Upgraded RedmiBook 14 With 10th-Gen Intel Core CPUs to Launch August 29

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After Dell, HP and other PC manufacturers, it’s now the turn of Xiaomi to upgrade its current computers with Intel’s 10th-gen Core processors. The company has announced that the new RedmiBook 14 models will launch in China on August 29 alongside the Redmi Note 8, Note 8 Pro and the Redmi TV. It isn’t immediately clear, however, if the new processor(s) will be from the 10nm Ice Lake lineup launched earlier this month or the 14nm Comet lake range announced last week.

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There’s no word, either, on whether there will be any further changes to the new model(s) in terms of their hardware specifications, but some reports suggest that they might also get dedicated new graphics options instead of the Nvidia GeForce MX250 found in the current models. However, the upcoming models are said to be priced at a bit of a premium over their current counterparts that have price-tags starting at 3,999 yuan (around Rs. 40,000).

Unveiled last May, the RedmiBook 14 went on sale in China in June but is yet to come to India. It isn’t immediately clear if the company plans to bring the new models to India, but we wouldn’t bet on it, given that neither the original RedmiBook models nor any of the Mi Notebook Air devices, ever made it to the country officially.

The RedmiBook 14 is Xiaomi’s budget laptop that offers high-end specs at a relatively affordable price-point. The range comes with up to an 8th-gen Core i7 CPU, 512GB SSD and 8GB of RAM. The base model, however, only offers an eighth-gen Intel Core i5 CPU, 256GB SSD and 4GB of RAM. Both feature Nvidia’s GeForce MX250 GPU, while connectivity options include 2x USB 3.0 ports, 1x USB 2.0 port, 1x HDMI, 1x 3.5mm AUX, Wi-Fi ac and Bluetooth.

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