Textsheet Alternative: Top 15 Awesome Alternatives For Students 2024

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Textsheet has been students’ favorite for years. Textsheet used to easily offer students with answers and solutions to their homework and assignments. It was like a one-stop destination for all students as it provided them with study material right from their high school to their degree courses.

But now that Textsheet.com is shut down, all the students are looking for the relevant and best alternative to Textsheet for their study references.

I know that you are extremely worried as there is no more homework help for you guys, and the abrupt shutting down of Textsheet.com has brought you to look out for the best textsheet alternatives.

Well, in this article, I present the Top 15 Best Textsheet Alternatives for Students

Best Textsheet Alternatives

What Is a Textsheet? 

Textsheet was one of the top online educational websites among the students. It helped them with their college homework or assignments or school projects, by providing them with the best answers and solutions as per students’ demand.

It was used as a reference for all their homework help. But sadly for the students, the site is shut down and now they are looking for relevant websites like TextSheet.com to assist them with their homework and assignments.

Why Is Textsheet Not Working?

For those who are still wondering what happened to such a useful and intellectual website then let me bring to your knowledge that this site was brought down because of copyright violations.

As you are aware that Textsheet would provide solutions to their academic problems via Chegg API (or Course Hero) and due to this the Chegg company filed a complaint against this website.

In response to the same, the world popular student website was taken down with no ray of starting back putting all the kids in jeopardy about their studies and homework.

In this article, I will be talking about the top 15 best Textsheet alternatives which can be helpful for students across. I will also be giving a short brief about each of the alternatives and let you know if the website is paid or free for access.

Here are the Textsheet alternatives that I would be talking about:

  1. Slader
  2. StudyLib
  3. SparkNotes
  4. Coursera
  5. Quizlet
  6. Quora
  7. Chegg
  8. Read.Write.Think
  9. Khan Academy
  10. Discovery Education
  11. Smithsonian Education
  12. Gutenberg
  13. WebMath
  14. Grammarly
  15. Studyblue

Top 15 Best Textsheet Alternatives: 

Here are the best alternatives to Textsheet that you can start using right now:

1. Slader

Slader.com is a website that tends to help you with your school homework. This is a free site where you can easily find credible and verified homework solutions. Slader is one of the best alternatives to Textsheet.com. 

This site is being backed by thousands of students and teachers who frequently keep uploading their paperwork and essays regarding each topic.

Slader - Alternative To Textsheet

Slader tries to incorporate various subjects such as Mathematics, History, Science, Chemistry, and more further. A lot of high school students in the US tend to use Slader for accessing solutions to their homework and assignments problems.

This website is also working on college content and making its range of subjects wider and wider with each passing day.

Slander is becoming one of the most trusted sources between tutors and students as they keep contributing their work and solution papers on the website making it one of the most accessible Textbook alternatives throughout the world.

2. StudyLib

If you are looking for study guides for your lessons, StudyLib.net could be it.

Unlike Slader, this website is more like an alternate library where you can get a lot of knowledge and resources on various topics. Yes, You can use StudyLib for your school and college homework and assignments however, the website is not as organized when compared to Slader and Textbook.


StudyLib is a perfect platform to study with your friends and co-students. All you have to do is ask them to join this platform and thereafter, you can easily share notes within your circle and also throughout the world.

StudyLib allows you to create a digital flashboard for your study material and study guides that you can easily access the necessary notes and important points during your exam and be more organized in terms of your study material.

StudyLib.net is a free website available for students throughout the globe.

3. SparkNotes

This is not your exact Q&A website. SparkNotes is a platform where you can understand a topic in detail and get important tips and pointers regarding each lesson.

SparkNotes - Textsheet alternative

This website also helps you to create lesson notes and you can access notes made by your fellow co-students and vice versa. Also, Sparknotes has special books and lessons summarizing a lot of your curriculum for free.

Hence you do not have to worry about completing a 200-page book before the exam. These summarized books reduce your work and studying time and also gives you valuable insight into a particular topic.

4. Coursera

Coursera has around 3600 courses and almost 40 million active learners on their platform. Apart from providing solutions and answers to your homework and assignment, Coursera is also an amazing platform for students who need to write a research paper.

Coursera - Online Studying Platforms

Compared to other websites like Textsheet, Coursera is very well organized; there are various subjects underneath every study which makes it a lot easier for students to find the topic answers they have been looking for. 

They also have an app on IOS and Android. These courses are generally available for free to attend but if you want a graded assignment or course certificate then you will have to pay.

5. Quizlet

We all know that despite technology taking over the world we all still need our textbooks to study and at times our books can be a complete bouncer.

Quizlet - Alternative To Textsheet

Quizlets offers you a digital flashcard with all the questions and answers regarding that lesson and you can easily find the solution to that topic within minutes.

The answer provided in flashcards is quite detailed and explained in a layman’s language and hence it is convenient for you to get clarity on the topic.

You can use this website for free but if you want a more upgraded version for your studies you need to pay for Quizlet Plus which comparatively has more graded assignments and courses available.

If you want to create your own quizzes and learn with your friends, you should definitely read our post about Thrive Quiz Builder check it here.

6. Quora

Quora is an open forum where anyone who needs an answer to a certain topic can come and ask questions. This website is not just specific to students but is also used by elders and professionals.

Quora - Best Textsheet Alternative

The best part about this platform is that the students can not only get help from their tutors or co-students but their query can directly be solved by the community of professionals from that field.

Quora helps students to get more modern and verified answers directly from the experts who have years of experience regarding the topic. In addition, this website would allow you to connect with people who are in the same subject line

7. Chegg

We all are quite familiar with Chegg, as at the start of the blog I mentioned that Chegg is the reason why the Textbook is being shut down as they had filed a copy violation case against them.


Hence it was quite obvious that Chegg is one of the alternatives for Textbook.com. The catch here is that Chegg is a paid website and you will have to pay a small fee to access the assignment and solutions on their website.

If your main goal is to improve your grades or are looking for higher studies then you should definitely pay for this website. In addition, Chegg has a variety of authentic and graded solutions on their platform.

There is a feature where you can directly ask the answer from the experts if it is already not available on the website making it very easy and convenient for the students. The only drawback of this site is that it is not free nor cheap

8. ReadWriteThink

This website is very helpful not only for students but for professionals as well. This website mainly focuses on writing.

If you are indulging in some research paper or writing assignment then ReadWriteThink is the site that you have been looking for. It will help you find pointers regarding your topic and in addition, it will also help you get a format for your writing topic.


Apart from that Read.Write.Think has some lesson plans and interactive pages that can help students with their research questions and can also be used as a reference for their writing.

This website is 100% free for its users.

9. Khan Academy

Apart from just reading books and looking for answers and solutions on the internet, there is more to effective learning. Those are your skills.

We all have some basic skills but in order to go for our further studies, we need to develop an interest and learn a few advanced skills in the same field. Now the question is how do we polish our skills well.

Khan Academy

If you are looking for something similar then Khan Academy is the answer for you. You can freely enroll for an online course at Khan Academy. These courses are online and are delivered through PowerPoint and videos.

They are created by experts under each study for various subjects. But apart from learning, Maths, and English, you can also learn personality development at Khan Academy.

10. Discovery Education

This website is mostly made for group studies and you cannot create an individual account.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is mostly used by teachers to conduct online classes or share important class notes and chapters with students. Apart from that if you do not have a single account then this website has an amazing sub-website that gives you thousands of puzzles and brain games.

These puzzles can help you learn more English words and improve your vocabulary. The website gives you a 30 days trial for free. After that, you will have to pay a small amount to continue your group study.

Want to know how good is LastPass password manager? Click here to read our in-depth LastPass review and know if you should try it.

11. Smithsonian Education

Smithsonian Education is a free website where you can easily explore different types of subjects right from Arts science to commerce and social studies. You will get everything under one roof. 

Smithsonian Education

The best part about this website is that all the blogs and pieces available are written by experts and professionals working in the field.

Smithsonian supports the school education system and its experts provide students with real-world programs, online study material and curriculum connected activities which are used in the classroom for class notes by teachers and professors

12. Gutenberg


Gutenberg helps you get hold of a lot of classic books that will help you with your studies.

No matter what your majors are referring to, classic books can really be helpful as most of the professors also refer to these books from time to time to prepare their lesson plans and teach their students.

Plus you are getting these costly and rare books for free to download on our platform.

13. WebMath

While growing up most of us struggled with one subject in school that was maths. Trouble writing an essay or a research paper is nothing compared to solving a maths sum.


These sums are so complicated that it makes us cry at times but thanks to WebMath. It has made solving math science problems easier with time.

All you have to do is insert your problem and soon the system will generate an answer to your sum with proper steps and details. WebMath is available for free to students.

14. Grammarly

When you are in college, there is a lot of writing and research paperwork that you need to do and for that, you need to be quite familiar with Grammarly. 

Grammarly - Grammar Checker

Grammarly makes your writing work easier by proofreading it, pointing out your punctuation, sentence structure, and grammatical errors in your piece, and also correcting it.

The website has a free version but for better proofreading and correction you can pay a small amount and use the premium version. Grammarly can also be downloaded as an extension to chrome and as an app in android and IOS phones.

15. Studyblue

Studyblue comes under Chegg where it allows students to study anytime and anywhere across the globe. This website helps students to become more organized with their study material.

Studyblue - Textsheet alternative

You can easily create a digital flashboard and mark important lessons and notes that you might need to reference during the exams. Studyblue has an app on an android and IOS phone which helps you to study anytime whether it’s in the library or on a long journey with your parents.

The basic version of this app is free but to get an upgraded one you will have to opt for a monthly subscription.

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Conclusion: Which Is The Best Textsheet Alternative 2024?

I realize that closing of Textsheet has been really difficult for the kids and I hope that this blog helps you find the best Textsheet.com alternatives.

I have just suggested 15 Textsheet alternatives out of many. One of the alternatives that I personally refer to is Slader as it is a free website and has most of the content similar to Textsheet that can be really helpful for school and college-going students.

Some of you might also refer Course Hero as one of the platforms, but again it boils down to the personal preference of the students. 

Let me know which one would you prefer out of the 15, in the comment section below, or email it to me while I drop in my email address.

Here are some questions that you might have:

Frequently Asked Questions –

🤩 Is there an alternative to Textsheet?

There are various alternatives to textsheet, the Top Textsheet alternatives are provided in this whole blog, click to know more.

🤟 Is Textsheet still down?

Unfortunately, Textsheet has been shut down and is still down. Nonetheless, we have a collection of alternatives for the same.

🙌 Is Chegg Study worth it to replace Textsheet?

If your homework and assignments need to be as one of the standards textbooks then Chegg is absolutely worth it. Well, It is definitely worth it if you want to make sure you are doing your homework right.

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