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Lingoda is an innovative online language learning platform. Use Lingoda to learn to speak English, Business English, Spanish, French, or German through live, interactive online classes in a virtual classroom with native-speaking teachers.

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About Lingoda

Lingoda offers a choice of private or group classes, with both types available 24/7.

With more than 80 on-site classrooms, Lingoda can offer a course at any time of the day. No matter whether you are looking for an intensive English course or would like to improve your conversation skills by taking part in small group classes – Lingoda has the right language course for you!

Or if you feel like practicing your Spanish , Lingoda offers you the perfect solution for all your Spanish language learning needs with their wide range of Spanish courses.

Lingoda is available on both desktop and mobile. You can practice with Lingoda either in front of your computer at home or on-the-go, using your smartphone or tablet! However you like to learn – Lingoda is there to support you!

Lingoda’s Refund Policy

Lingoda’s Refund Policy is that you can cancel at any time by simply providing written notice via email or by logging into your “My Account” page and deactivating your Lingoda account. Once you pay another installment, however, that payment is non-refundable.

If you have any unused sessions at the end of a course, those sessions are not refundable or transferrable either. Lingoda fees do not include VAT, taxes, installment fees or interest charges and those charges are also non-refundable.

Pricing of Lingoda

Lingoda’s pricing system is based on a points system, which you accumulate through attending classes and completing homework.

You have to have at least forty points in order to do homework or attend a class. The more points you have, the longer you get for homework assignments and the more classes you can take per month.

The pricing system can be a bit confusing because it doesn’t clearly say what the price per class is. Instead, Lingoda says that there are three different packages available:

However, there are several things that could happen that would cause your points to expire. This might be something like not attending a class for six months without reasons given (although they do allow two months of no-shows), or not doing your homework for two months.

Lingoda also has a grading system where you receive a weekly report on your progress and what areas you need to focus on.

Pros of Lingoda

  • Lingoda provides high-quality online language classes via video conferencing. Instructors are qualified native speakers, passionate about languages and committed to helping students learn outside the classroom.
  • Student can choose either small group lessons or 1-on-1 private sessions with their preferred instructor. The classes are available 24/7 so studying whenever and wherever suits the students.
  • Lessons are available in 27 different languages and can be scheduled weekly or on a flexible schedule depending on the preference of the student.
  • Pricing is affordable and fluctuates with currency exchange rates, but students have access to free sample lessons, so they can try before they buy!

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