Smart Life – How to Install Smart Life App for PC (Windows & PC)

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The SmartLife app is an application that has been developed by Tuya.Inc that helps you manage all your home appliances at one stop. SmartLife is a smart app that permits you to control all your home appliances. 

SmartLife apps can be calibrated with numerous devices; few of the devices are very common and can be found at any home like Refrigerator, AC, Home lights, Oven etc. No matter which part of the world you are present in, you can control your home appliances by your Smartphone itself.

You just need to install the SmartLife app on your Smartphone device and add your home appliances. SmartLife is present for Android and as well as IOS users on their respective downloading platforms. This application provides you various features to give you a smart life experience. 

You need to install this SmartLife application on your mobile device. As I have mentioned, it is readily available for mobile but not for Windows or MAC, but don’t you worry, I have a solution for it. Below I have mentioned how to download SmartLife on Windows and MAC.

How to Download and Play Smart Life for PC?

Installation of SmartLife apps for PC is a simple task. Irrespective of your Windows or MAC is your OS. All you need to do is follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Download BlueStacks from Google or click on this link It is an emulator that helps you run Android on your PC.
  • After it is downloaded, follow the installation process to install it.
  • Run the BlueStacks emulator and sign in or if you are new Sign up.
  • After signing in, the Android emulator will start, and all the packets would automatically be installed.
  • You will see an Android screen where you can navigate to the Play store and search for the SmartLife app and install it on the emulator you have just downloaded on your PC irrespective of its previous operating system.
  • Once you have installed the SmartLife app, add your devices to it and voila!
  • You are now ready to control your entire home with your Laptop/PC with just one click. Exciting, isn’t it?
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What is the Smart Life App?

SmartLife is an automated application that has been developed to ease up your work and provide you a Smart life. This application helps you to control your home appliances like Refrigerator, AC, Oven, and other devices remotely with just one click on your mobile device. SmartLife app enables you to save your time and keeps the workforce.

Smart Life For PC

Smart Life App Features

SmartLife provides you with a bunch of cool features that are going to blow up your mind. The features offered are:

  • The assistance of Google Homes and Amazon Echoes.
  • Burglary alert for your Home’s safety.
  • Device management from a remote location.
  • Easy sharing with your family members.
  • Secure connectivity of your devices with your Smartphone.
  • Multi controlling features for your convenience.
  • Interconnected working of your devices means your device will automatically start/stop concerning the external factors in consideration like temperature, humidity, and other factors.

Smart Life Feature


Q. What devices work with smart life?

A. All kinds of devices are compatible with SmartLife, whether it be mobile or PC. It’s just you need to install an emulator for           SmartLife to work on your PC.

Q. Is the Smart Life app free?

A. Yes, the SmartLife application is definitely free on Playstore and as well as on the App Store.

Q. How do I download the Smart Life app?

A. Downloading SmartLife is very simple: the process of downloading is mentioned above in the article. You can follow and the simple steps and make your life a simple one. It is available for both Windows as well as MAC.

Conclusion: Smart Life For PC

SmartLife is the right choice for your home automation. It has been significantly successful in ensuring that you get the work done with one touch on your device. 

From controlling your appliances to Burglary alert, SmartLife is fully prepared and loaded to make you live a Smart Life. The choice is to simplify your life and to take care of your loved ones. The link for SmartLife is provided in this article.

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