Linode Review 2024: Is It The Best For Web Hosting? Ultimate Guide

Linode Review


Linode is an American web hosting firm that specializes in cloud computing through VPS hosting solutions. Linode is a good hosting solution for consumers that desire the power and responsibility of operating their virtual web servers.

Out of 10


  • Excellent Customer Support.
  • Reliable and a good value for money in terms of uptime.
  • Numerous features are upgradeable at no additional cost.
  • Scaling is simple.
  • You always have the choice of selecting what you need.


  • Linode Hosting Plans are Expensive .


Price: $ 5

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Are you looking for a reliable and affordable web hosting company? If so, Linode may be the right choice for you. In this review, we’ll take a look at some of the features that make Linode stand out from the competition.

We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of using this service, so you can decide if it’s the right fit for your needs. Let’s get started!

Linode Review 2024: What Is Linode?

Linode is an American web hosting firm that specializes in cloud computing through VPS hosting solutions.

Linode is a good hosting solution for consumers that desire the power and responsibility of operating their virtual web servers, thanks to its worldwide data centers.

Linode was founded in 2003 by Christopher Acker, and the firm has developed significantly from those early beginnings. As of May 2008, the operation in New Jersey has migrated from UML to ZenUML visualization.

Linode Review

They also launched a data backup service a year later. Linode has evolved into an international corporation throughout the years. England, Japan, Singapore, and Germany have all established data centers.

Meanwhile, it has been the victim of both 2012 and 2013 security breaches. This ultimately resulted in the corporation implementing enhanced security measures. Linode has shifted its emphasis to cloud hosting.

They serve a slew of notable clientele, including The Onion and AQ Radio. They serve a total of over 400,000 Linux customers, a figure that continues to grow year after year.

Best Features & Benefits Of Linode

Here are some of the major features & benefits of Linode:

1. Management Tools:

Linode offers administration tools like custom StackScript, APIs, prebuilt images, and Cloud Manager to enhance the client experience.

The inclusion of these management tools simplifies the process of deploying, managing, and scaling applications on Linode.

2. Networking:

Linode offers a variety of functions to enhance customers’ networking experience. It defends your infrastructure against DDoS attacks and optimizes application scalability via the use of NodeBalances and DNS managers.

Additionally, it gives DNS settings and a cloud firewall within the networking portion to expand and safeguard programs.

3. Storage:

Linode provides three distinct forms of storage from its 11 data centers located across the globe. The first is block storage, which enables the management of data separately.

Linode, meanwhile, provides cloud backup. You may access your data locally at any moment with the assistance of these backups.

4. Shared Instances:

Linode’s shared instances are ideal for handling heavy workloads and are suitable for both small and big organizations.

5. High Memory:

This not only speeds up memory access but also enables large-scale data searching.

6. Kubernetes Cluster Deployment:

It simplifies the process of setting up and running clusters, without paying management costs. Additionally, LKE facilitates absorption with the use of tools such as Operators, Ranchers, and Helm.

DNS administration, storage, automated recovery, and backup, among other features, are other intriguing features of LKE.

7. Linode Uptime & Load Time:

To provide a reliable Linode Hosting Review to my readers, I tested their uptime over the previous six months and we thoroughly analyzed their load time for various websites.

I am certain that after reading this Linode Hosting Review, you will have gathered sufficient knowledge. Linode web hosting gives a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee and delivers on its promises.

They have an average uptime of 99.97 percent over the previous six months, with just three downtimes.

For the past month, my website has maintained 100 percent uptime, which is the first time since I began hosting with Linode Web Hosting.

Usually, I use my test websites to determine the performance of a hosted server, but this is a strategy that all web hosting reviewers utilize. The issues with speed testing using a freshly created test website are as follows:

Numerous hosting evaluators request free test websites directly from hosting companies to offset the expense of evaluating. Typically, free test websites are housed on shared hosting plans, which means that you will not get the true performance while doing the speed test.

The test websites will be devoid of heavy Java scripts, CSS, and images, as well as videos. This will assist them in loading more quickly. The data amount on test websites is quite low, which aids in obtaining a high score on speed tests.

However, under real-world conditions, websites would often have a page size of between 1MB and 5MB (this is the average number), which is different from the size of test websites.

That is why I used a popular website to write this Linode Hosting Review (This is solely for the load test. We utilized three other websites to determine uptime).

This time around, we’ve selected a creative commons website that is also hosted on Linode servers. Consider my speed test result.

The page size is very large. Although the creative commons homepage is 4.6 MB in size, it loads in only 1.84 seconds. As a result, we can state that the load time is excellent.

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Linode Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

While hosting with Linode, you’ll be charged hourly, so you’ll only pay for what you use. Additionally, all plans are easily upgradeable and downgrade cable, giving you a degree of flexibility not seen with other providers.

In general, there are several possibilities, which, when paired with the cheap rates, should make any tech-savvy individual feel like a child in a candy shop. 

If you’re on a tight budget, the lowest shared CPU plan, which includes 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 25GB SSD storage, 1 TB network transfer, 40 GB per second Network In (received traffic), and 1 GB per second Network Out, is your best choice for $ 5 per month (or $ 0.0075 per hour).

Linode Pricing Plans - Linode Review

There are 10 of these plans to choose from, and the more money you pay, the more features you acquire.

Linode provides a seven-day money-back guarantee (which we believe is a bit short) as well as a $ 100 promotional credit that you may use within 60 days of signing up before the service begins charging.

Linode allows the following payment methods: credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa), checks, PayPal, and money orders (in USD only).

Why Do I Recommend Linode?

When you migrate your website from shared hosting to a VPS, you will instantly notice the difference. Shared hosting makes use of a single server to host several websites. WPengine Typically, they host an excessive number of websites to maximize revenue.

This implies that in addition to your website, there are several others hosted on the same server. Due to over-subscription, you may experience slow admin area performance and a typically poor first byte.

If certain websites make use of insecure plugins, they might degrade the experience of other websites. If you submit a support ticket requesting information on why your website is operating poorly, they will advise you to examine your plugins.

Even if you are not using any plugins. Not only does speed impact your user experience, but it also impacts your website’s ranking in Google searches. The first thing you’ll notice when migrating your website is its speed.

Why to Choose Linode - Linode Review

The CMS backend will become responsive, the website will load much quicker, and the initial byte will become so little that it will no longer be flagged as a performance concern by Google.

Plugins that were previously known to create issues with shared hosting will no longer do so. You’ll like producing articles and using several plugins (I use approx 50 plugins without a problem)

Linode provides VPS (virtual private server) hosting that includes a default Linux installation. That is, a VPS is not configured to host a website out of the box.

To begin, set up Linux and install a web server such as Apache or Nginx, MySQL, protect the server with a firewall, and finally, migrate your website.

There is no familiar Cpanel to assist you in establishing domains and installing your preferred CMS. While it may seem complex to utilize a VPS, believe me when I say that it is not.

If you have a bit of a technical bent, you may easily pick up on how to utilize a command line and configure a webserver.

If you choose not to use CPanel, many free options are more than enough for hosting your website.

Linode Review: Pros & Cons

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Linode.

Linode Pros:

  • Excellent Customer Support. They are prompt, and their customer service representatives are technically adept at resolving any concerns.
  • Reliable and a good value for money in terms of uptime. Linode guarantees 99.99 percent uptime and consistently delivers on its uptime commitments.
  • Numerous features are upgradeable at no additional cost.
  • Scaling is simple. The user may increase their storage or bandwidth capacity based on their need.
  • You always have the choice of selecting what you need.
  • Linode Web Hosting Offers Customized Websites

Linode Cons:

  • Not Soo Economical. Linode Hosting Plans are Expensive in comparison to those offered by other web hosting companies in the same category.

FAQs On Linode Review:

How does hourly billing at Linode work?

You will be invoiced hourly for services up to the monthly cap (rates get rounded up to the nearest hour). For example, if you create a 1 GB Linode and then delete it within 24 hours, you will be charged $ 0.18. (24 hours x.0075 per hour). You will get an invoice on the first day of the next calendar month; however, if your account exceeds the monthly billing limit for Linode services, you may receive an invoice in the middle of the month. Payment collection occurs immediately after an invoice is produced.

How Is the customer support at Linode?

Linode's customer service policies are straightforward and unambiguous. For example, Linode provides a standard 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its services. If you are displeased with their service, they will promptly return your money. Additionally, they provide 24-hour live chat support by phone or email. Additionally, Linode's customer support staff supports more than a hundred different languages. This means that if you have an issue with your provider, you may call a third party for assistance. If you're interested in learning more about Linode's customer support policies, you can do so by visiting their website.

Is Linode’s cloud hosting secure?

Linode's whole suite of services includes robust DDoS protection. Additionally, you may use their Linux-based Secure Your Server tool to help protect your server from unauthorized access. Additionally, the Cloud Firewall may be modified. Custom rule sets based on IP addresses and ports may be generated. Linode provides secure hosting. However, you may be required to invest time and effort.

Does Linode offer a money-back guarantee?

Linode offers a seven-day money-back guarantee and a promotional credit of $ 100 to use within 60 days after signing up for the service. This will come as a relief to customers. This is especially beneficial when consumers are prohibited from accessing unmanaged facilities. Nothing is more irritating than being tied down by an extended contract. If customers uncover their blunder (during the week), they will only lose the $ 5 cost. In the grand scope of things, this is hardly an outrageous deal.

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Conclusion: Linode Review 2024

Linode’s superior customer service is one reason to choose them. When you contact them by phone or email, they respond swiftly and thoroughly.

Additionally, they resolve any back-end issues that may arise. This removes the possibility of your server failing due to a small configuration error.

Additionally, Linode makes cloud hosting easy to get started. Without previous experience with cloud computing, you may easily upload files and establish an account in minutes.

Because the intuitive interface makes it easy for anybody to get started, no prior knowledge of IT is required. Indeed, Linode is one of the most affordable hosting providers available to beginners today.


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