FIX WordPress Comment Form Not Showing On My Posts – Working Method For 2023

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Wondering why WordPress Comment Form Not Showing on some of your blog posts? Don’t worry because it can be fixed very easily and there’s just a tiny little setting that you have to do to completely fix this problem.

Comments are one of the most important elements of a blog, comment section is the place where your blog readers can interact with you one to one, readers can write what they feel and the blog owner can answer it back.

That’s why bloggers have to ensure that their blog’s comments section is always welcoming for commenters.

In the past, I’ve also run into a similar problem with my blog where suddenly all my blog’s comments form started disappearing, and One day I found one simple solution for this.

Keep reading to find out What’s causing it and how you can fix it easily.

Check Your WordPress Discussion Setting

Yes, this might be the biggest reason why you might not see the WordPress Comment for your blog posts, this is the same problem that was causing the problem with my site too.

My New blog posts had WordPress comment form whereas it has disappeared from the posts older than 14 days.

I have checked the box of Automatically close comments on posts older than 14 days, and it was hiding the comment box from blog posts that were posted before 14 days.

WordPress comment form not showing

For checking it go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Discussion and check whether these two options are checked or unchecked

Make sure you have not checked that box.

Also uncheck the box where it’s written User must be registered and logged in to comment

Just do this much and your WordPress comment forms will reappear from old posts.

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Check Individual Post settings

On the posts where the comment form is not showing up, check whether the comments are enabled on those posts.

you can check it by going into the posts, going to that post’s editor, and on the right side click on settings and then check discussion settings.

Check discussion settings of individual post and make sure Allow Comments Box is checked are checked to make sure you can receive comments on your posts.

Doing the above setting should fix the issue.


I’m pretty sure that doing the above things will reenable your comments, just go ahead and do both of the settings, and your WordPress comments forms will become live again.

Also, don’t forget to read the discussion form if your issue persists after doing the above settings.

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