Picsart For PC – Best Beginner Photo Editing Application for PC/Smartphone

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We are living in the world where social media plays a big role. Sharing your memories through pictures on social media is now very important.

You can’t post an unedited picture on Social media because your friends/relatives won’t like the picture which will result in negative comments.

There are many professional photo editing applications for your PC/Smartphones. Most of these professional editing applications are very hard to be used by a beginner because they demand a good amount of color grading and adjustment knowledge.

It is very hard to find a good photo editing application which is easy to be used. Well not anymore.

As Today, we will be taking a look at a photo editing application available for your Android/iOS/PC Devices which can convert your ugly looking raw photo to a really beautiful picture which you can later upload on any of your social media platforms.

This application has 100 million downloads on google play store and it is very much popular among smartphone users. A kid with 0% knowledge of photography can use the application to enhance photos and make them look Brilliant.

PicsArt For PC

Yes, this is none other than Picsart for pc. The most popular photo editing application for smartphone users. This app is used by millions of photographers and YouTubers who make their thumbnails using this application.

This application has a lot of useful editing features and it offers an easy user-friendly interface which you won’t complain about. The user interface of this application is so easy that a person who uses it sticks to it forever.

It won’t be possible for us to tell you about all the features of Picsart photo studio. You can crop your picture, adjust the colors, apply filters, add overlays, add images, add text and so much more creative stuff to edit your photos and make them look prettier.


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It is not necessary to have a good knowledge of photography to use picsart as the color adjustment is very simple and if you don’t even know how to adjust the colors then you can add the add the filters to your photos. Overlays, text, and stickers can be added by drag and drop so it is pretty much simple to access every feature of this application.

You can use Picsart and access the basic features for free without paying for any subscription. If you want to use it for a long time and access more Text fonts, overlays etc then you can even purchase the premium version of the application.

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The best part of Picsart is that It does not degrade the quality of the image so you will be able to export the edited image in the same quality of original image. You can export the image to your gallery or you can also upload the picture to Instagram or Facebook without any hassle.

The Premium version of Picsart is not so expensive and the features it offers are really great so we will definitely recommend you to buy the premium version if you use Picsart to edit a lot of photos every day. There are even options to buy a specific font. There is a wide variety of free fonts and some professionals ones are paid. You can even buy any single font which is a great thing. However, you can unlock all the fonts in Picsart by purchasing the subscription.

You can even add your own custom fonts in Picsart in. TTF format. Just download. TTF font from any website and move that file to font folder of Picsart. These fonts will be presented in My fonts in Picsart application.

How to Download Picsart Photo Studio on Android/iOS?

Well, it is pretty easy to download Picsart Photo studio on your Android/iOS devices. Picsart is available on Google play store/Apple app store for free. You can simply download it by searching “Picsart” from play store/app store. You can even download it from any third party website/application like Aptoide, ApkPure etc.

PicsArt For PC

Download Picsart For PC?

Downloading Picsart Photo studio on PC is a bit tricky. You might have heard about Picsart for PC but there is no official Picsart software for PC but you will be able to run Picsart on windows by the method mentioned below:

Step 1- Download Bluestacks emulator on your Computer and install it after accepting all the terms and conditions.

Step 2- Search for Picsart and download it from the Google play store through Bluestacks emulator.

Step 3- Launch the application through Bluestacks emulator and you will be able to run it. The UI will be very much similar to user interface of Android one.

You will be able to access all the features of Picsart on PC by this method.

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Alternative of Picsart

It is no doubt that Picsart is the best beginning photo editing application but there is one more bonus application on our list which is very good for beginners and can be accessed on your Android phone or PC.


Snapseed is another great photo editing application with some extraordinary features. You can use Snapseed to.enhance your photos by adjusting the colours or adding filters.

Snapseed is used by beginners as well as professionals because of its easy and clean User interf

ace. The User interface is so minimal and well managed that it is hard to switch to any other editing application after using snapseed.

PicsArt For PC Alternative

Snapseed has some brilliant filters so a beginner can produce good quality imaged by just applying suitable filters on the image.

The Color adjustment option in Snapseed is way better than what you get on Picsart on windows or any beginner photo editing application.

Snapseed also allows you to increase/decrease the shadows in your image which is another great thing. The best thing about this photo editing application is that It is officially by google and it is completely free to access. You can download it free from google play store and there is no paid subscription.

It accepts both JPG and RAW Image formats. All the settings can be tweaked in the application itself. It has 29 different modes, tools and filters that you can use to edit your photos and make them look dope.

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Recently, the latest update has come up with a brilliant feature which is the dark mode where you can change the colour layout to black so that it will be easier to edit photos even in the night or inside a dark room.

How to download Snapseed on Android devices?

Well, as I said earlier, Snapseed is by google so It is pretty easy to download this application. You can search for “Snapseed” on Google play store and just download it. Snapseed has more than 50 million downloads on Google play store. You can use it right after installing the application.

Note- Download Snapseed from third party websites/applications will also get your job done so you can even download it from Aptoide or Apkpure etc.

How to download Snapseed on PC?

The method to download Snapseed on PC is same as what we did for downloading Picsart on PC. You have to download and install Bluestacks and then search Snapseed on Bluestacks. You will be able to enjoy Snapseed on your PC after doing this.

Conclusion: Picsart For PC

Snapseed and Picsart are the best photo editing applications that you can download for your smartphones/PC.

These are basic photo editing applications so you can run these applications easily on your low-end phone/PC.

These were the best photo editing applications available for Android/Smartphones. You don’t need any type of Pro photography sense to use these applications for editing your pictures. You can simply use them right after downloading them without any hassle.

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