Windows 11 Officially Announced: A PHENOMENAL Update Over Windows 10, Latest News

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PaisaHack: Windows 11 is finally here, Today Microsoft announced windows 11 at their event. Windows 11 is one of the most awaited & the biggest software release in the past 1-2 years. We could definitely say, this was worth the wait. Windows 11 is a PHENOMENAL upgrade over windows 10 and is definitely here to stay.

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Windows 11 Officially Announced: A PHENOMENAL Update Over Windows 10, Latest News

credits: Microsoft launch event

Microsoft has announced Windows 11 at its much-hyped virtual event on Thursday. The new Windows version includes a new Start Menu and Taskbar, alongside widgets that will work with developer apps.

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Windows 11 is said to be 40% more efficient than windows 10 & is more fast and reliable for productivity use, gaming and creative work. Windows update will now be more streamlined providing more smooth experience and finally solving all the hassle of upgrading windows which the users definitely didn’t like in the windows 10.

The live stream has begun on the Microsoft website with the company’s chief product officer Panos Panay on stage talking about the next generation of Windows. Windows 11 has a new Start menu and a centered taskbar will be a part of the revamped user interface.

Microsoft is also introducing Snap layouts to help users with multi-tasking on Windows 11. The new generation of Windows will also be more touch-friendly, according to the presentation. Teams integration is coming directly to Windows 11. Users will be able to video call anyone; it will not matter if the other user is on a different device, even a Mac.

Windows 11 will now support android apps without any third party software, so you can now directly install your favorite android app from Microsoft store in partnership with amazon app store.

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