Sellzone Review 2023 : Secondary Source of Income- Best Amazon Seller Tool

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Are you selling products on Amazon in addition to your online store, as a secondary source of income for your business? Would you consider yourself an exclusively Amazon seller without any eCommerce website?

In my opinion, a seller account on Amazon is a must-have for those who wish to increase their sales and locate new customers. According to an Amazon report, there are currently over 2.4 million sellers peddling their products on Amazon, and each year there are millions of new third-party merchants joining.

The next thing you should do every week or month, regardless of whether you’re having success selling on Amazon or not, is to evaluate how you can improve your listings and make your sales even better.

It’s for this reason that we want to examine a product that can help you A/B test your Amazon listings to determine what elements customers are most likely to like. Additionally, this tool provides you with a whole host of useful tools for improving your Amazon listings, monitoring traffic, and maintaining the integrity of your listings.

In this Sellzone review, we’ll discuss our favorite aspects of the service, the pricing, the user interface, and other elements to see if this may be a good selling machine for you.

What is Sellzone?

Sellzone review

Amazon sellers of various experience levels can easily use Sellzone since it is an application that is user-friendly. There is an almost intuitive navigation system and a simple, appealing design.

The website has a light color scheme and a simplistic design. It is a simple interface that conceals a very sophisticated and powerful tool. With Sellzone, you can compare Amazon listings and gain valuable insights on how to create winning listings.

What makes Sellzone a competitive choice? 

Among Amazon merchants, SellZone offers some of the most attractive features. 

User-Friendly Interface 

The user-friendly interface of Sellzone would be the one feature we would choose. Throughout its history, Sellzone has demonstrated its ease of use and intuitiveness.

Upon reaching the interface, you can see the tools that are available to you. We will talk about the tools in detail later below:-

Tools That Deliver Performance

There is no point in implementing an e-commerce solution if it doesn’t help you to achieve the sales you are hoping for. 

Additionally, it should come with all of the necessary tools so that Amazon sellers can maximize their success when listing products on Amazon. 

The fact that Sellzone has brought all the necessary tools together in one place is a great achievement. You can use the Split Testing Tool to create the perfect combination of listings for your website. 

With the Listing Protection Tool, you can keep track of your listings’ rankings and visibility through alerts. 

Using the audit tools can help you improve your product’s visibility. Using the Traffic Insight tool will help you attract maximum traffic to your website. 

All in all, this is a mix that all Amazon merchants should consider. 

Affordable and Powerful

In spite of Sellzone’s many excellent features, it’s still reasonably priced. Sellzone will remain the industry leader in this regard.

For occasional users, its free plan is sufficient, but for those who use it frequently, its inexpensive monthly plans offer unrestricted access to its tools and features.

Customer Support

As it is powered by Semrush, Sellzone provides top-notch customer service. If you need help, you can reach out to them via email or social media from 7 AM to 3 PM EST. 

You can make use of their expansive customer knowledge base if you don’t feel comfortable talking to their customer support representative. With webinars, FAQs, and a blog, this customer knowledge will help you to answer your questions. 

Referral Reports

Sellzone’s referral report is one of its most underrated features. With this feature, you can keep tabs on your external links’ performance.

You can identify the links that offer the greatest potential for traffic with its competitor analysis. The possibilities for marketing strategies are endless. 

Sellzone Tools setting it apart from the competitors

Amazon Keyword Research tool

product research tool

More than 60% of retail customers use Amazon’s search engine to find products. It is therefore important to know what factors influence the ranking algorithm of Amazon if you wish to make money selling on Amazon or if you want to improve the exposure of your current product listings.

Known as the Keyword Wizard, this keyword research tool is for merchants. Optimizing your Amazon search results with it may help you evaluate keywords.

Although the tool’s functionality is very similar to Keyword Magic, one key difference is that Keyword Wizard examines terms relevant to Amazon’s search engine.

This Keyword Wizard tool has created a database that contains over 200 million keywords that can be used by sellers to determine which keywords will increase the profitability of their listings.

You will receive some of the following results from Sellzone’s keyword research tool:

Utilizing Amazon’s simple tool and intelligent screening, you can greatly improve your Amazon SEO.

In seconds, you will get the most relevant terms for your listing’s Keyword Term.

Identify high-volume, low-competition keywords that will help you rank higher in search engine results.

Listing Protection

Among the oldest Sellzone features, the Listing Protection tool is one of the features that came into existence soon after Split Testing was introduced.

The Amazon Listing Protection enables you to track all of the key changes made to your Amazon listings as well as your ranking on Amazon. In order to monitor your own Amazon listings or the listings of your competitors, you can add as many Amazon listings as you need.  

sellzone review- listing protection tool

To track the changes, you simply need to add the product page’s URL or ASIN, keywords, or seller’s name. A URL or ASIN is the best way to be notified of changes in listing prices and content.

Add keywords or seller’s name to stay aware of sudden changes in buy boxes, keyword positions, or listing suppression. You can now start tuning notification options by clicking the “Monitor” button.

By using this tool, you can keep track of any changes to Amazon listings and rankings in a few simple steps.  

You can receive notifications from Sellzone by email address or by phone number. This can be changed at any time.

An instant market alert is provided by this Sellzone instrument when there is an unexpected market change. There’s not much to it, but it is important that you track the essential data that can affect the ranking of your listings, and it makes a great job at that.

You may not miss another sale with Listing Protection and take immediate action if there are changes that you do not like.

Traffic Insights report

Recently, Sellzone introduced a new feature called Traffic Insights that is currently in beta testing. It is a tool that tracks traffic and helps you evaluate different sales-boosting strategies. It can track up to three products simultaneously.  

Analyzing and comparing traffic channels is available in Traffic Insights. By entering three listings’ URLs or ASINs, you can add any three listings.

After collecting all the traffic channel data, the engine will produce a full report with a few insightful graphs and tables comparing all the entered listings. These five tabs give you access to different data:

  • Overview
  • Referrals
  • PLA
  • Google Organics
  • Display Ads

The Overview tab displays general traffic channel information. In addition, it provides basic statistics for the other four categories.

Traffic Insight Report

Additionally, there is a table that shows Reach by Channel, PLA keywords, Organic Search Traffic, referring domains, and display publishers. Specific Sellzone metric, the overall reach trend, shows how well an ad performed during its peak period.

Using the Google Organics tab, you can see reach, traffic, and keywords trends for Google specifically.

Based on the Reach Trend, you can determine the approximate number of people searching on Google for the keywords listed on your site. Search Traffic indicates how many visitors visit the listings by searching on Google.

Position indicates where a keyword ranks within Google’s search results. Competitive Trend provides information about Amazon listings within the top 100 results. In addition to providing data on Google searches by geography and device type, Traffic Insights offers information on other parameters.

Under the Referrals tab, you can see the Domain, Reach, and Backlink trends from third-party websites. It is possible to track traffic from external websites using this tool. It provides detailed information about each domain.

A table with detailed data on position, Google Geo, and device type can be found in the PLA tab along with a summary table, graphs for Reach, Ads, and Keyword trends.  

With Traffic Insights, Sellzone provides users with important and detailed information about traffic coming from third parties. The tool allows you to determine the external marketing options for every product and analyze its potential reach. 

Amazon Product Research

The Product Research tool is for you if –

You’re new to Amazon selling and want to quickly select an exceptional product to begin with. You’re an established seller looking to diversify your product offerings and strengthen your Amazon presence.

Amazon Product Research

You’re an experienced vendor who wants to impart information to newcomers and assist them in selecting the appropriate goods. You’re an agency that assists Amazon clients in launching their businesses on the platform.

The Amazon Product Research tool is a strong and easy-to-use resource intended for finding the best-winning products to sell on Amazon. The most significant feature of this tool is an FBA calculator which will help guide your decision as well.

The Amazon Product Research tool is a powerful and easy-to-use tool for determining the best-selling items to sell on Amazon. The most significant feature of this software is an FBA calculator, which will assist you in making your selection.

How does it work?

Product Research Sellzone

1. Select a category and a product price range

2. You can search by category and subcategories, as well as keyword choice, if you don’t have a specific product to sell. The results will include items with your term in the title. Furthermore, you may pick a price range based on your budget using the blue button “Find Products.”

3. Locate the drop-down products and choose the one that is right for you, then sort by different criteria to discover which product is the most profitable.

4. On the right side of your screen, after clicking on ‘Advanced Search,’ a window appears with options to review and rate the items, as well as set the Best Sellers Rank and whether you want Amazon-sold goods displayed.

5. To save time, add the items you enjoy to your ‘Favorites’ list. You may sort your favorite goods by several criteria if you click on ‘Favorites’ on the left side of the screen: Last Added, Price, Sales per month, Sellers, and Reviews.

6. When you’re calculating the FBA, click on ‘Calculate’ and select ‘Profit’ from the drop-down menu. The FBA calculator opens up on the right side of your screen.

PPC Optimizer:

The PPC Optimizer tool is for you if –

You’re a seasoned seller looking to save time and maximise the return on your advertising spending. You’re new to Amazon selling and want to quickly get an advantage over your competitors.

PPC Optimizer

You lack the financial means to engage a PPC professional for Amazon and instead manage it yourself. You’re already a Semrush fan and have been considering making the transition to entrepreneurship.

The PPC Optimizer tool is ideal for launching and optimizing completely new campaigns.

It aids in the identifying profitable keywords while also eliminating non-performers. All you have to do is pick a budget and a Start and End date; that’s it!

Sellzone PPC Optimizer

Please be advised that you’ll need to link your Amazon Advertising account. The advertising token is required for access to data from all of Amazon’s goods in order to build its own ad scene.

It will also assist you in considering what items might be suitable for advertising, tracking advertising, monitoring campaign statistics, and optimizing ad campaigns.

Listing Quality Check

amazon listing

Another new Sellzone feature is the Listing Quality Check. The listing quality check has now been permanently added to Sellzone as a fully functional instrument. Using this tool, you can improve the quality of your listings.

Listing content errors, Amazon Guidelines compliance, and information incompleteness are checked.  

You only need to enter the URL or ASIN of the listing to get started. The full report for your listing will then be shown in Sellzone including correspondence to Amazon’s requirements, style guides, and best practices.

Based on the ratio of successful and failed quality checks, it produces an overall Listing Quality Score.  

Your Amazon listings’ advantages and disadvantages can be viewed in detail. Using Listing Quality Check, you can see which parts of your listings were successful as well as which did not perform well, so you can make any necessary changes to improve their performance.

There are different tabs that you can use to navigate easily and figure out what type of errors most commonly appear in your Amazon listing. There are also detailed suggestions that accompany brief instructions on how to improve its performance.

This service tests multiple listing criteria for compliance with Amazon’s guidelines. Even grammatical errors and bad images are included.

The Listing Quality Change instrument can be run again if you alter anything in your Amazon listings. Upon any change, the tool will repeat the quality assessment.

Split Testing

Throughout Sellzone’s history, split testing remained a core component. In the past two years, it has proven to be useful and functional for Sellzone users. Sellers can improve their performance by utilizing Split Testing.

split testing tool- sellzone review

Split Testing requires the seller account to be synchronized with Sellzone. To do so, you need to provide your Amazon Seller ID and MWS account details. You can find these details within your Amazon MWS account dashboard.

With the quick settings completed, you can use the tool to test listing descriptions, images, prices, and titles. Note that only one test should be run at a time.  

Setting the test duration is the first step. There is no limit to the number of days. A number of test parameters can be selected, including listing description, main image, title, and price. The test can then be started and the real-time results can be monitored. At any time, you can stop a test if there are any negative dynamics.

Upon completion of the test after the number of days chosen, the Split Testing tool will notify you. You will be shown the winner based on the number of sales based on the results of the test samples. Listing parameters can be changed directly in Sellzone.  

Using split tests is limitless, so you can play around with different parameters and options to determine which ones are most suitable. This tool makes it simple to set and compare parameters, and you can see how they perform at any stage of the testing process.

If you determine which parameters work best, you can increase your sales and Amazon ranking.  

Sellzone Pricing

sellzone pricing

The pricing model of Sellzone is fairly reasonable and affordable. In this way, Amazon sellers can use it as a benchmark.

We have divided it into three plans to suit your needs: 

Free plan:

There is no fee associated with this plan. You can continue to use it whenever you like without any conditions or formalities. A listing split test and an ASIN traffic overview are included in this free plan. 

Growth plan:

While using the free plan has some drawbacks, you will have unlimited access to all Sellzone tools with the Growth plan. The monthly fee is $50. 

Pro Plan:

 On the Growth Plan, you get all the features of the Pro Plan, but you also get an account manager, private onboarding, and extended usage limits. You’ll pay $85/month for this plan.

A 7-day free trial is also available.

Is There Any Trial Period?


Most of us would love to try out the premium features for free. The trial period for Sellzone is seven days. You can test the premium plan features for 7 days once you sign up for the premium plan.

There will be no charge to you. You will be charged after the trial period ends. A paid subscription can be canceled at any time.

Conclusion – Sellzone Review 2023 

Is Sellzone a service I recommend to our readers?

Without a doubt! 

You should try Sellzone if you sell on Amazon, as it will make your product listings look better, which will improve conversions. There are no learning curves with Sellzone. Every Amazon merchant is knocking on its door because of its affordable pricing and amazing tools. 

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