10 Awesome Ways To Increase Organic Traffic On Your Website In 2022

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Imagine that you are getting a ton of organic traffic to your blog which is getting converted as your customers every single second.

And in the meantime, you are just chilling with your family on a beach!

But in reality, you are still struggling to drive a handful of organic traffic to your blog which is giving you zero to few sales.

However, getting a lot of organic traffic to your blog which also converts is not that tough.

Just you have to implement some proven Ways To Increase Organic Traffic which I am going to reveal in this blog post.

So, read this blog post till the end!

Now let’s get started.

What Is Organic Traffic?

Before knowing the tactics which would help you increase organic traffic to your blog let’s first know briefly about organic traffic.

Organic traffic is that portion of your website traffic that your website gets from Google or any other search engine like Bing, Yahoo, and more.

It is one of the purest and most targeted forms of website traffic which can help you get a lot of affiliate sales, leads, and more.

Yes, there are other forms of website traffic as well but none of them matches the quality of the organic traffic.

So, it is essential to keep a check on your website’s organic traffic.

Why Is Organic Traffic Important For Your Blog?

Organic traffic is ❤. No blog can be successful if it doesn’t get organic traffic from Google or any other search engines.

Here are some reasons why getting organic traffic is important for your blog:

  • Organic traffic is highly targeted traffic that would surely become your customers, leads, subscribers, and more.
  • Organic traffic is cost-effective and regular unlike paid methods like ads which would be stopped once your stop paying for it.
  • It increases your brand reach, helps you make your tribe online without giving a dime.
  • People believe organic search results more than paid ones and that’s why 94% of web traffic goes to organic search results.

10 Hand-Picked Ways To Boost Organic Traffic of Your Blog

So, after discussing briefly about organic traffic and its benefits now let’s talk about the methods to increase organic traffic to your blog.

1. Make Your Website Load Fast

In July this year, Google rolled the Core Web Vitals update which made website speed and Core Web Vitals an important ranking factor.

Also, they added a separate section of core web vitals into their search console tool too!

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

This signifies the importance of this ranking factor which you shouldn’t ignore at any cost if you want to get a good amount of organic traffic to your blog.

Also, website speed affects the other user experience factors of your website like bounce rate, page views, time on site, and more. According to research by Neil Patel, it has been found that 47% of internet users want websites to load in under 2 seconds.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

But the main question is how can you fix your website speed?

Here are some tips to fix your website’s speed and Core web vitals:

  • Always compress and optimize images before adding them to your website.
  • Migrate to a better web hosting provider and use a faster loading theme
  • Lessen the number of plugins on your WordPress website. Use the P3 performance profiler plugin for finding heavy plugins on your website.
  • Use a cache plugin like WP Rocket which would do all the compression and optimization work on your website. (Read my WP Rocket review )
  • Use a CDN like Cloudflare or BunnyCDN to fine-tune your website loading speed.
  • Use Gzip to compress your website’s code effectively
  • Clean your website’s database by cleaning the posts revisions, expired transients, trashed posts, spam comments, and more

The featured snippet is a great CTR booster that you can use to bring in more organic traffic to your website.

Here is how a featured snippet looks like on the search results page of Google.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

A featured snippet is a search result in which you get some content of that blog post directly on the search result page along with its title and URL.

It appears on the top of the normal search results and is known as the zeroth position of Google. According to a study by Ahrefs, it has been found that featured snippets get 8% of total clicks.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

So, it can be an organic traffic booster if your blog post gets ranked on it.

However, this doesn’t mean that the featured snippet is all good.

It can actually increase the volume of no-click searches where people don’t click on any search result as they get their answer directly through the featured snippet.

Which can significantly decrease your website’s CTR and organic traffic.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

So while choosing keywords always see if it has a featured snippet or not.

However, despite all the bad things featured snippet is a great organic traffic booster, and here are some tips which would help you to rank on it:

  • Answer the query ASAP – Answering the main query as early as possible in your blog post makes it eligible to rank for the definition snippet on Google. So, always answer the query briefly at the start of your blog post.
  • See your competitors and analyze – Featured snippet is a game of chance so if you want to rank on it then you have to analyze the previously ranking article there. What type of snippet it is, how that blog post is ranking on it, what part of the blog is ranking, and more.
  • Rank in the top 5 – It has been found that mostly featured snippets are extracted from the websites that are ranking in the first 5 positions of Google. So, make sure your blog post is ranking in the top 5 positions if you want it to get ranked in the featured snippet.

To know more about the featured snippet you can see this video by Matt Diggity.

Backlinks are dead! This is the thing that every SEO and blogger has said after Google reduced the effect of its Pagerank algorithm.

But do you know that Google still uses backlinks while ranking websites on Google? Also, it is one of the top three ranking factors of Google along with great content and Rank Brain.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Yes, for sure I believe that great content with lesser backlinks tends to outrank trash content with a lot of backlinks.

Also, great content creates backlinks for your blog naturally.

But if you are in a competitive niche like blogging then great content alone can’t help you rank higher on Google.

For that, you need to put some effort to create backlinks for your blog as well.

And here are my two favorite ways that I use to create backlinks:

  • Use skyscraper technique – It is a three-step process that can help you easily earn backlinks for your blog. First, you have to find a great topic, next create content 10x times better than the competitors, and at last, promote the heck out of it.
  • Use guest blogging – This is a guest blog and I love to do guest posting to build backlinks for my blog. I do it regularly, it has helped me get organic traffic to my blog and also increased my website’s DA (Domain authority). In this method you first have to find a blog in your niche which accepts guest posts then ask them if you can guest post there, if they accept then write a quality guest post for them and add one or two links to your blog posts in it.

4. Keep Your Site’s Meta In Place

Your site’s meta title, description, and URL are those things of your blog that can add a bump to your website’s CTR (Click through rate) and help you get more organic traffic to your website.

But the sad thing is that bloggers only focus on their blog title and ignore the other two things which are also equally important for getting organic traffic.

Here are some tips to craft awesome headlines for your blog posts:

  • Add numbers – Adding numbers to your blog headline increases the clicks on your blog which increases your blog organic traffic. However, it has been found that using odd numbers in blog headlines is more effective than even numbers.
  • Add keywords at the start – Adding the keyword at the start of your headline helps Google and user understand the topic of your blog post. It can help you increase your blog’s CTR.
  • Keep it under 60 words – Google suggests you keep your blog headline under 60 words and adding more words to it can cut it from the Google search results page which doesn’t look good and can negatively impact your website’s CTR. 
  • Make question headline – Questions evoke curiosity in your readers and let them click on your website link which increases your website’s CTR. So, play with question headlines to get more organic traffic.

Next here are some tips to create an awesome blog description:

  • Start with a question – A question is a curiosity generator and can be used to get more clicks on your blog posts. So, try to start your blog description with a question it would definitely boost the CTR of your blog post.
  • Add a CTA (Call to action) – To increase the CTR of your website you should add a CTA like click here to know more, more on this in the blog post, etc in your blog description which would guide users to click on your website link.
  • Use power words – Using power words like best, top, awesome, definitive, and more in your blog description can generate curiosity in your readers to read your blog which eventually increases the clicks on your website’s SERP.

And at last here are some tips to optimize your blog URLs for SEO:

  • Keep it short – It has been found that shorter URLs tend to outrank longer URLs in SERPs. So, to rank higher on Google you have to make your blog URL short and sweet.
  • No more than 1 folder – A lot of folders in your blog URL can confuse the search engine bot as well as your readers. So, I recommend either adding no folders or at max 1 folder to your blog URL.
  • Add keyword to it – Adding a keyword in your blog title, description and URL help Google bot to understand the topic of your blog post easily. So, always add it to all of them.

5. Be Active On Social Media

Being active on social media is super necessary for bloggers especially when they are in their budding stages.

It helps them promote their website to a wider audience, build connections and make their tribe online.

I have made a lot of blogging friends on social media who share my articles, comment on my blog posts and help me whenever I feel lost in blogging.

However, if you are a beginner I would highly recommend you to start with anyone or at max two social media platforms and be freaking consistent on it.

Post valuable content, share your blog posts, make friends, respond to their comments, and more.

Just use that platform fully for 3 to 4 months and you will see a sure-shot rise in your blogging career.

Here are some tips which would help you get the max out of a social media platform:

  • Post consistently – Consistency is one of the most important things needed to grow on a social media platform. So, put your level best efforts to maintain consistency.
  • Don’t share blog posts all the time – Yes I know that you are a blogger and want to drive traffic from social media but don’t do that all the time. As it would mark you as a spammer who just shares his articles on social media and doesn’t post anything valuable.
  • Build genuine connections – Remember if you are connecting with a blogger on social media then do that with all your heart. Don’t do that just for the sake that they would share your blog posts.

6. Revamp The Non-Working Blog Posts On Your Blog

Updating your older blog posts is a great way to boost your blog’s organic traffic and rankings.

But how to find blog posts that need an update?

There is a way to find blog posts that you should update using the Google search console tool.

To do that first, go to the performance section in your search console.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

On the top, set the time limit to three months.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

After that click the average position tab so the graph of your website position would be shown.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Next, click here and add a position filter of more than 5.9 so it would reveal all the keywords you are ranking either on the 6th position or more than 6th position.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Then pick a keyword for which you are ranking under the 20th position on Google. For example, this is a keyword that I am ranking under 20.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Click on this keyword and after that click on the pages tab to see which page you are ranking for this keyword.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

After finding that add the target keyword for that post on Google and analyze each of the blog posts ranking on the first page for that keyword.

See what your blog post is lacking in, it can be some visuals, content, important information, etc, and add it to your blog post.

So in short add whatever your blog post is missing because your blog post is ranking on the second page of Google which means that it has the potential to rank on the first page just it is missing some things.

After updating your blog post go to the google search console add the URL of the blog post here and click on the “request indexing” button.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

It would make the indexing of your blog post much faster and also improve its rankings.

If you are in an evergreen niche like blogging, tech, tutorials, and more then I would recommend you to update your blog posts once in three to four months.

It would help you solidify your blog ranking on Google.

7. Reduce Your Website’s Pages To Increase Organic Traffic

This is a secret hack that you can use to increase the organic traffic of your blog.

You might know about thin content which is a type of content that provides zero to very less value to your readers.

Even if you provide groundbreaking content through your blog which fully solves your readers query there would be some sort of thin content on your blog if you index the categories and tags pages.

These are the pages that don’t have any content on them and it is a total waste to index it on Google.

So, either you add some sort of content to uplift its quality or remove it completely.

I would personally recommend you to deindex it from your blog as it would fix the indexing problems (Internal link) of your blog and also increase its organic traffic.

I use Yoast SEO on my blog and to deindex these pages go to the Search Appearance section under Yoast SEO.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

After that go to the Taxonomies section, scroll down, and off this setting. It would deindex the category pages from search engines.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Similarly off this settings for the tags pages as well.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

It would take around 1 month to deindex all the category and tags pages from Google.

In the meantime, you would see an increase in the impressions and clicks on the Google search console.  

8. Create Content For Your Blog Regularly

Nowadays many bloggers face a lot of indexing issues from Google. 

They keep on asking on social media that their blog posts are not indexing even after 1 week of posting it.

The main reason of this problem is their irregular blog posting frequency. They either post a bunch of blog posts together or they post very little on their blog.

Not only me but Harsh Agarwal from Shoutmeloud is also saying the same thing in his blog post about indexing issues.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Also adding new content regularly on your blog helps you rank for a lot of keywords that you are not ranking till now.

So, it would eventually increase your blog’s organic traffic.

I would highly recommend you to use Trello to capture the content ideas for your blog and Evernote to make your blog posting schedule.

So, you can be regular on your blog.

9. Quora Still Works For Driving Traffic

Many SEOs keep saying that Quora is dead for driving traffic to your blog.

However, I don’t believe this statement a bit. It is still one of the most viable ways to drive traffic to your new blog.

You just have to find low-difficulty questions. I pick questions that have twice the number of followers as compared to the number of answers on them.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

These questions are the low-hanging fruits of Quora.

For finding questions head over to Quora search and type in your keyword.

For example “blog post ideas” and here are all the questions related to it.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

Choose the keywords according to the followers/answers criteria and write in-depth answers to them.

At the start write some questions without your blog link in them and after some time when Quora would start trusting you then add one or two of your blog links to your answers.

Along with that you can go to any other blogger profile in your niche and see which questions they are answering.

If you like the questions they are answering then you can also answer them as well.

It would save your time of finding quality questions on Quora by yourself.

10. Blog Commenting Is Not Dead

Another thing that SEOs keep on saying is that blog commenting is dead.

But I don’t trust them a bit because I have used blog commenting and it has worked like a charm for me.

Yes, you don’t get a do-follow backlink but it improves your brand reach, increases your blog post crawability, and helps you get some referral traffic as well.

Not only me but famous blogger Anil Agarwal sir has also been using this tactic to increase his blog visibility and get some referral traffic.

To start blog commenting I first make a list of blogs that I want to comment on, then one by one go to their blog posts and then comment on them.

Remember to go to their newest posts which have very few comments as in that case you would get more referral traffic.

Also, your comment should be in-depth either you can ask a question or tell which tactic you like from the blog post.

Ways To Increase Organic Traffic

In short don’t add a generic comment like “Very Good”, “Great” and more as it sounds spammy.

Over To You

Increasing your website’s organic traffic is a slow and steady process.

You won’t get a bunch of organic traffic just after waking up from your sleep one day.

So, go through each of these tactics that I have mentioned in this blog post one by one.

And you would surely get organic traffic rolling to your website.

Now, tell me in the comments which tactic from this blog post you liked the most?

Also, share this blog post on social media so it can reach other bloggers struggling with organic traffic too.

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