Owlet Sock Not Charging When Plugged in? How To Fix?

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By connecting to an app, parents can check on their child’s oxygen saturation and heart rate using the Owlet Sock.

The Owlet Sock app may be used by many people simultaneously from different locations. The new Owlet Smart Sock can go on for 18 hours without charging.

It runs on a battery that can be recharged. Most parents charge the sock while it is not in use, like as during nap time. About 30 percent of the battery is used after 7 hours of operation.

The Owlet Sock’s charging issues are a typical complaint. A damaged charging cable, a malfunctioning base station, or a sensor in need of repair might all be to blame.

How can I get to know whether my Owlet Sock is charging or not?

The app is the most convenient method to check on the charge status of the sock. In many apps, the percentage of battery life remaining is shown in the bottom left corner of the settings page.

This percentage will not be shown if the sock is currently charging. In its place, the charging indicator will light up. Depending on the context, the Owlet Sock will light up in a certain hue.

While charging, the owlet sock will flash green. When charging is complete, the color changes to a bright green.

Owlet Sock Not Charging: Troubleshooting Steps

If you find that your owlet sock isn’t charging when you plug it in, try the following:

Owlet Sock Not Charging

1. Reset Your Owlet Sock

To power down the sock entirely, you must first slide the electrical component out of the fabric sock and away from the charging station.

The sock indicator ought to turn off. Restart the gadgets, wait at least a minute, and then reconnect them to the main unit.

Contact the service provider’s technical assistance if the owlet sock still won’t charge when plugged in after the reset.

2. Swap out your cable chargers and see how they perform

Verify there is no damage to the charging wire leading from the sock unit. It has to be replaced if the pins are bent or the foil is protruding.

Call up support and ask for a replacement at no cost if your warranty is still in effect. Then, disconnect the sensor from its charging line and connect it directly to the wall socket using an adapter cable.

There is a problem with the charging wire if the sensor begins charging automatically. If you think your charging cable could be broken, try testing it with a few others.

3. Verify the power inputs at the base station

To use an Adapter cable, first, detach the sensor from the base station port. If there’s an issue with the Base Station, it won’t turn on.

A problem with the base station’s charging wire might explain its inability to function. If that isn’t the problem, doing a factory reset on your Owlet Base Station may help.

4. Eliminate the possibility of sensor problems

If you’ve already tried those things and the sensor is still malfunctioning, you’ll need to buy a new one.

However, keep in mind that improper charging techniques might lead to a variety of charging issues with the sock. To learn how to properly plug in the sock, see the instructions.

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Conclusion: Owlet Sock Not Charging

In addition to charging the Owlet Sock, one way to extend the battery life of the device is to turn it off whenever it is not in use.

To charge the socks, you need to connect them to the Base Station provided.

To answer your question, how long does it take an owlet sock to charge? The time needed varies based on several things, one of which is the number of times it was used.

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