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Whenever it comes to VPS Hosting, there are quite a lot of companies that are available. Some of the popular names are the Digital Ocean, Vultr and Linode. However, if you have ever looked for a cheap VPS provider, then you can see that there are not so many options available.

Even if there is, the service is not up to the mark. However, this is not what we can say about SkySilk. And just in case if you have never heard of SkySilk, then let me mention that this is a completely new company in the hosting industry.

Also, the best part of this cloud service company is that they use open source applications and enterprise hardware. So it can offer easy hosting to everyone. Anyway, to give you a better idea about the company let me give you a complete Skysilk review.

So let’s just head into the topic without wasting much time:

Introduction: SkySilk

SkySilk is one of the newest platforms in the hosting industry which offers you effective yet reliable manage cloud services. You can use SkySilk to host your website, run web apps or APIs or you can use it as a cloud storage service.

SkySilk Review

And this is what makes SkySilk is a perfect option to buy some premium services at a really cheap price. However, before you do so, here is a quick look at all the top features that SkySilk is offering.

Top Features of SkySilk:

Skysilk Review - Top Features

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Friendly 24/7 support:

The first thing that we need to see in a web hosting provider is the customer support. Cloud services are not easy to manage, and it is easy to mess things up. And in such scenarios, customer support is the only one who can help you out.

However, when it comes to customer support, SkySilk has a remarkable support team. You can reach them by raising a ticket  24/7, and they will reply you at the soonest. Even you can check out their forum.

Easy to use platform:

Easy to use the platform is something that makes our job easy. It helps us to get started with things as soon as possible and without making any efforts. And luckily SkySilk offers you one plus there is a mobile application too.

Rewards program:

Rewards Program is one of the coolest features. Basically everytime you purchase something on SkySilk you will get reward points. And when you have a sufficient limit of rewards, you can avail it by renewing your hosting plan. Isn’t it something really cool?

Root access:

All the cloud services offered by SkySilk comes with root access. As a result, you will easily be able to configure your server. Plus you will not have to crack your head up to get the root access by contacting the support team.


The last best feature of the SkySilk is the pricing. Like you are getting high-end services at a monthly fee of $1, isn’t it awesome?

In addition to that, you will get high-end hardware and managed support.

SkySilk Pricing:

Talking about the SkySilk pricing, well their VPS pricing is divided into three parts. These parts are the Basic, Standard and premium.

Skysilk Review - pricing

So as you can see the pricing and the features are really effective and it seems like a great deal. Now before you go ahead and choose to buy a plan from them, here is the SilkSky review. So you can decide if you should go with this option or not.

SilkSky Review – The Best Cloud Service Provider?

We are using SilkSky for one of our websites for a couple of months, and an overall view of ours on the service is pretty impressive. The user interface of the website is pretty nice and friendly. It tells you exactly what you have to do. So you will not mess around things and make it more complicated.

Another best part of the VPS is that they are managed, unlike Digital Ocean which offers you unmanaged VPS. As a result, you have to manage the server on your own. But luckily SilkSky is not doing so which is really great.

Skysilk review - tools

The last thing that we must talk about is pricing. If we compare the platform with Digital Ocean well in the digital ocean, you have to pay $1 additionally for taking backup of your server, and the minimum plan of theirs cost you 5$. This means the total pricing is 6$ each month which is not so expensive.

But at the same time, if you look at the SkySilk, they have free backups enabled for their Standard and Premium plan. Both of these plans cost you $2 and $5 respectively. Plus, you won’t have to spend one dollar extra for backup each month.

So overall, you are getting friendly support, managed VPS hosting, great hardware and service and cheap price. Don’t you think it is the best deal out there?

However, the only thing that we did not like is the support quality. Like, with the basic and standard plan you will get basic support. This means you might see a little delay in their response time. But the premium plan offers you priority support.

Although, according to us the quality of the support should be the same for each of the plans. But again, we can’t complain much. As there are quite a lot of VPS providers out there, who do not even offer good support. Also, it would have been a little great if they could have offered a trial. Overall all we would like to say that it is quite okay and understandable.

Wrapping Up: SkySilk Review

So that was all for the SkySilk review. Now go ahead and check out the VPS provider and see which one is working for you. Also if you are really planning to go for a SkySilk plan, then we would suggest you go for the Standard plan. As it offers backup and some other useful features. Anyway, if you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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