14 Qualities Of A Great Blogger That Everyone Should Possess If They Want To Become a Professional Blogger

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Every great blogger has some Qualities which makes him better than the rest. 

Most people don’t see the invisible part that’s happening in the background and they wonder why they are not getting the results as the great ones.

Don’t worry I’ll tell you all the Qualities Of A Great Blogger.

So let’s get started

Qualities Of A Great Blogger include Writing Better Content

Great Bloggers are simply better writers, they know what they are writing about, they understand their audience, they serve their audience well and that’s why their audience love them too.

Obviously Grammer and all the other little things add up to a great blog copy but what’s more important is the ability to deliver your message across your audience effectively and to be able to connect with them.

Let’s accept it, If you’re a blogger and your writing style sucks (Nobody cares about it), then Your blog is not going to do well.

so that’s why you have to be a great writer.

Qualities Of A Great Blogger

A great writer possesses these below qualities.

  1. They don’t make too many grammatical mistakes
  2. They understand their target audience and are able to create properly tailored Content for their audience
  3. They write in friendly conversational tone
  4. They know what they are writing about.
  5. They have their own unique style of writing content, they don’t copy others.

Professional Bloggers have all the qualities listed above.

They have Lots of patience

Patience is one of the top Qualities Of A Great Blogger. Do you know why?

Because without patience, bloggers and blogs wouldn’t exist.

Whenever newbie Bloggers start their blogs, they don’t instantly start getting 100s or 1000s of visitors a day by just writing one article. They have to dedicate time in writing more articles, dedicate time for building an audience, build their blogs authority with time and then things start rolling in for them.

Everyone starts from zero, But only the one who keeps patience and can build their blog with time can survive in the blogosphere for a long time.

So that’s why having patience is very important if you want to succeed as a blogger.

Things never start working from the first day onwards. You never start making money from your blog from the first day onwards. You are never going to get 1000s of visitors to your blog from the first day onwards.

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You have to slowly build everything up with time.

Some things just require your time, more than anything.

Some things just require time to properly nurture and grow.

When you sow a plant seed in the ground, you know that the seed is growing but if you see it everyday and expect it to grow a tree the next day, then it won’t happen. It takes a lot of time for a Seed to grow into a tree. You can’t see the seed growing if you see it everyday but you know that it’s growing everyday.

So have patience, have faith in yourself and your blog and believe that it’s going to grow someday. You’ve just planted a seed and it will take some time to grow into a plant or a tree. Until then have patience and enjoy the process.

They understand their audience

Everything revolves around the audience when it comes to creating any type of content on the web. Whether it be Audio Content, Video Content, Image Content or text content, It all boils down to the audience.

Your Audience is the main deciding entity who decides whether your content is worth reading, worth investing their time on and most importantly worth their attention.

So You have to make your audience happy in every way possible, if you can serve your audience well, your audience will also serve you in the form of more Website visitors, more revenue from your blog and they also end up becoming your blog’s brand advocate sometimes and they will do FREE marketing for your blog.

So you have to serve your audience in the best way possible and preferably better than your Competitors, then Only you are going to survive in the competition.

Here are some of the tips that I’d like to give you for Making your Audience happy and Making them your brand advocate.

  1. Win the trust of your audience
  2. Never play a double game with your audience, Always have transparency, never cheat them, the audience knows everything.
  3. Serve your audience better than your Competitors
  4. Understand your target audience: understand who they are & what type of demographic do they possess etc.
  5. Create content specifically tailored for your target audience which they’ll love and which gives the most value.

They don’t hesitate to invest in their blog and themselves

Investment in Blogging and Yourself is the best thing that you can do for your blog.

Most newbie bloggers have these Below questions in their mind while they are starting out.

  • Why should I put in the money? 
  • What if the blog doesn’t give a positive ROI? 
  • Why can’t we use the FREE alternatives?

Newbie bloggers have all the above questions in their mind.

See blogging is a real business, you cannot build anything significant without investing a little bit in your blog and yourself.

A great blog requires Your Money as well as your time and focus 🎯 To grow as a Popular brand.

Of course you can start your blog on FREE platforms, use the FREE resources and Have no investment in it but let me tell you this 👇

Without investment on your blog you cannot make a professional quality blog.

WordPress is the world’s leading blogging platform and it requires a hosting account for which you have to invest money in it to finally install WordPress on it and build a blog on it.

So initial investing is a part of the process of blogging.

You need to at least invest in a proper Hosting, domain name, A premium theme like GeneratePress and a proper keyword research tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs in the initial days of your Blogging career.

A normal human or your audience will always be able to differentiate between a FREE blog and a professional blog by just looking at the quality.

FREE resources are good for learning but they can’t provide you with the Professional Quality blog.

And people can tell by seeing your blog that you’ve not invested much on your blog.

If you yourself don’t care about making the quality of your blog better, then why would your reader care to read your blog? So make at least a small investment and start with the right setup.

Because if you start the wrong way, then it can mess up your time for a long long time.

Another investment that you have to make is investment with your time towards your blog.

Treat your blog like a real business, it’s a real complex thing that requires proper nurturing and Realtime attention by the blog owner to properly Prosper and grow as a brand.

If you don’t invest your time in writing articles, learning about new blogging techniques, making connections with other bloggers, then everything will go to waste.

If you want to succeed in blogging, you have to connect all the dots together to reach the finish line of success.

Every element is important when it comes to your blogging Success, everything has its important role to play in the Evolution of your blog. Whether it be your Investment, Your commitment, your dedication, the time energy and Focus you put in. Everything adds up to your blog’s success in the end.

So never think that if you have invested money in it, now it will grow automatically. No, it’s never going to happen like that.

You have to fully commit yourself to it then only you will succeed as a blogger.

So invest Your Money, Time and also invest in Making yourself a better blogger by learning various Blogging tactics. That’s how you are going to grow as a Blogger.

Passion Drives them, Not money

One of the most interesting Qualities Of A Great Blogger is that they love what they do.

If they don’t love what they do, then they wouldn’t be in that position.

Passion is the number one driving force when it comes to blogging consistently about something in a niche. If you lack passion, then you wouldn’t be able to continue blogging in that niche for long.

That’s why it’s always advised that you should always start a blog on something that you love and care about. Without the passion and your attachment for the niche, you won’t continue writing in that niche for long.

When you will see that after writing a few articles, when you will not get the results, you will automatically start to lose motivation towards your blog and you will think of quitting your blog.

That’s where passion comes into picture, Professional Bloggers who write in a particular niche, who have authority in a particular niche, they don’t Focus on the money, they focus on delivering value to people and most importantly they love what they write.

Their passion for the niche drives them to write more and more about a particular niche.

Obviously money and all the other metrics are also the driving factors of making yourself more committed to your blog. But these vanity metrics like money, number of visitors per day shouldn’t be the barrier towards your blog’s Success.

You should always aim & strive to be the Number one authority blogger in your niche with your blog.

And that will only happen if you yourself will be committed and passionate about your niche. If you’re not passionate about your niche, then you’ll soon lose your interest, You will not find topics to write and soon you will quit Blogging.

So be passionate about your niche, Always explore new and new things to write on your blog. Nothing should be left out.

Write about something that you’re passionate about, or if you have already started writing about a particular niche then start developing passion to write more, deliver more value.

Because that is how you will be able to grow as a blogger.

Great bloggers try to cover everything in their Niche

You will never see a great blogger who only runs for the money, A great blogger always strives to help their community the most.

Most beginners trap themselves by only writing about the money topics and not writing about the rest.

This makes them vulnerable, and gives the opportunity to the Competitor blogger to Write about what he is not writing. And in this way, people who cover all the topics in their niche capture the most market share.

Great Bloggers try to cover everything there is about a niche, they want to make their blog the Number one thing in people’s mind to look for solutions whenever they have problems in that niche.

So if you want to be a better blogger, try to cover everything under your niche, nothing should be left out.

Write about all the types of Articles in your Niche.

  • How to
  • Reviews
  • Listicles
  • Interviews

Don’t be greedy, don’t only write the money Articles, Instead try to focus on both the aspects, write about both the topics money + what people actually need. Cover everything in your niche without bias.

You will surely see massive success in this way.

Helping Nature Helps them to grow

If you want to be seen as a Generous blogger who is loved by Their audience & community, Develop the quality of helping other people.

Helping your audience will always make you a better person and people will always appreciate your efforts.

If you help people, people will start building connections with you. A generous blogger always wins the race in the long term, because they just don’t focus on monetary gains, instead they give as much value to help their community.

Always be there for your people whenever they need you, and they will help you to grow more and they will be Always be there to support you. 

Build real connections instead of just number of followers or How much money you make.

They maintain consistency

It’s true that the content is the King, but without consistency, even a great blog can die.

Consider your blog like a media channel or a TV channel, where people come to consume regular News and updates regarding your niche.

A blog is no different from a TV channel, people always crave for regular updates from your blog, people read blogs because they present the most updated and recent information.

If you don’t make time for Blogging consistently, you will never be able to grow your blog to the level it can possibly be.

They know how to Promote Content

A blogger is not just a person who writes blog posts. A blogger is much more than that. A blogger is a marketer, networker and everything.

A blogger knows how to Promote his content so that it reaches to its readers, people who are in actual need of their Content.

So if you’re a blogger then you should definitely learn about Different content promotion tactics to make sure your content reaches the people who actually need them.

They have a proper plan

Nobody ever became a great blogger by not having a proper plan.

A great blog requires a proper plan laid out strategically.

Without a proper plan for your blog, you will find it hard to manage everything.

Professional bloggers have a plan for everything, they have a plan for promoting their content, they have a plan for writing their content, everything happens strategically.

So if you want to take your blog to the next level, make sure you have a solid plan for your blog.

And don’t just plan, act accordingly to see the results.

Great bloggers also have a clear blogging goal with their blog, they know what they want out of their blogs.

They have a clear aim in their mind of what they want to achieve with their blog.

That could be anything like “Helping as many people as possible with their blog” , “Connecting with like minded people in your niche” , “Making money from your Niche”.

Know what you want out of your blog and act accordingly.

Update frequently

Great Blog’s are regularly updated, one of the good things about blogging is that we can always update our content. Even if the content is 10 years old, we can still update it with the latest facts and figures.

On the other hand if you make a video on a specific date, that video will only be valid for that date or the coming months or few years but it can’t be updated like text content. Once you say something in video, you can’t make changes to the video that you Uploaded in the past.

So that’s the benefit with blogging, you can update your blog content over and over again whenever there is some new data about your topic.

And people love to see updated content, that’s why you should focus on updating your content as frequently as possible.

Do your research and Write

You content should be backed with the real World facts and figures and data.

If you will write without any research or data, then your readers will never want to read your blog.

Your content should have real world data to prove your point 💯 if your readers will find that you are just writing fluff without actually knowing about the topic, then You will lose trust of your readers and moreover they will never read your blog content again.

So make sure whatever you write should have strong points and real world evidence to prove your point.

Don’t write fluff, write about real stuff that you know and have actually experienced.


Great bloggers are great networkers. They have a network of awesome like minded people who are ready to help each other whenever they need help.

Networking plays a very huge role in the Success of your blog.

Networking helps your blog to reach more like minded people, Networking helps you to build real connections with real bloggers.

That’s why Networking is a very important skill that every blogger should have in their arsenal.

In today’s day and age, connecting with like minded people and building real connections is very Easy.

With the advent of new Platforms and every type of people using those platforms, it has become easier to connect with any person in this world.

There are great online communities related to every Different Niche possible. There are great facebook groups, Subreddits, great Blogs in your Niche online. Start interacting with them, start engaging with them and build real connections with bloggers.

Networking will help you a lot to grow your blog

Personal touch, Uniqueness

You will never come across popular blogs who just sound or write like everyone else.

They are what they are because they are unique and people find it more valuable than others. That’s why having a personal unique touch with your blog is very important.

Personal and unique touch is very unique and people will never get that thing in any other blog. People love to consume content which is unique and which has a personal touch in their Writing style.

So if you want to make your blog stand out from the crowd, give your blog a personal and a unique touch.

In this way, people will be able to connect with your blog more and most importantly you will be able to enjoy being you, you will love what you do.

Great bloggers have their own unique angle and flavor of Writing content, thet people won’t find in any other blogs. That’s what makes their blog stand out from the rest of the crowd and people love it.


I hope that i was able to explain you all the Qualities Of A Great Blogger.

Start acquiring all the above qualities and you will be well on your way to make your blog the best blog on your niche.

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