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Finally WhatsApp Is Here For Desktops

We already knew WhatsApp for desktops is coming, but when, was still a big question. Now here is your answer, WhatApp for desktops is finally here. WhatApp for desktops was officially launched yesterday as a web app, which turns your chrome browser into WhatsApp window. 
WhatsApp For Web
But, it is a web app rather than a native client, which means you have to stay connected to internet in your mobile phone for the Web app to work. That also means if your phone’s battery goes dead, then the web app will also stop working. This web app uses your mobile data simultaneously as it mirrors your phone’s content to Chrome. 
WhatsApp UpdateWhatsApp QR Scan

To use this Web app on your desktops or laptops you need to update your WhatsApp version to the latest one in your phone, using which you have to scan the QR Code from the web. 

This is necessary, presumably, because WhatsApp uses your phone number and SMS verification rather than usernames/passwords. This currently works on Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. But, this is still not available for IOS because ‘Apple platform limitation’. 

So, if you are one of the 600 million WhatsApp users and want to enjoy WhatsApp for web then head over to this links: WhatsApp for web.
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Update: There are many people who are still finding whatsapp for pc download procedures using bluestacks and other emulators. There is no need. You can just head over to the official website of whatsapp web & enjoy the new service for free. If you got iOS or something that is not compatible right now with present service, then you can use the emulators, otherwise there is no need.

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