Best Selling Smartphones of October 2015

Welcome to Best Seller post, in this post I will be listing down the best selling smartphones of the month. So here you will find the popular or the smartphone in trend or the most purchased smartphones of the month. so that you could easily decide which one to buy.

Best Selling Smartphones

Note: I will update this post every month with best selling smartphones of that month. So keep this post book-marketed and visit here every month to know the current trend of smartphones. 

Best Selling Flagships

iPhone 6

Flagship phones are ones which are the best of the series from the company. Flagships are one of the most awaited, anticipated and popular smartphones from the company. Geeks and smartphone lovers wait for them eagerly for months. Here is the list of best selling flagship phones of the month.

Best Selling Mid-Range Phones


Mid-Range phones are ideal for people looking for powerful smartphones at a comparatively low price. This year we have a lot of mid-range phones that are ready to give a bang for you bucks and some will also satisfy your need of a flagship. Check out the below list for the most purchased mid-range smartphones of the month.

Best Selling Budget Phones

Yu Yuphoira

Budget phones are nowadays more in demand than the high-end phones as they offer more than enough specs and features that a normal user wants. This year we saw a lot of budget smartphones being unveiled that were able to attract our attention. Here are the top 10 best selling budget phones of this month.

So these are the best seller smartphones of this month do feel free to visit the above links and grab the phone you are willing to buy. And as already mentioned I will update this post every month so don’t forget to book-mark this page.

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