Top 5: Best Keyword Research Tools (June 2022)

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Top 5: Best Keyword Research Tools June 2022: Everyone is trying harder than ever these days to make their website operate better. Your resources are exhausted, from being unable to locate appropriate keywords to lacking the money to purchase premium tools. When you entered any “seed” keyword into Google Keyword Planner, a ton of keyword ideas and search volumes would appear.

Top 5: Best Keyword Research Tools
Top 5: Best Keyword Research Tools

But is that no longer sufficient? While some tools claim to always be free, they lack the terminology required to create even the most basic of outlines. Other tools, however, are only a fraud. How then can you choose the keyword research instrument that is most appropriate for you? Not to worry! I would lend a hand.

Top 5: Best Keyword Research Tools: The Importance of Keyword Research

If you’ve ever developed a website or written a blog, you’re aware that SEO is crucial for drawing attention to what you’ve created and that keyword research is the foundation of site optimization.

Additionally, it is crucial because doing so will enable you to grow your online business. You may increase your content marketing strategy’s organic search visibility, ranks, and traffic by conducting keyword research to find out what terms people are actually searching for, how competitive those terms are, and how to use those phrases to your advantage.

And trust me, there are plenty of tools available for everyone, from novices to seasoned SEO professionals, to conduct keyword research. When applied properly, the best SEO keyword research tools make things simpler and more efficient for your SEO workflow.

They supply the data you need to rank for those keywords and assist you in finding the appropriate keywords to target. Additionally, if done incorrectly, they could slow you down and make your search harder.

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The top tools for keyword research are listed below.

WordStream Keyword Tool

WordStream Keyword Tool is the greatest tool for keyword research if you’re looking for it. Why? due to the fact that it is a free tool that also offers tactical guidance. You did read that correctly. Let’s learn more about its specialty.

Effective for: Quick and easy PPC keyword research.

It has a special function that includes a keywords database with tactical suggestions for 60 verticals.

Price: The first 25 results are free, and you may receive the remaining results via email for no further cost.
Advantage: This tool is excellent for locating seed keywords and campaign launch points.

Even better, peruse the various vertical sites for suggestions on how to advertise the Popular Keywords page for guidance on how to employ high-volume keywords.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Ahrefs offers the Ahrefs Keyword Generator as a free tool. It offers both free and paid services to make the most of your online experience. One of the better keyword research tools available is this one.

The following details are displayed for the keyword phrase you submitted in the keyword generator:

  • The quantity of searches
  • The keywords’ levels of complexity range from 1 to 100.
  • When was this outcome’s most recent update?
  • A list of queries related to your search term

Advantages of Ahrefs

From its database of more than 8 billion terms, it offers up to 100 keyword recommendations for the entered word or phrase. You might be able to identify long-tail keywords using our keyword research tool, target less competitive terms, and focus your search by location or search engine.

You can export your data and get your results list. Ahrefs furthermore provides free tools for Bing, YouTube, and Amazon in addition to the Google Keyword Tool.

While some freemium suppliers include SERP results into the keyword search tool, Ahrefs offers a separate page for their free SERP service. You can do an unlimited number of searches using the Ahrefs Keyword Generator without creating an account.

Disadvantages of Ahrefs

However, unlike other programmes, it does not let you download your results. Additionally, because you cannot create an account with the free service, you must verify your human status with each new search.

Google Keyword Planner

One of Google’s most well-known tools, Google Keyword Planner, is completely free. For intermediate to advanced users, this resource is useful for PPC keyword research and account insights. Bidding data and thorough attribute filtering are two special characteristics.

With a current Google Ads account, it is free. You can filter terms using this sophisticated keyword tool according to particular characteristics. You may narrow your search, for instance, by skin type, symptom, condition, branded versus non-branded phrases, and more if your keywords are related to dry skin.


One of the free tools offered by SEO powerhouse Semrush is the Semrush Tool. To utilise their free tools, all you need to do is establish an account and select Skip Trial. If you like it, you can then upgrade to the premium service.

You can access more than 20 billion keywords from more than 120 distinct geographic datasets with the Keyword Magic Tool.

Free copies of the following reports are available:

1. The monthly search volume.

2. Competition intensity (competition among paid advertisers)

3. Keyword difficulty (the difficulty of being in the top 20 results on Google)

Advantages of SEMrush

You can group phrases into topic-specific subgroups using some helpful sorting and organising tools. You may quickly export your results and apply clever filters to narrow or broaden your search. Subject-related keywords, semantically related keywords, and keywords with similar language can all be used to find related keywords.

Disadvantages of SEMrush

You are limited to 10 searches per day across all of Semrush’s associated goods with the free account.


For any inquiry, the Keyword Tool generates long-tail keyword suggestions. It makes advantage of Google autocomplete, which is based on search trends and data.

Useful For: This tool is useful for locating long-tail keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns.

Eight distinct platform suggestions are a unique feature.

Free with no numerical information; $69/month for premium subscribers with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Conclusion On Best Keyword Research Tools June 2022

In order to assist you to come up with the ideal keywords for your SEO and PPC campaigns, we’ve gathered some of the top keyword research tools here.

Whether you’re promoting a blog or building an e-commerce website, each page you create takes effort, time, and knowledge. You can be confident that your efforts will be successful if you use the best keyword research tools for your business.

It’s not a smart idea to throw darts in the dark and hope they find their target. You can find all the information you need to plan your content effectively with these 5 keyword research tools.

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