails are opened on cellphones.

  • Move to the Inbox

The new Pinpointe email marketing enables the feature of permission-based email marketing, i.e., no purchased or non-opt-in lists. They have encouraged their relationship with major ISPs and actively took part in the feedback loops. To ensure high inbox acceptance rates Pinpoint monitors IP reputation with deliverability vendors. The quality business customers have achieved up to almost 100% inbox delivery rates.

Pinpointe Review - Features

  • Options to build your own campaign

 With Pinpointe you are provided with three options to build your Email campaign. Following are these three options:

  • Instinctive Drag and Drop Campaign Builder


You can create beautiful campaign designs and in addition to that, you also get to create the content of your choice in just a few minutes.

  • WYSIWYG Editor

With the exciting new WYSIWYG editor, you can create your email from the very start or one among the 1000 Pinpointe’s email templates and check how the end result seems in the editor.

Pinpointe also gives you the options load the HTML code of your choice.

  • Target with accuracy- The Smart Segments

Pinpointe’s all-new smart segments allow you to target your prospects with accuracy. You get to define segment criteria by combining all the behavioral information (like whether or not the subscribers opened the campaign or clicked on the specific links) and the demographics information custom field values that you get to create.

You also have the option to create the complex selection criteria and mix the simple AND-OR logic by using the simple pull-down menus.

Pinpointe Review - Features 2

  • Now you can make your Emails social with just a click

Pinpointe now allows the users to automatically add social follow, share, and like buttons to the email market campaign which makes your email campaign results great. The process of adding social sharing to an email campaign is really easy.

You just need to select a button style and ‘Insert Social’ in the WYSIWYG email campaign editor. The social sharing code is automatically inserted by Pinpointe for the recipients to follow, share, and like the email campaigns.

  • Real-time Site Analytics & Heat Maps


Pinpointe has taken email marketing to another level. They have fully integrated the real-time website tracking and analytics which is absolutely free and you just need to ask at the time you sign up. Pinpointe also allows you to get a 360-degree display of the activities of your prospects and contacts. Tracking the inbound marketing results and my twitter streams are easy and simple to track.

  • Tagged lists

Managing and dividing contacts and targeting audiences is highly flexible with Pinpointe.

  • Dynamic Content Blocks

Based on the precise customer data you can create blocks of content that can be included in your email campaign with the dynamic content tag. By utilizing the information received through the buyer’s persona one can build highly personalized emails, email list preferences, gender, location, etc.

One can argue that the dynamic content included in the email campaign is similar to using custom fields, however dynamic content provides you high flexibility since the content boxes most of the times include different images, texts, and links.

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Pinpointe Review

Pinpointe provides the users with the recent statistics which at once lets you know how many emails in your campaign have been read, forwarded or bounced also letting you know within seconds how many confirmed or unconfirmed contacts are there in your mailing list and how many contacts have unsubscribed from your campaign. That is a lot of information.

Pinpointe has done a good job by making it easily understood and visually pleasing which goes for all the tools and Pinpointe’s feature set. Pinpointe offers almost everything we look for when we review email marketing services. Their distinctive focus on business communications makes it truly unique.

When compared to other similar products Pinpointe shows a low percentage of the standard features listed across the email marketing category. Most notably we can mention their advanced segmenting and drip marketing campaigns. Pinpointe has low mobile access by offering no native iOS or Android apps or a responsive website.

Pinpointe has also submitted the get app security survey. Noteworthy is their positive reply to the data policy section. Reviews from getting out verified users highlight Pinpointe for having high deliverability rates but that the design editor could use some improving. Pinpointe has not yet received enough reviews to establish a rating for their value for money when compared to other email marketing apps.

Final Words: Pinpointe Review

In a gist Pinpointe is a strong email marketing app for companies that are looking for a solution with excellent segmenting and drip marketing campaigns but based on user feedback there is a room for improvement in the area of design editor click. Pinpointe is worth giving a shot and there is a high chance that Pinpointe can be your new email marketing app.

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