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New Facebook Feature : Chat Sidebar for Smaller Screens On Desktops

After we saw YouTube’s Multi-Angle View Feature, we now have Facebook rolling out their new feature. Unlike YouTube, this is a small sidebar feature.
Facebook Release New Sidebar Feature for Desktop Users.
With this feature when the user re-sizes or crops their browser with facebook on, a chat sidebar appears from the right. When you click on the chat photo the regular chat box opens and you hover over a photo the sidebar expands to the regular chat sidebar.
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Chat Sidebar

As this is a new feature, it has certain limitations. The chat sidebar only appears to a certain level of width of the browser and when cropped further it disappears, and becomes normal when the width is further increased.

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  • My sidebar just stopped doing this a few days ago. Now it only moves to something similar to a chat window on the bottom of the screen instead of shrinking to this expanding one. I've almost decided to turn chat off due to this step-backward change. Why must they continually introduce new features only to remove them once people get used to them?

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