Newor Media Review 2024 – The Best Network To Monetize Websites?

Newor Media Review


Newor Media is the greatest AdSense replacement, and it’s time to ditch AdSense if you want to optimise your ad earnings. On their website, they have an earnings calculator that will give you an idea of how much money similar sites make.

Out of 10


  • High rates compared to Adsense
  • Minimum payment via Paypal is $50
  • Real-time header bidding
  • Dashboard with solid statistics
  • Doesn't require name server integration
  • Excellent and prompt assistance


  • Does not have a deep analytics dashboard


Price: $

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If you want to make a living as a blogger, you’ll need to monetize your site. Ads are one of the most popular techniques of monetization because they provide a passive way to earn money from your blog.

There are other ad networks to select from, but today will focus on one in particular and take you through an in-depth review of a promising header bidding network called Newor Media. 

What is Newor Media?

Newor Media is a header bidding provider (similar to AdSense/ Ezoic/ MediaVine) that employs AI technology to increase the profitability of bloggers. Header bidding is a sophisticated programmatic approach that simultaneously bids ad units to a number of different ad networks.

To achieve income maximization, the organization emphasizes the use of optimal ad technologies and analytical analytics.

Newor Media

With header bidding, Newor Media works with ad exchanges to find the highest-paying sponsors for your blog or website.

They focus on earning high ad rates through their partnerships with some of the major ad networks on the internet while maintaining a focus on user experience and site speed.

In other words, it’s real-time bidding based on an algorithm for higher returns from various banner advertising on your website.

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The Idea Behind Newor Media

Newor Media arose from their own experiences with owning and maintaining websites.

They have established unique algorithmic technologies and forged agreements with the largest ad networks on the web to gather the best rates while remaining faithful to user experience and site speed after years of trial and error (and a lot of hard work).

Newor Media has its own header bidding ad units for you to use, as well as a team of pros who can directly work with you to get the most out of your banner ads.

They are positioned to outperform your present partners thanks to their network relationships and patented technology.

Salient Features:

Place and Balance your User Experience

The goal of programmatic advertising is to strike a balance between user experience and profit. Viewability, time on site, and page balance all have a significant impact on website revenue, and they are here to help you make the most of it.

Their advertising is designed to load quickly, and most publishers claim that they have little to no influence on site speed.

Maximize your revenue with Machine-Learning & Algorithmic Real-Time Bidding

Newor Media’s profitability and quality are at the top of the market because they combine cutting-edge header bidding technology with the most yielding networks in the world.

Their developers are always developing new technology to help you earn more money.

Pool of Major Agencies & Leading Networks

Newor Media has connections with all major networks and SSPs at Newor Media, guaranteeing that your site has access to the most diverse and high-quality demand available.

Basically, they assist you in making more money. Competition, not the whims of one company’s demand pool, dictates what you make by tapping into many markets.

Priority Customer Service & Friendly Payment Terms 

Newor Media prides on being available to respond to you in a timely manner. Most requests are completed or addressed within the hour they are submitted.

They are proud of their technology, and their customer service is their #1 priority.

Regardless of network claw-backs, you will be paid what you are owed based on the number that has been calculated at the end of each month.

Newor Media ensures they never over-reach, and your payment is always guaranteed on a NET30 basis.

Ad Networks at Newor Media

Because it functions as a mediator, the advertising is extremely nice in my experience and comes from several networks.

Yahoo, Adsense, svorn, gumgum, smartadserver, xandr, criteo, outbrain, rhythmone, revcontent, pubmatic, aolcloud, and many others are among the networks available.

Ad Networks at Newor Media - Newor Media Review

They will frequently offer you additional networks to add to your ads.txt file so that you have more competition. Simply copy the text, make the necessary changes to your ads.txt file, and choose “I have added these lines to my site(s).”

These networks’ adverts compete for ad space on your site. Ads will be displayed on your blog placeholders by the network that pays the most or outbids another.

Banner advertisements make up the majority of their advertising. There is no hidden spyware or software that can harm your site or your visitors’ personal devices. That implies you won’t have any problems with Google or client complaints.

They pay on a net 30 basis, which implies that January earnings will be paid in the first week of March. The company accepts PayPal payments right away.

Newor Media Earnings Calculator

The revenue gained from a thousand impressions of an ad campaign is measured by eCPM, or “Effective Cost per Thousand Impressions.”

Newor Media Earnings Calculator- Newor Media Review

The formula is: eCPM = (Estimated Earnings / Number of total impressions) * 1000

Newor Media has created an intuitive calculator that let’s users calculate the estimated earnings when working with them through a form available on their “Earnings Calculator” page.

The estimate is based on their current and historical data from the websites with which they collaborate. The form anticipates that Newor Media will run 5 banner advertisements for a minimum of 60 days, and only these banner advertising will be considered in the monetization equation.

Please keep in mind that using the calculator does not guarantee that your website will make the same amount of money that the calculator suggests.

Is Newor Media Safe?

Newor Media takes brand protection to the next level by collaborating with publishers on the back end as well. You must follow data and privacy rules as a publisher (GDPR, for example).

Advertisers may be hesitant to bid on your units or regard you as credible if you don’t do so. Newor Media provides a completely updated Consent Management Platform to ensure that your site complies with all applicable privacy laws and regulations. 

Important Conditions

It should come as no surprise that Newor Media demands a minimum of 30,000 unique users per month. Advertisers pay to have their advertising seen, therefore traffic is king in the ad monetization business.

Their traffic requirement ensures that you will generate money from advertisements. They also demand that the majority of the traffic be English-speaking, which advertising finds appealing.

Your website will not be able to focus on content that is on the borderline, such as gun, sex, drug, or gambling-related information. Because they operate with high-end ad networks and agencies, quality is essential. 

Onboarding & Signing up

With them, the onboarding process is simple and straightforward. Keep in mind, however, that Newor Media does not accept everyone. They work on a revenue-sharing basis, so they only collaborate with those they believe can make a significant difference.

They require a minimum of 30,000 unique users and must manage two ad units on your site, but unless you are a huge publisher, they should be handling all of your ad units.

Your website must adhere to their terms and conditions. This implies that the content must be of high quality (original) and not illegal or adult in nature. If they do, you’ll make a lot more money. 

Your account manager will contact you with an insertion order agreement and proposed ad plan if you fulfil their standards and are accepted (usually within a day or two).

They will be able to begin applying for your website to be accepted by various partner networks once you have signed, and they will then provide you your ad units to install on your website.

Your dedicated account specialist will contact you to discuss your ad units once Ads has authorized them. They’ll take the time to make advice for improving placements and ad earnings right away, which is a boon for publishers who don’t have the time (or inclination) to delve into the abyss of ad layout strategy.

They’ll provide you an insertion order agreement that outlines their collaboration and terms. They’ll submit your website for approval on Google’s Ads platform once you provide them with a signed copy.

They’ll create the ad units for you and deliver them to you along with instructions on how to use them. Implementation is simple because most publishers employ WordPress plugins, but if you’re unsure, they’ll gladly handle it for you.

When you go live, your dedicated account representative will check in with you to make sure everything is operating smoothly.

They make it a simple process that takes 2-4 days to complete (as long as you are fast on your end). 

They give you access to their reporting dashboard so you can keep track of your profits and key data like impressions, CPM, and clicks.

Overall, it’s a simple procedure that prepares you to earn passive money from ad revenue. 

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Newor Media vs. AdSense

AdSense is frequently the simplest and most innovative platform for ad monetization. However, using only one pool of advertising limits the revenue potential. Newor Media has a distinct advantage in this area.

The advertising market is massive, and there are gatekeepers in place that make it difficult for ordinary website owners to gain access to premium campaigns. However, many businesses prefer Newor Media to AdSense because it has a larger ad network.

Both Newor Media and AdSense are built with the goal of selling ad units to marketers. They both provide features and solutions to assist publishers in maximizing ad monetization. Let’s go right to comparing the two. 

User Experience

Publishers see a drop in website traffic and income when advertising obstructs the user experience. Unlike AdSense, which allows you to set it and forget it, Newor allows you to evaluate the various components of ads that can lead to a poor user experience on a regular basis.

Everything from the number of advertisements (because why keep units that don’t make you money) to page loading speed and mobile-friendly ads is handled by us.


AdSense creates a pool of acceptable advertising, and then an ad auction chooses which ads are put on a site and how much marketers will pay. AdSense then selects the successful ads using an ad rating algorithm.

The chosen rate will not always be the highest because they employ an ad ranking algorithm. This results in a revenue shortfall for the publisher (you!).

Newor Media operates by holding a “fair” auction. They simultaneously deliver advertising to numerous demand partners and accept the highest bid. This implies that the publisher (you, you!) gets the most money possible from the auction. 

Demand Supply

Aside from understanding how bids are chosen, it’s also crucial to understand who receives bid requests. Or, in the case of AdSense, who isn’t. Because AdSense is an ad network, ad units are only available to advertisers who are part of the AdSense network, leaving publishers with a limited demand pool.

Newor Media collaborates with a variety of networks (including AdSense) and agencies, resulting in a healthy demand-supply balance for publishers. Publishers require access to a wide range of advertisers in order for users to see ads that are both relevant and engaging. Higher yields for publishers will result from increased competition. 

Ad Units 

Publishers can employ a variety of ad forms, including text, photos, HTML advertisements, video ads, and much more, in a variety of sizes and layouts. With AdSense, you are fully responsible for optimizing your ad placements.

You must invest your time and efforts into experimenting with different ad units to see what works best for you.

You can acquire ad placement optimization services from Newor Media. They’ll develop high-performing ad units that give your users a great experience while increasing your revenue. 

Adblock Solutions 

Many people have ad blocking software installed. Ad units will be classified as ‘low-value,’ and publishers will lose money if they do not provide advertising.

AdSense proposes that you apply for AdBlock Plus as a solution. Fees, stringent guidelines, and the use of display animation and video advertising on publishers’ sites are all part of the deal.

Publishers can utilise Newor Media to identify and filter which ads are shown to which users. That is, you can show acceptable advertisements to ad blockers while still showing animated and video ads to those who aren’t.

Because animation and video advertising perform better (and earn you more money), they’re a better solution for minimizing revenue loss overall. 

Ad Refresh

Ad refresh is a clever strategy for increasing the number of impressions given every session by renewing adverts on a page for active users. It boosts revenue from traffic with longer-than-average session times when properly implemented.

It’s essentially a reward for creating interesting material!

Newor Media works with advertisers who support ad refresh and has a staff of experts who are familiar with the dos and don’ts of best practices. It’s against AdSense’s rules.

You risk getting banned from AdSense if you try to force it onto your site.

Brand Protection 

Malvertising has become a major issue in the programmatic advertising market. Malvertising occurs when you visit a website and are diverted elsewhere or receive a pop-up advertisement.

Newor Media collaborates with industry leaders to scan and block malvertising in every ad delivered.

Individual advertisers can also be whitelisted or banned by Newor Media, ensuring that publishers only work with the advertisers they desire.

If you’re trying to build a brand, this will assist you avoid having your credibility tarnished by cheap and irrelevant ads.

What makes Newor Media better than others? 

The nicest thing about Newor Media is that they don’t tie you down to a long-term contract; they clearly see themselves as partners who want to help you build your business together.

Many businesses and blogs need to start somewhere, and as you understand how much more you can build your business with the Newor Media team, you’ll be glad you did.

Many of the benefits listed here are superior to AdSense and other header bidding providers. The following are some of the company’s other strong points:

  • They’re demand-agnostic, which means they don’t favor one network over another. Publishers don’t have to worry about network partiality preventing them from receiving a higher bid.
  • Publishers are not bound by contracts or exclusivity agreements. Their adverts can be used in conjunction with AdSense or other direct advertising tactics such as fixed banners.
  • Newor Media offers a NET30 payment plan that ensures you get paid what you’re owed, regardless of network clawbacks.
  • Their customer service is amazing and super responsive, with support officials ready to assist you throughout.

3 reasons why we recommend Newor Media?

Newor Media is an up-and-coming programmatic advertising company with a strong presence in the blogging community.

Why Choose Newor Media?

After using their technologies, it’s clear that this is a company developed for bloggers, by bloggers, with a variety of tools and technologies, as well as a place to make extra money from your blog. 

1. Increased ad rates

I can enhance ad unit rates by combining the amount and quality of the demand pool and solutions given. Because of the size of their client base, I also have access to direct deals.

2. Better user experience

My advertisements do not jeopardise the integrity of my website. I don’t have to be concerned about losing visitors due to slow page loading times or interfering with the user’s intent. Because of the wide supply pool, my users receive more relevant and interesting adverts. 

3. Control

I have front-row seats to the auction process and can monitor the performance of my ad units, and develop ad strategy. This is especially useful during seasonal lows, such as the first quarter of the calendar year.

With ad optimization, I can help make the most of low-yielding months and help make the most of high-yielding months with increasing optimization.

Newor Media Pros & Cons

Here are the major Pros & Cons of using Newor Media.


  • High rates compared to Adsense,, and occasionally Ezoic because of their header bidding mechanism!
  • My website began to load more quickly.
  • The minimum payment via Paypal is $50, while the minimum payment via ACH or Wire is $250.
  • Real-time header bidding and ad quality on your website.
  • Many networks have placed a maximum of six advertisements on your website (good for user experience)
  • Dashboard with solid statistics.
  • Because they only require at least two ad slots or placeholders on your site, they can be integrated with AdSense advertisements.
  • Their adverts are designed to load in a fraction of a second (so little to no impact on site speed.)
  • A big plus is that, unlike Ezoic, they don’t require name server integration for optimum revenue because the advertising they make are already optimised.
  • Excellent and prompt assistance.


Perhaps the only considerable drawback is that Newor Media does not have a deep analytics dashboard.

Where platforms like Ezoic succeed thus far is in delivering DEEP statistics to users (e.g., top-earning pages, speed by page, etc.) that Newor Media lacks, although the RPM is comparable to Ezoic in my perspective.

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Our Final Thoughts : Newor Media Review 2024

Newor Media is the greatest AdSense replacement, and it’s time to ditch AdSense if you want to optimise your ad earnings. On their website, they have an earnings calculator that will give you an idea of how much money similar sites make.

They also offer customised ad monetization technologies, intelligent reporting and analytics, and a staff of Ad Ops professionals to assist publishers.

With all of their new features and services, Newor Media improves numerous areas of my website and ad monetization plan. If you’re new to this notion and want to learn more about what they can accomplish for you, I recommend starting there.



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