Sellerboard Review 2024: Accurate Profit Analytics Tools For Amazon Sellers?

Sellerboard Review


Sellerboard is a need if you plan on selling on Amazon. It's a great PPC optimizer and listing change notification tool on top of being a superb profit analytics solution. Gaining insight into customers' mindsets may enhance profits. Make better, more economical advertising decisions with the help of sellerboard's data.

Out of 10


  • Bid automation and Amazon profit analytics
  • Follow-up email campaign
  • Seller friendly design
  • AI hidden cost tracking
  • Interactive live dashboard
  • Compatible with multiple devices


  • Small sellers need more price alternatives.
  • The base plan does not allow you to manage user access privileges by account


Price: $ 15

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As an Amazon seller, you know that making accurate profit calculations is essential to your success. But doing this by hand can be time-consuming and inaccurate.

Without accurate profit analytics, it’s difficult to make informed business decisions that will help you grow your Amazon sales. You may end up selling products at a loss without even realizing it!

Sellerboard is the perfect solution for Amazon sellers who want to calculate their profits accurately.

Sellerboard’s Profit Analytics tool makes it easy to see how much money you make on every sale. Plus, their team of experts is always here to help you make the most of your Sellerboard account.

Let us check out Sellerboard Review in a little more detail.

Sellerboard Review 2024: What Is Sellerboard?

Sellerboard is a dashboard for Amazon profit analytics and accounting management software for Amazon sellers.

Sellerboard considers all expenditures, including returns (including the cost of damaged returns, inbound shipping, long-term storage fees, storage fees,  and about 70 additional “hidden” Amazon fees, and allows you to dive down into each product, variant, charge, and period.

Sellerboard includes inventory management with automatic replenishment notifications, an email campaign tool for review generating, and “Money Back” reports requesting Amazon reimbursements for missing or damaged items.

Additionally, they just revamped their alert notifications and PPC dashboard. This application is primarily designed for businesses of Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

There are a variety of expenses, such as storage fees, inbound shipment fees, and other costs, which make determining the profit while using FBA rather tricky.

Sellerboard Review

The majority of Sellerboard’s users are FBA sellers. However, some of them engage in both FBA and FBM. They are using both FBA and FBM.

Some vendors engage in drop shipment or online arbitrage. Therefore, there is no constraint on the kind of company that is most successful.

Additionally, it’s not just about profit analytics; it’s about empowering you to make better business decisions based on facts. The most important indication is profitability.

Seller Central, as we all know, has several data and reports, but it might be difficult to assess your real-time earnings.

Therefore, it is possible to obtain many reports, integrate them, and calculate your profit using Excel. The program is designed for all sellers, from novices to experts.

If you just have one product that you sell maybe once or twice a day, it does not make much sense to invest in a profit analytics tool since it is pretty simple to compute your profit manually.

However, calculating the profit becomes complicated and time-consuming if you have a few more sales, a second product, or maybe even wide varieties.

Therefore, it is prudent to investigate a few profit analytics tools, and here is where Sellerboard comes into play.

What do I love About Sellerboard?

Here are the two significant features of Sellerboard that make it an excellent option for Amazon sellers.

1. Listing Change Alerts:

Sellerboard monitors your listings and seller feedback across all marketplaces and alerts you through email or the user interface of Sellerboard.

You may choose the alerts you want to receive and how you wish to receive them (per email, in the user interface, or no notification at all).

Listing Change Alerts Features

  • Parent ASIN changed, removed, or new child ASIN created:

It is possible to relocate an ASIN to a different parent, delete it from its existing parent listing, or create a new child listing (variation).

Whether you are a private label seller or a wholesaler, you must be aware of this to confirm the legitimacy of the modification.

Occasionally, “piggybackers” may add changes to a listing that have nothing to do with the actual goods. Sellerboard will ensure you don’t miss such a change and can respond promptly.

  • Negative or neutral seller feedback:

You must react quickly or contact the consumer to resolve the issue if you get it wrong. If input violates the terms of service, you may request that seller support delete it.

Monitoring your seller feedback is time-consuming. Sellerboard monitors your feedback and alerts you when action is required!

  • Product dimensions, changes in FBA fee, and referral fee:

Amazon may alter the size of your goods in a listing and occasionally boost the FBA price. This alteration is quite difficult to detect (especially if you have multiple listings).

However, this modification might be expensive since you may overpay for each item sent.

Sellerboard checks the FBA charge for every one of your listings and notifies you if the fee or dimensions change. You may take action by contacting seller support and asking that your goods be remeasured.

Additionally, the recommendation may be unexpectedly raised if the listing category is altered (by amazon or another seller).

If the new category is incorrect, you should immediately attempt to change it. Sellerboard checks the referral payments for each listing and notifies you as necessary.

  • New sellers on the listing and loss of the Buy Box:

It’s simple to overlook a new seller on one of your listings if you have many items. A new seller might be a “piggybacker” or a listing hijacker.

Therefore you might wish to check for this incident. Sellerboard monitors your listings, identifies new sellers and buy box loss, and tells you through email so that you may take action.

  • Listing changes: listing title, description, main image, category: 

Amazon hijackers may pose a significant threat to Private Label retailers. Hijackers might modify your listings to include their items and add their offers.

If a listing changes, you must immediately verify that the modifications are legitimate. Otherwise, take quick action. If one of your listings is updated, Sellerboard will tell you.

2. Request a Review:

Request a Review - Features

  • Attaching bonus content to emails:

Include a freebie with every email, such as an e-book, user’s guide, or helpful suggestions for using your product.

  • Exclude manual orders:

Exclude orders, blocklist customers, or manually halt email sequences, for instance, if a customer contacted you before sending an email.

  • Tracking message status by order:

Track the status of communications by order. Monitor e-mail sent statistics.

  • Target by product or group of products:

Create different campaigns for each SKU, product, or product group. Define a brief moniker for each product to make it seem natural in email language.

  • Send personalized emails to your customers:

Customize your follow-up emails based on market, nation, FBA/FBM, repeat consumers, and other factors. Use one of their preset email templates or compose your message.

A Quick Peep Into Sellerboard

Let us check out what is inside Sellerboard from its demo account.

Here is how informative the Sellerboard dashboard looks.

Sellerboard Dashboard

Here is all the information that you may need.

Sellerboard Dashboard all the information

You can copy a particular product number from here.

copy a particular product number dashboard

You can click on ‘More’ if you need more information about a particular product.

information about a particular product

Also, you can download this extensive table offline by clicking on ‘Download table (.xls).’

Download table

More of a chart person? No worries, click on ‘Charts,’ and you will get all the data you want in the form of visually appealing and presentable charts.

presentable charts

First click on ‘Search,’ then on the products you wish to select, and then on ‘Filter’, and you will get the chart for those particular products in seconds.

chart for Products

The same goes for the P&L section.

P&L Section Of Sellerboard

You can check out the latest trends as well.

These were just the fundamental features I showed you. There are a lot more in Sellerboard that you should not miss.

Sellerboard Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing for Sellerboard begins at $15 per month. Therefore, if you have less than $3,000 monthly, you pay just $15.

If you have more than that, you will need to pay a little extra since it is difficult for us to handle all this data.

Sellerboard Pricing

On the website, a demo account is available. You may test out the program without registering or entering your email address by visiting the website and clicking “Demo.”

On the website, there is a chat box in the lower right corner that you may use to send Sellerboard a quick message. They attempt to answer as quickly as possible, but you may sometimes need to be patient.

Sellerboard Review: Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of sellerboard:

Sellerboard Pros

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Cashflow tool
  • AI hidden cost tracking
  • Tracking trends
  • World wide market
  • Seller friendly design
  • Follow-up email campaign
  • Customer lifetime value dashboard
  • Bid automation and Amazon profit analytics
  • FBA error tracking
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • 1-month free trial
  • The Demo version is also available
  • Interactive live dashboard

Sellerboard Cons

  • Small businesses require more flexible pricing alternatives.
  • In the ordinary plan, you cannot control who has access to which accounts.

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Conclusion: Sellerboard Review 2024

Sellerboard faces stiff competition from all-in-one platforms and advertising tools, yet it is still the most popular Amazon Analytics solution.

It provides cost-effective tools, a responsive customer service staff, and data provided in an easily consumable style, all of which are bundled in extremely cost-effective ways.

Sellerboard exposes your products to thousands of new buyers every day.

It provides amazing features for your Amazon business, including thorough historical data, market trends, seasonality, and more.

Every day, Sellerboard supports you in assessing your company’s overall health.

It is the only system that provides visibility into how orders are distributed across several warehouses and which distributors are responsible for each order.

You may raise your conversion rates and optimize your sales by comparing and contrasting the performance of different business components.

It is appropriate for both newbie and veteran salespeople. Sellerboard is the best solution for merchants with a restricted budget and many goods to monitor within Sellerboard’s price range.

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