Masterclass Courses Review 2024: Are Masterclass Courses Worth It? (TRUTH)

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Masterclass is an online education platform based in San Francisco for creative professionals created by David Roger and Aaron Rasmussen.

Masterclass was launched in 2015 and has taken over the market rapidly since then.

Masterclass has become one of the top favorites among the online education platforms and hosts the best teachers in the industry.

Masterclass is not a crowd-sourced platform, so the classes enlisted on the platform are by established professionals only. Only A-List legends from their respective fields can become an instructor.

Masterclass has ensured that only experts from any field can teach the classes.

Masterclass Courses Review 2024– Should You Try It? 

How Does Masterclass work?

Masterclass has a vast library of courses taught by professionals only. They have different classes based on various subjects and help cater to the needs of a vast audience.

Usually, a Masterclass course consists of 25 video lessons, and each of the lessons can last from 3 to 15 minutes each. Experts are told to teach the classes in the same way as they would teach a real class.

Video tutorials often include quotes and examples from other works or classes of the instructor to make them more relevant. The Masterclass is a web-based platform so that it can be accessed from anywhere with a browser and internet connection.

Also, since Masterclass is a self-paced platform, it means that you can complete the course at your speed. Masterclass is compatible with all mobile devices, computers, and even Smart TVs.

A Masterclass course includes video lessons, assignments, content, reading lists, and downloadable worksheets. Masterclass also provides workbooks based on the courses to enhance the learning experience for the users.

Masterclass Courses Review

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A typical Masterclass usually follows a fixed pattern.

Classes begin with a course-related instructive video lesson.

These videos are designed to give the students an overview of the class they are going to learn. Each session is tailored to be short and precise with exciting content.

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How is Masterclass different from other platforms?

The main reason why Masterclass is considered to be better than other platforms is because of the superior quality of the videos and instructors.

Not only this, but all the videos are also technically monitored to be error-free. Audio and video quality is the best for hassle-free understanding.

All of the courses are taught, keeping in mind the subject of the course.

For example, in a course taught by Christina Aguilera about different audio equipment, she keeps in mind to show the difference in mics by recording the class in different setups to teach the students with a more practical approach.

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Who is Masterclass Designed For?

Masterclass was designed while keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the creative professionals of the industry.

While there are classes available for technical subjects, the main focus remains on the artists, chefs, photographers, designers, painters, singers, and other creative individuals.

Other platforms are more focused on technological skills such as Pluralsight and Udacity, but Masterclass focuses on the need for knowledge improvement faced by creative professionals.

The masterclass is tailored for people looking for a more hands-on approach to teaching from experts in their respective fields.

Masterclass might not be the best option for people looking for a replacement for a more traditional academic classroom setting.

Still, it will work wonders for people looking to enhance their creativity through informal methods of teaching.

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What are the courses available in Masterclass?

Masterclass offers more than 80 courses that cover a variety of topics.

Even then, Masterclass reaches out to different professionals to help the site teach more and more courses. For example, Hans Zimmer was approached to teach a class on how to produce a film scoring.

They have many such legends teaching courses in their respective fields.

These courses are excellent because they are based on the real-life experience of these successful experts. Masterclass caters to the needs of every student.

Their courses range from film making, photography, space exploration, chess, basketball, writing, music, and many more.

Here is a list of most famous courses most preferred by the students:

masterclass Work

  • Cooking techniques by Thomas Keller – Chef Thomas Keller is the head chef and owner of The French Laundry which has won many Michelin stars. He teaches a Masterclass to teach the basics of the most essential cooking techniques and tips.
  • A Photography class by Annie Leibovitz – Annie Leibovitz is the first-ever female lead photographer for the magazine Rolling Stone. Annie Leibovitz has many accomplishments in the field of photography and teaches photography in her
  • Masterclass by Samuel L. Jackson. – A well-known actor Samuel L. Jackson who plays the iconic role of Nick Fury in the Marvel' Avenger series, teaches a class on how to overcome your fears and embrace the spirit of a character.
  • Creative Writing by Margaret Atwood – Margaret Atwood goes in-depth about writer’s block and how to overcome it. She also covers the lessons about character development, structuring a novel, and more.

How Much Does Masterclass Cost?

Before May 2024 Masterclass allowed a single course pass for $90, but since then they have changed their pricing model.

Now Masterclass provides an All-Access pass. An All-Access pass contains access to every course and its materials.

There is no restriction on any service provided by the business.

You can access any course from its vast library of 80+ Courses. Earlier, they used to provide a free trial, but now there is no such facility.

Masterclass does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on its All-Access pass.

Can you cancel your Masterclass subscription?

If you are a Masterclass user and have subscribed to the All-Access Pass, you can cancel your subscription before its renewal any time you want.

You can change the auto-renewal option by visiting https:/

Press the cancel plan button on the Subscription Section opened on your desktop. After pressing you will be redirected to a Cancel Subscription page.

On the page, select the Proceed button, and now your subscription will not be auto-renewed on its expiration.

Can you share your Masterclass account?

Masterclass does not allow sharing of the account and is created for individual use only. In case Masterclass detects multiple users on a single account, they might cancel the subscription.

Masterclass Courses Review

Is Masterclass Mobile-Friendly?

Masterclass can not only open on any mobile device but also has an app with all the features that are provided on the website.

The user interface of the app is well-designed and provides the same quality of service as the website.

The Masterclass app is available for both iOS and Android.

Masterclass Courses Review Pros & Cons:

Like all the similar platforms out there, Masterclass has its pros and cons.


  • Variety of courses

Masterclass has a vast library of courses from experts around the world.

This diversity not only allows you to learn from professionals all around the world but also allows you to experience different countries’ cultures.

  • Best audio and video quality

Masterclass boasts for its unparalleled audio and video quality.

All the courses are well shot and designed, keeping in mind the quality of both audio and video.

The excellent video quality provides you with a better interactive session because you feel more connected to the teacher.

Masterclass makes sure that every class is well-designed and is up to the predefined standard.

  • Affordability

The All-Access pass is reasonably priced considering the number and quality of the courses they provide.

The package includes excellent customer and community support which helps you to explore more. Its additional materials such as books, assignments, etc. are all included in the past, which makes it an excellent deal.

  • The Masterclass Hub

Masterclass has come up with a more vivid community experience by creating a Hub.

You can engage with other members of the platforms in discussions and learn from them.

While the classes allow you to learn from the experts, the Hub is an excellent way to understand the different perspectives of people all around the globe.


  • Specially focused on creatives

While Masterclass provides some introductory tech-related courses, it is more focused on creative professionals, which is not preferable to all types of other students.

  • No personal contact with the teacher

Masterclass does not provide a way for the students to be able to interact with the teachers.

Conclusion: Masterclass Courses Review 2024

The masterclass provides different courses that are primarily focused on creative individuals.

All their courses are taught by professionals who are experts in their fields.

As the teachers are working professionals themselves, they can provide more relatable and experienced lessons to their students.

Sometimes the students may feel that the classes do not provide as deep an understanding of the subjects as they would prefer.

The All-Access pass is reasonably priced considering the features and courses that they provide.

The Hub is a great place to interact with people of different communities and engage with them about the class or otherwise.

Masterclass provides excellent video and audio quality in their courses which makes them stand out from their competition.

The Mobile App for Masterclass is excellently designed and provides all the same features as the website itself.

Masterclass is an excellent solution for people looking to enhance their understanding of the subjects and learn from the legendary experts of the industry while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

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