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Have you ever thought how interactive or appealing one single short video or a teaser can be? And how much effective it can be to attract more viewers for your idea, product, brand or company? I’m sure you must’ve, but big words like ‘Adobe Premier Pro’ or ‘Final Cut X’ scare the living hell out of you!

But what if I tell you that you don’t actually have to be a pro video producer or a professional designer to make a really amazing and interactive short video for your work? And you don’t even need professional advanced software to do this!

mysimpleshow review - create your own explainer video in minutes

So this quick post can be really very useful and needless to say, very productive as well. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A STARTUP! To take this forward, I’m going to tell you about a website service called

What it’s all about? Is it good? Is it bad? And every necessary detail you should know, along with my personal opinion.

What is is a website service that lets budding entrepreneurs, startups, and brands to showcase their ideas or products to the audience through creative and attractive explainer videos. mysimpleshow is owned by simpleshow who are known globally for employing a unique and simple formula for story-telling to share ideas to viewers. The only difference between the two is that on mysimpleshow you get to make and edit the videos YOURSELF.

mysimpleshow review - create your own explainer video

Suppose you have an idea which you wish to deliver and are passionate about it, and you need to explain it to someone. But not everyone is able to understands, mysimpleshow comes to your rescue. will let you create a clean and compelling video for the same so that you can show it to your audience and possibly excite them with your work. mysimpleshow will look into your idea, ask you a few questions on the basis of which, they will provide you the perfect storyline. 

Next, you will have to draft the perfect script, reduce it to the essentials and deliver your message in a way that your audience understands what your idea is and how is it important?

Advantages Of mysimpleshow

Case 1:

You often tend to spend hours of their precious work time on softwares like ‘Adobe Premiere Pro’ and ‘Final Cut X’ to create videos for your projects and aid their ideas. But it quite often happens that since these softwares have a steep learning curve, you fail to utilize the features to the fullest and the videos you create fails to deliver.

Result: Waste of valuable time. Waste of your hard work. Your idea fails deliver a 100%

Case 2:

Now, you do the same work for mysimpleshow. You just have to give them a script for the video, briefing them about your aim, target audience and future plans regarding your project. They will create a video for you with all the visuals and voiceover as required by the script that suits best with your idea.

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mysimpleshow makes your work easier to understand for anyone, anywhere. This will help you highlight the essentials that need to be promoted and showcased to your audience with the help of compelling story-telling techniques.

Result: Your time remains your time. mysimpleshow does the hard work for you. YOUR IDEA DELIVERS!

How mysimpleshow works?

mysimpleshow have a very well organized procedure that ensures you to make the best use of their services for your own good. Here are the four simple steps to create the best videos for your work.

mysimpleshow review - features


You need to answer few basic questions by their team in order to find the best storyline for the idea of the video you are going to create.


Their server shows you a list of practical advices and practice examples which you can utilize to perfection for creating your own script for the video.


The Explainer Engine of mysimpleshow will generate the storyboard automatically for you so that you can easily fine tune with the story.


Now for the final tweaks, you will have to select the appropriate speed of the frames your video and the voiceover.

You are given the liberty to choose from different visual styles and images for your video or you can even use your own images from your gallery.

Visit their official website to know more about these features and their work.

Major Pros Of mysimpleshow

The biggest advantages of mysimpleshow that make their service arguably the best in their field today are as follows.

mysimpleshow review - mysimpleshow features

  • mysimpleshow helps you develop your skills as a great storyteller.
  • Your entire story is illustrated by the explainer engine with the use of illustrative images.
  • You can make use of thousands of illustrations from the collection provided by this tool and can even use your own images from your gallery as per your requirements.
  • The biggest highlight of this tool is that, you can even record your own voice and can play it as a voiceover while your video is running.
  • 24/7 technical support for all your doubts.
  • Easily share your video with your audiences on social media platforms.

My opinion?

The basic concept of mysimpleshow is one of the most attractive and promising I have ever come across. What makes it so attractive is its simplicity of work. What makes it so promising is the fact that it involves interaction with active learning.

mysimpleshow review - user reviews

Spreading your idea using mysimpleshow not only saves your valuable time of creating videos to aid your topic, but it is also always certain to deliver it with guaranteed viewer engagement.

The idea of interactive learning through visual, story-telling methods have been combined perfectly with the human psychology that we learn more if we are actively involved.

If you are looking for spreading your idea and are passionate about it, then mysimpleshow is the best choice for you to do so.

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