UpdraftPlus Review 2022: WordPress Backup Plugin [Detailed Review]

Ease of use


  • Backing up a WordPress site with UpdraftPlus is very simple
  • FREE plugin available
  • Allows you to set up automatic backup schedules
  • Multisite/multi-network compatible
  • Dedicated expert support


  • No security scanning or malware monitoring.

UpdraftPlus is the best WordPress Backup Plugin, Trusted and used by Over 2 million people around the globe, it helps you to backup your website, migrate your website to another WordPress website and it can even clone your WordPress website.

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I have used the Updraftplus backup plugin for over a year now and I thought why not give an honest UpdraftPlus Review so that you can decide. whether you should buy this plugin or not.

I am now a premium user of UpdraftPlus and you will find out why later in this blog post.

So let’s begin the review of the UpdraftPlus WordPress backup plugin based on my experiences with this plugin.

Why Do We Need a WordPress Backup Plugin like Updraftplus?

Having a WordPress backup plugin in place is very crucial for the security of our website.

Every day we do multiple changes to our website, including design change, Change in WordPress files, etc to make our WordPress Website perform better.

There are multiple occasions when our whole WordPress website is at risk, we may lose our data or something else might happen, or even a simple error for that matter.

So if in the case while doing all those extra changes, if anything goes wrong in the process then it might cause you a lot of big problems.

But if you have a WordPress backup plugin in place, then you don’t need to worry about all those problems.

Because your WordPress backup plugin will handle every security and backup problem for you.

Your WordPress backup plugin will backup each and everything on your website including your theme, posts, pages, database, etc.

And you can always restore to the previous version of backups, and your website will be restored to the version of your website when the backup was created.

So that is why I feel that having a WordPress Backup plugin is very important for all WordPress Websites.

And Updraftplus is the best WordPress backup plugin that will help you to do that very easily.

UpdraftPlus Review 2022: What is UpdraftPlus?

updraftplus review

Updraftplus is a popular WordPress Backup and Restore plugin that helps you to backup and restore your WordPress website easily within a few clicks.

Currently, updraft plus has Over Two million Active Installations which makes it one of the most popular WordPress backup Plugins on the Planet.

Updraftplus allows you to backup and save your backup files directly to cloud data storage servers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, UpdraftValut, backspace Cloud, FTP, Dramobjects, Microsoft one drive Openstack swift, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2, SFTP, SCP, WebDAV. and email.

Some of the Above cloud storage options are only available to the Paid Plan users of Updraftplus.

Why Choose UpdraftPlus For WordPress Backups?

While there are lots of backup plugins out there in the WordPress plugin repository today but none of them is up to mark with the UpdraftPlus.

I am personally been using UpdraftPlus for over a year now and I like what it does.

UpdraftPlus is easy to use, the most trusted Backup plugin, it’s easy to set it up and also it’s super powerful and affordable.

And UpdraftPlus is always compatible with the latest version of WordPress

So, in my opinion, UpdraftPlus is the Best WordPress Backup plugin out there.

And I use the premium version of the Updraftplus Plugin because Updraftplus premium offers way more features and added security than the free version.

If you use the premium version of the Updraftplus Plugin then j guarantees you that you never have to worry about the security of your website because your WordPress website will be secured 100% 24/7 by the most trusted and most reliable WordPress backup plugin Updraftplus.

UpdraftPlus Premium Features

UpdraftPlus Premium is the Only Backup Plugin that people look up to when it comes to Backup and Securing their websites.

Within the past years, the updraft plus plugin has made so much greater impact on the websites of people that it can’t be justified.

People are really happy to be having Updraftplus as a backup plugin because it works for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

And people never have to worry about their website’s security again and they can focus on creating valuable content which matters on their websites.

This is amazing, isn’t it? you don’t have to worry about anything after that, you just have to create quality content on your website and you can always focus on the content creation part in this way without having to worry about the security.

Why choose UpdraftPlus Premium?

  • Highest-rating backup and restore plugin at wordpress.org (4.8 stars out of 5.0), and ranked in the top 30 (of over 50,000) WordPress plugins for popularity.
  • Designed to run everywhere that WordPress runs.
  • Multi-site (i.e. WPMU/WordPress Network) compatible.
  • Proven to backup sites of 100GB; file size only limited by a web host.
  • Backs up limitless non-WordPress files and external databases.
  • WP-CLI support.
  • Incremental backupsย that can be set to the hourly schedule of your choice.

Backup 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You don’t have to worry about taking back up your WordPress website every single day after you install and Activate the UpdraftPlus plugin.

Updraftplus initially is a FREE plugin but There’s also a premium version of the Updraftplus Plugin which offers even more features and protection against hackers and malware than the FREE version, do check it out.

The premium version of the updraft plus plugin is there to serve you with this task.

By using Updraftplus on your WordPress Website you can focus more on Content creation, rather than focusing on fixing all the technical difficulties of your website.


  • Supports both manual and automated (scheduled) backups: every 4, 8, 12 hours; daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. It can even be customized to a specific time.
  • Backs up files and databases on separate schedules
  • Reports time of next scheduled backup
  • Routinely prunes the number of old backups kept
  • Automatically backs up when plugins or dashboard themes update and before WordPress core updates run

Updraft Vault Storage

  • A central place to store, manage and disconnect backups.
  • 1 gigabyte of free storage included, with the option of purchasing more as and when required.

And lots more ๐Ÿ™‚

So what are you waiting for, Get The UpdraftPlus Premium Immediately and get the best Backup Plugin out there in the market today?

How to Setup The UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin for FREE?

Setting up the Updraftplus WordPress backup plugin is quite easy, we just have to install the plugin from the WordPress Repository, do the initial settings, select the backup storage and backup frequency and we are done.

After that UpdraftPlus Plugin will do the Backups for our websites every day 24/7/365.

So let’s Break down How to set up the UpdraftPlus Plugin.

Step 1: Install and Activate The UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

updraftplus review

Step 2: Setting up the UpdraftPlus Plugin

updraftplus review
Click on settings
updraftplus review
setup your backup schedule
Files Backup ScheduleWeekly2
Database Backup ScheduleDaily12

Doing the above settings will backup your website’s whole Website Files twice a Week and will back up your whole database 2 times a day.

And this will set you free of any worries about the security of your website.

Scroll down and select your preferred backup storage location, My preferred Backups Storage location is Dropbox.

updraftplus review
select the file location for your backups

You can select your preferred remote storage location for your backups, including

  1. Google Drive
  2. Dropbox
  3. FTP
  4. Amazon S3
  5. Microsoft Onedrive
  6. Rackspace Cloud
  7. Openstack Swift
  8. DreamObjects
  9. etc.

If you go for the premium plans of Updraft Plus then you get additional storage of 1 GB on the updraft vault to store your backups.

Make sure you are connected or logged in to the storage service you are trying to add for the Updraftplus because it will help updraft plus get access to the location and store your backup files.

Now check all the things shown in the image below.

updraftplus review
select all the things that you want to be backed up

Lastly, click on save changes and the plugin will ask to connect with your storage location, just give the permissions because this is the trusted plugin and will not cause you any problem,

updraftplus review
click on save changes

This will help the plugin store all the daily backups at your storage location.

After that, your website will be Configured with the UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup plugin, and that’s how easy it is to set up the UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin.

updraftplus review
these are the backups of my site taken automatically by Updraftplus plugin on a daily basis

Why Do I Recommend UpdraftPlus?

  • Restores, as well as backing up
  • Backs up to more cloud options than any others
  • Allows you to set up automatic backup schedules, for the ultimate inconvenience
  • Is faster, using up fewer server resources
  • Has been tested on over 1 million sites
  • Incremental backups
  • Easily duplicates or migrates websites (with Migrator)
  • Multisite/multi-network compatible
  • Backs up non-WP files and databases to multiple remote destinations
  • More storage destinations (e.g. OneDrive, BackBlaze, Azure, SFTP) and multiple destinations
  • Database encryption
  • Advanced reporting
  • Supports WP-CLI
  • Free dedicated expert support
  • Manage Backup of multiple sites with the help of Updraft plus Central from one place
  • Instantly create a temporary clone of your site using UPDRAFTCLONE
  • UpdraftPlus is also Multilingual

UpdraftPlus FREE vs Premium Comparision

FeaturesUpdraftPlus FREE VersionUpdraftPlus Premium Version
Get it fromGet it From WordPress.org FREEBuy it From UpdraftPlus.Com
Backup WordPress files and databaseโœ…โœ…
Translated into over 16 languagesโœ…โœ…
Restore from backupโœ…โœ…
Backup to remote storageโœ…โœ…
Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, S3, Rackspace, Emailโœ…โœ…
Incremental BackupsโŒโœ…
Free 1Gb for UpdraftVaultโŒโœ…
WebDAV, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, SFTP/SCP, encrypted FTP, BackBlazeโŒโœ…
Backup extra files and databasesโŒโœ…
Migrate / clone (i.e. copy) websitesโŒโœ…
Basic email reportingโœ…โœ…
Advanced reporting featuresโŒโœ…
Automatic backup when updating WP/plugins/themesโŒโœ…
Send backups to multiple remote destinationsโŒโœ…
Database encryptionโŒโœ…
Restore backups from other pluginsโŒโœ…
No advertising links on the UpdraftPlus settings pageโŒโœ…
Scheduled backupsโœ…โœ…
Fix backup timeโŒโœ…
Network/Multisite supportโŒโœ…
Lock settings accessโŒโœ…
Browse backup contents in WordPressโœ…โœ…
Download individual files from the backup in WordPressโŒโœ…
Personal supportโŒโœ…
Run from WP-CLIโŒโœ…
Restore a backup from other pluginsโŒโœ…

UpdraftPlus Pricing Plans: How Much Does UpdraftPlus Cost?

UpdraftPlus Review

UpdraftPlus Comes with both FREE as well as PREMIUM Plans.

while the FREE plan is more than enough for small websites and blogs, the Premium plan gets the extra edge over features and compatibility here.

And I am also a happy customer of UpdraftPlus.

So here’s a breakdown of the pricing plans of the UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin.

PlansInitial License Fees/yearRenewal license fees/year

All the Plans have the 40% renewal discount

Note: The Gold Package is not applicable for a 40% Renewal discount

Which UpdraftPlus Plan Is Better For You?

So as you can see from the above table that UpdraftPlus offers 6 different attractive plans for its customers.

And it’s difficult to choose any one of them from the list.

Don’t worry I’ll help you choose the best UpdraftPlus Pricing Plan for your Needs.

Free Plan

The FREE plan is best suited for Small websites and Bloggers who don’t have a lot of content on their website and just need a good backup plugin.

The FREE plans have almost everything that a small website will ever need for its Backup and Safety of the website.

The FREE plan is $0 Per year.

And the FREE plan is more than enough for small websites.

Personal Plan

Personal Plan of UpdraftPlus is best for small business website owners.

The only reason to take a paid plan is that it provides the below premium features out of the box in the Premium Plan of UpdraftPlus.

This plan costs $72 as the initial year’s fees and then it’s $42 Per year. (40% discount Included)

What do you get in a Personal Plan?

  1. Premium Updraft addons
  2. FREE updates
  3. FREE Premium support
  4. FREE 1GB storage of Updraft vault
  5. FREE tokens of updraft clone
  6. License for 2 websites.

Business Plan

The business plan is best suited for people who want a license for 10 websites.

A business plan has all the features that are included in a personal plan.

The Business Plan of UpdraftPlus Costs $95 as initial years fees and then it’s $57 per year (40% discount Included)

What do you get in a business plan

  1. Premium Updraft addons
  2. FREE updates
  3. FREE Premium support
  4. FREE 1GB storage of Updraft vault
  5. FREE tokens of updraft clone
  6. License for 10 websites.

Agency Plan

The agency plan is suited for Webdesign agencies handling multiple websites for their clients.

This plan gives you access to all the features included in the Personal Plan + License for 35 Sites.

The Agency Plan Costs $145 as initial years fees and then it’s $87 Per year. (40% discount Included)

What do you get in an Agency Plan?

  1. Premium Updraft addons
  2. FREE updates
  3. FREE Premium support
  4. FREE 1GB storage of Updraft vault
  5. FREE tokens of updraft clone
  6. License for 35 websites.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is best suited for people who work with a lot of web design clients and this plan gives you a license for the Unlimited sites.

The Enterprise Plan gives you access to all of the features of the |Personal plan + Unlimited Websites License.

You can get the Enterprise Plan for $197 as the initial year’s fee and then it’s $117 per year for the renewals. (40% discount Included)

What do you get with the Enterprise Plan?

  1. Premium Updraft addons
  2. FREE updates
  3. FREE Premium support
  4. FREE 1GB storage of Updraft vault
  5. FREE tokens of updraft clone
  6. License for Unlimited websites.

Gold Plan

Gold Plan is the best and the Ultimate Premium package of the UpdraftPlus.

By purchasing the Premium Gold package, you will be getting $912 worth of exclusive features for only $478!.

Please be noted that the 40% Discount Doesn’t apply to the Gold Plan.

and also renewals are not discounted for the Gold Plan.

What do you get Inside the Gold Plan?

  1. Premium Updraft addons
  2. FREE updates
  3. FREE Premium support
  4. FREE 50GB storage of Updraft vault
  5. FREE tokens of updraft clone
  6. License for Unlimited websites.

Pros and Cons of UpdraftPlus


  • Backing up a WordPress site with UpdraftPlus is very simple
  • It has easy to use interface that anyone can understand and get started in a go.
  • Updraftplus also has a FREE plugin
  • Anyone can start backing up their WordPress website easily.


  • The Premium version is a bit costly
  • It doesn’t come with any security scanning or malware monitoring.

Conclusion of UpdraftPlus Review

So if you’re looking for the best all-in-one WordPress backup plugin that can secure your website in every way possible then UpdraftPlus is the way to go with.

Without a doubt, this is the best WordPress plugin for taking backups of your website.

So I hope you got some valuable insights from this detailed UpdraftPlus review to support your decision to buy UpdraftPlus.

If I would have been in your place, then definitely I would have bought the Gold Plan for UpdraftPlus.

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Why only one year of updates?

This is the standard for WordPress premium plugins. and it helps the UpdraftPlus Developers to keep the Plugin updated and Free from any bugs and loopholes.

Does the software still work after a year?

Yes Absolutely! it will work fine after a year, even after the license period is over, but the only thing you will not get is the updates.

How much will it cost to renew access to your latest version/updates after a year?

You will get the Renewal at a much discounted 40% OFF Price.

How often will I be billed for my Premium subscription ?

All Premium subscriptions have an annual billing cycle, so you will be charged each year unless the subscription is canceled.

How many licences does a WordPress Network (WPMU) install use?

One. The licenses are per WordPress-install. It does not matter whether the install is WPMU or not.

What exactly does UpdraftPlus do?

The FREE version of UpdraftPlus is fully functional: it performs full, manual, or scheduled backups of all your WordPress files, databases, plugins, and themes, and restores them directly from your WordPress control panel.

updraftplus review
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