Why Spotify Logged Me Out? How Can You Fix This?

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We all have faced this issue at some point in our lives – Spotify randomly logging us out, leaving us clueless and possibly annoyed.

While the inconvenience is temporary, it begs the question, “Why does this happen?” and “How can we fix it?” This blog will dive into the reasons behind this occurrence and explore solutions to put an end to this problem.

So, sit back and relax as we unravel this mystery together, and before you know it, you’ll be back to nonstop tunes in no time!

Why Spotify Logged Me Out?

Spotify is currently one of the most widely used music streaming services available. It has a massive music library featuring works by countless international musicians.

Spotify Logged Me Out

The software may be downloaded on both iOS and Android.

Spotify can only be used if your mobile device is connected to the internet. Sign in to your Spotify account, select a playlist or an artist, then press play. Simply put, it’s as easy as that.

Spotify, like the rest of the internet, has its quirks. These days, logging out of an app is a regular issue. Despite how frustrating it may sound, there are easy ways to address the issue.

In the meantime, let’s examine some possible causes of the “Spotify Logged Me Out” message.

1. You Account might be Having problems

In the extremely unlikely event of an issue with your account, Spotify will log you out and prevent you from re-logging in.

This can occur if the “username” or “password” parts of the Spotify software experience a bug.

2. A large number of devices share the same login information

Spotify and Netflix are two of the most popular paid services that see heavy use from groups of people sharing a single account. It’s also possible to use the same Spotify account across multiple devices.

With a Spotify premium subscription, you may stream music on as many devices as you choose. However, Spotify’s servers may consider this behavior to be a bug and attempt to log you out of that device.

Another issue with having multiple people use the same Spotify account is that if one of them changes the password, you will be locked out of the app.

3. Problem with Spotify Servers

Spotify may have logged you out because of this. Sometimes you will be logged out due to problems with Spotify’s servers or network infrastructure.

4. Spotify Not Working in Your Country

It is quite unusual for the government to ban a music streaming app. Yet, everything is conceivable.

A region or country can temporarily (or permanently) block Spotify services if there is any sensitive content or podcasts on Spotify.

5. Problem with Spotify Software

The Spotify app can be downloaded on iPhones, Android phones, and Windows PCs. To use the apps, you must download them from the respective stores.

It will, however, log you out if there is an issue with the Spotify app or software.

6. Using the Old Spotify App

An older version of the Spotify App may cause the Spotify Logged Me Out error.

7. Your app was messed up (you need to sign out everywhere)

Leaving all of your Spotify-enabled gadgets without first logging out is an option within the app. If you are utilizing a shared account, this could be an issue.

Spotify’s “Sign out Everywhere” button and a new password are available to the account’s primary user if he or she decides to stop allowing others to use the account.

If that’s the case, Spotify will kick you from the service permanently.

It’s also possible that you pressed “Sign out Everywhere” on one of your gadgets by mistake, causing you to be logged out of everything.

8. Third-party apps have problems

Many other programs, including Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Alexa, Siri, and others, work beautifully with Spotify thanks to its seamless integration.

Spotify may force you to log out of your account if any of the third-party apps you’re using causes an incompatibility.

Spotify logged me out? Here’s how to fix it

1. Spotify can help you: here’s how

Spotify uses Twitter as a central hub for communicating company news and responding to customer concerns.

When consumers began complaining about being logged out of Spotify on various social media sites (Twitter, Reddit, etc.), the company swiftly issued a statement indicating it was aware of the problem and working to resolve it.

If you suspect that Spotify is at fault, you should see if the company has issued any statements or updates.

If enough people are logged out of their Spotify app, they will also release a troubleshooting guide.

2. Are You Using a Shared Account?

There are a few scenarios that can play out if you and your loved ones decide to share a Spotify account (in order to split the premium costs).

First, if you have a lot of devices (your own gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, etc.), you probably just have one premium account that you’re utilizing across all of them.

But, there may be an issue on Spotify’s end, so don’t assume that the number of devices is the problem. It will attempt to log you out of specific gadgets.

Changing the master account’s password, signing out of all devices, and then back in with the new password is the quickest and easiest fix.

If you have a shared Spotify account and the password is changed, you will be logged out of all of them.

See whether any of your close associates or relatives have altered the password. In that situation, you should have them tell everyone else the new password.

In the event that the password has not been updated, all users should log out of their devices, then create a new password and circulate it to everyone.

3. Log in to Spotify’s Web App

If you were accidentally logged out of the Spotify app, you could try logging in again through the Spotify Web Player. There appears to be an issue with the app on your smartphone if you are able to log in.

If you’re locked out of the Web App as well, though, you should try changing the password. Checking Spotify’s server status is another option.

4. Check if Spotify is Down

When we talk about Spotify’s servers, it is not uncommon for them to undergo upgrades and updates. If Spotify has a technical issue, you may be logged out temporarily.

See if other people are also experiencing Spotify outages by visiting the Downdetector website.

If a large number of others are experiencing the same issue, it’s likely that Spotify is at fault; in this case, all you can do is wait for them to fix it as soon as they can.

5. Update Spotify App

Spotify, like many app makers, releases updates on a regular basis to address user feedback and address any flaws or bugs in the app.

Updating Spotify On Android


To put it bluntly, if you’re still using an app that hasn’t been updated in a long time, it’s past time to do so.

You can easily upgrade Spotify by visiting the appropriate app store on your smartphone and searching for the app by name.

6. Uninstall Spotify and Reinstall it

Uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify might solve the problem if it’s a problem with your app or device.

7. Change Your Password

You can change your password using Spotify’s web app, then use the new password on Spotify’s smartphone app if you can log in to Spotify’s web app but not its smartphone app.

8. Clear Spotify App’s Cache and Data

Attempt re-logging in if any corrupted data is found in the Spotify app.

Spotify’s app can be started fresh without actually being uninstalled by using this method.

9. Restart Your Device

There are several problems that can be solved simply by restarting the device (iPhone, android phone, etc.).

10. Contact Spotify Support

You can try contacting Spotify’s support team and explaining the issue. It is possible to get help from them if there is only a problem with your account.

Contact Spotify Support

The company will try to fix the issue if it is a common problem reported by several users.

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Conclusion: Spotify Logged Me Out 2023

In conclusion, there are several reasons why Spotify might log you out, including unusual account activity, app updates, credential changes, multiple users, and other technical issues.

By understanding the possible causes behind this problem, you can quickly identify the appropriate solution and get back to grooving to your favorite tunes.

Moreover, being vigilant about your account security and ensuring you’re running the latest version of the app can help prevent unnecessary interruptions in your music streaming experience. Happy listening!

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