Microsoft Windows 12: Release Date + Upcoming Features 2022

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Microsoft Windows 12: Release Date + Upcoming Features 2022- Microsoft as it is well known for always creating and developing new software products is set to launch Windows 12 following its announcement at their previous tech conference, read this article on paisahack to know more about it.

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About Microsoft Windows 12: Release Date + Upcoming Features

Looking back to prior years, when Microsoft introduced Windows 10 following Windows 8, and we didn’t get to see Windows 9, there’s little doubt that Microsoft Windows 12 will be the best Windows ever. Microsoft’s software updates have always been eagerly anticipated by its supporters, and they have never disappointed.

We’re expecting that Microsoft Windows 12 will address all of the lags and malfunctions that have plagued Windows 11, as it is said to be the best and fastest version of all Microsoft Windows. In terms of design and themes, Microsoft Windows 12 may change significantly from prior Windows versions. There will also be new and innovative applications added as well as a strong inbuilt anti-virus to protect them from external threats.

Ways to download: Microsoft Windows 12: Release Date + Upcoming Features

There are various ways to download the latest Windows version if you are eagerly awaiting the Microsoft Windows 12 upgrade.

The first method is to use the standard annual Windows update by going to the start button in the bottom left corner, selecting settings (gear icon), selecting update and security icon, and tapping windows update in the sidebar, clicking check for updates, and it will begin downloading automatically if any are available. The second option is to uninstall and reinstall Windows.

Microsoft Windows 12: Release Date + Upcoming Features 2022

Microsoft Windows 12’s official release date has yet to be determined. However, because it’s all about introducing new Windows and enjoying the most tempting features, Microsoft has been offering yearly updates for its consumers that include quicker performance, stronger security, and other enhanced features. This will provide a feast for Windows fans to enjoy while they wait for Windows 12 to be released.

Despite the lack of an official release date, Windows 12 is expected to be released between April and October 2022. However, rumors say that, unlike past releases, Microsoft Windows 12 will be released sooner. That is to say, Windows 12 might be released as early as June 2022. This is merely a guess.

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Final Words on Microsoft Windows 12: Release Date + Upcoming Features 2022

No one knows what Windows 12 will be capable of, but the most exciting aspect of each Windows launch is the big upgrade and enhanced functionality, so we should expect a lot of improvements and updates with Windows 12.

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