Project Ara

You might have heard rumors about Google‘s customization smartphone long back. But now its not a rumor, Google Project Ara, is google’s project to built a customizable smartphone and by that it means that it will allow you to customize the whole smartphone and that includes hardware. Its the idea which allows you to literally built you own smartphone. 
Google Project Ara
The Project Ara by Google will surely change the way we buy, use and throw our smartphones. You do not need to stick with the original built of the phone. If your processor is outdated, no problem switch it with the new one. If you don’t like something, no problem switch it with something else. Yeah, that sounds impossible, right ? Now, Google makes it possible with its Project Ara. With it you can even re-position hardwares such as switch the camera with speakers, etc. its like a puzzle and stay updated by switching to new hardwares in place of the outdated ones. 

Google says ” The phone is designed to be used by ‘six billion people’, including the one billion smartphone users and the five billion feature phone users.” Google intends to sell a starter kit where the materials will cost US$50  (Rs 3,100 approx) and it includes a frame, display, battery, low-end CPU and WiFi, that sounds funny….right ? But this Project Ara will surely bring a lot of changes in smartphone industries and with this so called “Google’s Modular Smartphone”, it seems your smartphone will never get outdated and now you don’t need to be jealous (i know how it feels) when a new smartphone launches with better specs.  
This project ara release date on February 6 2015. According to reports, Ara will come in three different variant: mini, medium and jumbo. Google has already released its Module Developers Kit (MDK) for Project Ara, which is for developer and the kit outlines the three sizes of Ara device – mini, medium and large and also shows component parts, the bigger phone sizes can take more module pieces. Lets hope this Awesome piece of technology comes out soon and changes smartphone industry. 

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