Youtube Backdrops 2023: 25 Best Backdrops For YouTube Videos

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In this post, we are going to share the list of the 25 most popular YouTube backdrops.

One of the best things about video production is that it’s just a blank canvas to express how you feel. Here are 100 Video Production Backdrops, with some ideas on how you can use them in your videos. Find one that fits the tone of your project and get creative.

We’re all familiar with those cinematic views of the city at night, but what about the view of a neon-lit hotel hallway? Or an empty gas station with sunlight creeping through the windows? Free stock footage within this post is just one click away.

Most high school seniors will scramble to take graduation photos before they’re kicked out of their high school forever. Here are some outdoor shots of a brick-wall backdrop that would work for any senior going out into the real world.


The topic is more or less self-explanatory, but what could be better than some high-speed camera footage of a fast-moving luxury vehicle on a runway? Not much, I imagine. Video Production Backdrops: A Collection Of 100 More Free Stock Footage Backgrounds

What better way to advertise a new phone than with a timestamp of when all the phones sold out? This is a great backdrop for any crowdsourced or community project.

25 Ideas for Your YouTube Video Backdrop

Plain Backdrops

  1. Solid Color Cloth

Solid color cloth is perhaps the simplest backdrop that you can use. This is the same backdrop that the girl in the video above used for her backdrop. The only difference was that she had it hanging on some kind of board or frame to make it look more interesting.

Solid cloth backdrop: Youtube Backdrops

You can easily get your hands on some solid color cloth by visiting local garment stores. If you don’t have any of them within your vicinity, you may want to consider buying them online.

  1. Tarpaulin/ Canvas

If you are looking for something with a bit more substance, tarpaulin or canvas is perhaps the best option. These types of fabric are relatively cheap and should be easy to find in local stores or online shops.

The nice thing about these materials is that they are smooth and somewhat matte. This makes them ideal for creating a backdrop with little to no reflections.

If you plan on buying one of the two, I would recommend going with the canvas instead of the tarpaulin just because they are easier to work with. They can be easily cut using scissors or simply torn if you don’t have either of them.

  1. Blankets, Sheets, and Towels

Although these materials are typically used for bedding purposes, they also make excellent backdrops for video DIY projects. The nice thing about using them is that you can easily get your hands on them in many different colors and patterns.

If you plan on using them, you may want to consider hanging them on frames like the one used in the video above.

  1. Poster Boards

Although poster boards are typically used for presentations and other types of projects, they can also make excellent backdrops for videos. You can easily get your hands on these materials at most office supply stores or even some supermarkets.

Poster Backdrop: Youtube Backdrops

They are relatively cheap and very easy to work with. If you plan on purchasing a poster board, it may be a good idea to get one in white because these types of boards typically have a glossy surface that reflects light easily.

  1. Cookie Sheets

Cookie sheets are great for making DIY backdrops because they can be placed within the oven for baking purposes. If you plan on using these types of sheets, it may be a good idea to paint them with matte or semi-gloss black paint so that the reflections are reduced.

Blinged- Out Backdrops

  1. Lighting Gallery

Miyavi’s “Guilty” is one of the most ridiculous music videos I have ever seen in my life, but at least he looks good in it. There are so many stunning backdrops here that it’s hard to choose a favorite. …I mean, I’m all about shiny fabric and nature scenes, okay.

Lighting gallery backdrop: Youtube Backdrops

Let’s all take a second and admire their collection of disco balls. They’re like shiny crystals that promise better-looking children (and more).

  1. Old Town Road

We’ve got some old white brick walls AND we’ve got ice cream, guys! *Dolores Umbridge voice* IT MUST BE GOOD! This scene looks like it’s straight out of a sepia-tinted music video from the early 2000s, but with fewer leather pants and more honest smiles.

I’m sure you could find better locations for this song if you’re willing to travel back in time about 15 years, but I think this works just fine.

  1. Blue on Blue

Lights + Water + Liquid sky scenes = Stunning backdrop, according to the all-knowing internet folks! I love that they found a way to make it work for his sad songs and his peppy songs. They’re all equally amazing to look at! And the colors, my goodness — they’re like a full rainbow in each scene.

  1. On the Rocks

Forget ice cream and disco balls: THIS is what we need for summertime music videos! Snow, ice cream, snow-covered trees, mountains, and a backdrop that looks like something straight out of Disney’s Frozen?

on the rocks background: Youtube Backdrops

Joon’s got the right idea. We should take some inspiration from this video for next year — throw on our patched-up denim vests and make it happen… but let’s not show our reindeer friends some real violence.

  1. Food Court of Death

When I think about this music video for “Death Wish,” I get the feeling that someone said: “Hey, let’s throw all the things in this music video! Food, blood, knives… hell, why not have a naked dance scene?

We’ll get so many views!” And hey — it worked. There are food court scenes AND it’s bloody AND there’s a great song to boot? I’m in for this one.

  1. Library of Dreams

I know that this song wasn’t a bop or anything, but I’m still glad that they decided to release this music video full of… well… books.

My only gripe is that I wish they would’ve done more with it — I feel like super bright sound effects and a happy song don’t exactly go together, but what do I know? It worked out pretty well for them.

  1. River’s Edge

Even though it’s pretty cliche, I think this is one of the most stunning backdrops for a sad song. It can be easy to overdo it with sad songs, but they didn’t go overboard here!

Rivers edge backdrop: Youtube Backdrops

The scene with Yuna having her dramatic monolog in the rain was perfect. And who knows what happens behind all those trees… maybe there’s a better world behind them? Maybe it’s the same one that Taemin is always trying to go back to? It would make sense.

  1. School Grounds

I know I’m biased because this video has Jonghyun in it, but I’m pretty sure the school grounds are one of my favorite backdrops for any song.

Maybe I’ve fallen prey to wanting to be an artsy high school student with a big enough backpack to carry all my supplies around, but it’s probably something much deeper than that. OHHH YEAH! Okay, I think it’s somewhere in between.

  1. Creepy Forest

I don’t know if this song was supposed to be a bop or not, but either way — YG did a great job of making the creepiest forest ever just for this song! Not only that but there are so many hidden Easter eggs that it’s worth watching this video on repeat just to see what you can find.

I mean, look at those trees? Are they sentient beings or something? If only the song was good enough to justify making this creepy forest epic.

  1. Pit of Fire

Um… I know this song is about making a girl fall in love with you by showing her your good side, but FELICIA please! Just because it’s not real doesn’t mean you can’t at least try to make it work.

This backdrop is stunning and gives me all the Life is Strange feels, but not only that — all the “BRB I’m gonna go make a time machine” feels too.

Niche Backdrops

  1. Mosaic Tile Backdrop

Mosaic tile paper is so easy to use and available in many different colors. Because it’s paper, you’ll need to weigh the underside down with something (like a stack of books).

Another problem I’ve noticed is that because it’s not cloth-like burlap, sometimes paint/ink/etc will spray off the board. I haven’t had any problems, but it’s something to be aware of.

  1. Paper Mache Board

I’m obsessed with this backdrop (though not crazy about the price tag). It’s sturdy, reusable (if it doesn’t get destroyed), and has a beautiful texture.

Paper Mache Backdrop

I also love that the board is a nice size – you could easily cover an entire area to use as a photo spot or simply use it for its beauty.

  1. Quilted Cotton

I’m not sure why I like this backdrop so much, but it’s pretty! There are lots of different colors (similar to burlap), and they’re durable.

This is another one that you’ll need to weigh down the bottom if you’re photographing something lighter than the board. Again, like with burlap, this cloth does a great job of flagging so sometimes it’s necessary to have an assist from another person.

  1. Canvas Drop Cloth – the one that everyone is talking about!

I just had to add this backdrop to the list because I can’t believe how great it is. Because of the material, it’s so easy to fold and transport. The texture is smooth and beautiful and it’s just overall a very high-quality backdrop. Plus, this one isn’t costly at only $34.

  1. Wooden Background Panels

This is another backdrop that’s easy to transport and sturdy. It’s an actual piece of wood (hooray for no cloth flagging), but it still looks great in photos!

I’ve seen these panels used a lot at model shoots because they photograph so beautifully. The colors are nice, too – there are lots of colors to choose from, and they all look great in photos.

Crafty Backdrops

  1. Inflatable Backdrop

 Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Price: $28.00 [plus shipping, handling, etc.] This is a great choice for an inflatable backdrop because you can easily put it away in a bag and store it.

It is also a great option if you need to bring your backdrop somewhere else after the event because it is so light and easy to transport.

  1. Fabric Backdrop

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores Price: $8.29 [plus shipping, handling, etc.] This is a great option if you’re looking for a backdrop but you can’t find one that is the right size and color.

You can always make your own and hang it up at an event using wire, string, or tape.

  1. Postage Stamp Backdrop

Paper Mart Price: $1 per yard [plus shipping, handling, etc.] This is a great choice because it is cheap and cheerful. It would be easy to transport and set up, too.

  1. Bubblegum Balloons Backdrop

Party City Price: $6 [plus shipping, handling, etc.] This backdrop makes for a great centerpiece at any event and comes in nine different colors: black, blue, gold, green, orange, pink, purple, silver, and yellow.

Bubblegum balloon backdrop

  1. Doily Backdrop

Martha Stewart Price: ~$5 [plus shipping, handling, etc.] If you’re looking for a way to create a backdrop that is elegant and classy-looking but isn’t going to cost a lot of money or take up a lot of space, this is the right choice for you. All you need are doilies and tape.

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Conclusion: Youtube Backdrops 2023

It’s no secret that YouTube is one of the best ways to get your video content discovered these days. When it comes to online videos, YouTube probably has more eyeballs on it than any other site on the Internet.

That being said, you can’t just upload a random video and expect people to watch it once they see your thumbnail. Sure, if you land some big-name celebrity for your video, that might get people to watch the first few seconds of your video, but what’s going to keep them watching.

Fortunately, there are many tricks that can help make your videos go viral (or at least improve their chances), and one of the easiest ways is by creating stunning YouTube backdrops.

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