Nimbleway Review 2023: Is It Good For Data Collection & Web Scraping?

Nimbleway Review


Nimble is a cutting-edge data-collecting technology that is transforming companies everywhere. The platform is driven by deep learning algorithms that access a private data network in real time to pull relevant and essential data. Supported by a Tier 1 VC and an expert advisory board, the company is led by its founders who are both nimble and seasoned industry experts.

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  • Provides IPs from all regions
  • Offers residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies
  • Offers anti-fingerprint support
  • Automated data parsing with AI models
  • Easy-to-use web scraping system
  • Reliable and accurate data collection


  • Newer service compared to competitors


Price: $

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Gathering accurate and up-to-date web data is a daunting task. It’s hard to know where to start and even harder to keep track of all the changes that occur on the web.

Not only is it difficult to gather data from the web, but it’s also challenging to make sure that the data you’ve gathered is accurate and up-to-date. One wrong move can mean hours of wasted time and effort.

Let us understand more about Nimbleway Review in detail. 

Is Nimbleway Best For Web Data Scraping?

Nimbleway is the solution you’ve been looking for. This easy-to-use web data-gathering tool makes it simple and straightforward to collect data from any website.

Plus, their software automatically updates as new information becomes available, so you can rest assured that your data is always current.

What is Nimbleway? All You Need To Know!

Nimbleway is an all-inclusive service that provides users with the infrastructure required for effortless web data collection.

Unlike traditional data extraction solutions that require additional pieces to function, Nimbleway offers a web scraping API, headless browser, and proxy network for accessing the web with your IP address hidden.

One of the standout features of Nimbleway is its automatic data parsing from pages with AI models. This allows for easy extraction of data from websites without the need for manual effort.

Nimbleway Review

Additionally, the service provides IPs from all regions of the world, making it perfect for localized scraping.

Nimble Browser, which is part of the Nimbleway service, offers anti-fingerprint support that is not found in regular headless browsers.

This makes it a more secure option for web scraping, as it helps to prevent detection and blocks anti-scraping measures.

Another benefit of Nimbleway is the availability of residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies with high quality.

These proxies allow for hiding your IP address, which is crucial when scraping websites to avoid detection and being blocked.

Pricing for Nimbleway is based on credit units, which provides flexibility for users as it is not tied to any specific scraping API. This makes it easy to use the web scraping system with little effort from your end.

Overall, Nimbleway is a powerful tool for web data extraction that offers a seamless and efficient process.

With its range of features and benefits, it is a great choice for businesses and individuals looking to collect data from the web.

Major Features and Benefits of Nimbleway


SERP API- Nimble Review

The Nimble SERP API allows businesses to stay ahead of their competitors by providing real-time updates on keywords and rankings.

With this API, businesses can analyze their competitor’s strategies and adjust their own accordingly.

2. eCommerce API:

The Nimble eCommerce API is designed to help businesses outperform their competitors with accurate and precise data.

Travel fare aggregators can benefit greatly from this API for dynamic pricing on their websites.

3. Web API:

The Nimble Web API allows businesses to collect data from any website around the world seamlessly.

Web API- Nimble

Even those without coding skills can use this API with ease.

4. Precise Data With No Coding Skills:

Nimbleway makes data collection and analysis easy and accessible to anyone, regardless of their coding skills.

Businesses can save time and money by using Nimbleway’s fully-managed data collection solution

5. No Data Restriction

Nimbleway allows businesses to focus on what’s important by taking care of data collection.

Novel Data Collection Technology- Nimble

With in-house technology, businesses can be assured of receiving only accurate data that makes a difference.

6. Instant Data Delivery:

Nimbleway’s pipeline permission feature allows businesses to receive their desired data delivered instantly to their preferred cloud storage repository, such as Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage.

7. Versatile APIs:

Nimbleway’s data APIs conform to industry-standard RESTful design, making integration fast and straightforward.

Versatile APIs- Nimble

Businesses can query the API endpoints with the required parameters and receive the most recent data.

8. Hassle-free Data Collection:

With Nimbleway, businesses can enjoy enhanced functionality with no manual effort or maintenance required. This means they can focus on important tasks and leave data collection to Nimbleway.

Nimbleway Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Nimbleway is a premium service, and its cost reflects this. You must spend at least $300 to utilize their service.

If you are uncertain about whether or not the service will meet your needs, you may contact their sales staff to request a short free trial.

Nimble Pricing

Nimbleway delivers solutions, which include Nimble API, Nimble Browser, and Nimble IP. How is the price determined for the 3?

It turns out that Nimbleway prices are determined via an API credit scheme. You buy credit and then utilize that credit to access the desired tool.

As previously stated, the cost for the service begins at $300 (300 credits) for the fundamental plan. The advanced plan costs $700 and includes 700 credits.

With the professional plan, 1100 credits will cost $1,100. The business plan is the biggest and costs $4000 with 4000 credits to purchase.

All pricing is on a monthly basis. If you pay annually, you get a 15% discount. Let’s examine the cost for each of Nimble’s available services.

Nimbleway Pros and Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of Nimbleway:

Nimbleway Pros

  • Reliable and accurate data collection
  • Easy-to-use web scraping system
  • Automated data parsing with AI models
  • Offers anti-fingerprint support
  • Provides IPs from all regions
  • Offers residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies
  • Pricing based on credit units
  • Efficient and cost-effective

Nimbleway Cons

  • Newer service compared to competitors

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Conclusion: Nimbleway Review2023

Overall, I loved my experience trying out the Nimbleway data-gathering solution. From the first use and through the setup process, it was one of the easiest and most comprehensive solutions out there.

Its intuitive user interface meant that it was quick to learn, while the range of features really made a difference in terms of accuracy and speed. 

I’d recommend this software to any company or individual who needs to access online data quickly and efficiently- it made my job so much easier!

Finally, its customer service was second to none- after every interaction, I felt like my questions had been answered edifyingly, with great patience and care.

All-in-all, I can highly recommend this software for individuals and companies alike!

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