Top 4 Websites To Learn CSS 2024 For Beginners And Experienced

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In this blog, I have mentioned about top 4 Websites to learn CSS.

The blogosphere is a brimming field and newbies keep coming here. You can easily assume that not every new blogger who is coming here knows coding and designing. Yes, there are professional services available for web development and web designing.

Still having some knowledge regarding HTML or CSS will never harm you. These two aspects of web designing are not so difficult too. Here we have tried to expose you in front of some amazing websites to learn CSS on your own.

So here are the Top Websites to Learn CSS.

We have tried to cover the sites according to the learning process step, which means after having enough fun with first you can for the next advanced one.



The reason why I have put the site on top is just because of its relevance to the real world. It’s not a textbook kind of tutorial. It’s like you are learning skills from a friend.

Yes, it does not have great technicalities as many other tutorial sites but if you are a beginner you must start your learning from here. You will also find some great tutorials on HTML and MySQL.



This is another great tutorial site. If you have gained a little knowledge from Tizag here is an advanced tutorial site. You will not get so many examples here. But as far as the technicalities of CSS are concerned this is the best site you should visit.

Yes, it is a kind of textbook and more formal. You cannot point out a single poor content here as it is maintained and organized by bests on the online world W3C.

CSS Play:

css-play button animation effects

Till now you have gained an ample amount of theoretical knowledge. So let’s learn “ABCD” of the practical aspects of CSS. It shows off specific functionalities in CSS and allows you to view the source code.

The site does not expose you directly to the whole page or whole site but it holds your finger and teaches you every single aspect with patience. You will have plenty of examples to play around such as flyout menus, IE-specific functions, and many more.

CSS Zen Garden:


Now, this is the final stage of your whole fun around. You can put all the acquired knowledge on the test. The whole idea is that there is one static and unchangeable HTML file and you have to create a separate look for it using only CSS.

You can show your work by uploading it on the site or you may also download works done by others. Yes, it’s interactive.

So, that is all we have for you today. Go and start using these websites to learn CSS now!

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