Answered: Should I Delete Windows Setup Files?

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We’ve all been familiar with Windows, the operating system, likely since we started using computers. Windows has always had the largest market share of desktop operating systems, so even if you grew up using a Mac, you knew what it was.

Back in the day, you’d need a CD with Windows on it to get it set up, but these days, you can easily download the files onto a USB drive. It’s ridiculously easy, and as a result, more people are installing Windows by themselves. If you aren’t clear on how to do this, this guide will serve as a good helper.

But they tend to meet one issue. After installing, they find some files which are remnants of the installation process. What are we meant to do with these Windows setup files? Can we delete them, or will that break our computers?

So, if you’ve been asking yourself, “should I delete Windows setup files?” the answer is here in this article for you.

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Should You Delete Windows Setup Files?

Should I Delete Windows Setup Files

As long as your Windows installation is complete, you don’t need these setup files any longer. The last thing you want is your fresh Windows installation to be cluttered with these unnecessary files. Not only do they take up space, but they’ll make your new installation look rather cluttered. No one wants that!

So, yes, you can absolutely delete win setup files. It won’t have any impact on your computer in any form apart from giving you extra space to enjoy.

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Be careful, though. Suppose you somehow manage to delete these files before the installation is successful. In that case, it can have negative effects, and you may need to redo the setup. For this reason, make sure that you have completed the process before deleting Windows setup files.

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