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OnePlus 2 Estimate Pricing And Ram Memory Reveal By The Company

Written by Aishwar Babber
[Update: 9th July 2015] 

OnePlus announces another new specification for its upcoming OnePlus 2. And now with the latest announcement we also have the ideal of the pricing of the new OnePlus’ device.
As revealed by the company, the OnePlus Two will feature a 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, which seems good but it is nothing too surprising as its predecessor had a 3 GB of Ram. The LRDDR4 is the latest and greatest type of RAM on the market, the company has decided to utilize it for a number of reasons. Here are some of the reasons why they chose to go with the LPDDR4 inside:


“Why did we choose LPDDR4 for the OnePlus 2? Another notable benefit is lower power consumption for better battery efficiency. That means you’ll be able to use your favorite apps (and more) without draining the battery. With LPDDR4, you get twice the bandwidth performance as the LPDDR3 at the same power consumption profile.”
As we saw many rumors about the pricing of the OnePlus 2 that the upcoming smartphone will not be priced as low as its predecessor, this is where the company stepped in and made a promise regarding the pricing of the OnePlus 2.
OnePlus in its latest teaser on social platforms has confirmed that the the upcoming OnePlus 2 smartphone will be priced under $450 (approximately Rs. 28,500). This is another good news for OnePlus fans who were expecting that the price would be higher this time.
The news about the pricing was tweeted by the company’s CEO, Pete Lau. Here’s the official promise:
OnePlus 2 Pricing
[Update: 29th June 2015]
As the launch date for Oneplus Two is coming nearer and nearer and a lot of rumors are being hear about this new smartphone. Accompanying the rumors about OnePlus 2, we have multiple leaked images of this new flagship smartphone.
OnePlus Two
The first of the leaked image was posted on China’s Weibo social network, and the leaked image suggest that the OnePlus 2 will feature a design similar to the one we have seen on OnePlus One. The image also reveals that the OnePlus 2, the handset will sport few design differences such as the new flagship will come with a metal frame, with an increased number of holes in the speaker grilles, and a black matte finish.

While in another leak, a couple of purported live images of the OnePlus 2 smartphone have been spotted. The new images reveals the front and rear panels of the handset. The front panel pretty much resembles the One smartphone while the rear seems to have a wood finish. However, the leaked images are blurry but the device appears to sport a metal frame around it, with a high screen to body ratio. The leaked images were first posted by PhoneArena, which also guesses that the vertical bar on the rear side houses a fingerprint sensor.

OnePlus 2
OnePlus 2



Now talking about some of the official announcement from the company itself, the OnePlus has confirmed details a bit of details of its next flagship.  OnePlus has revealed that the upcoming OnePlus Two would feature USB Type-C connectivity and also that, it would be using v2.1 of Qualcomm’s top-end mobile processor, the Snapdragon 810.


Apart from OnePlus 2, last week the company has also unveiled the OnePlus Cardboard which is a virtual reality headset. However, the company has not yet revealed the pricing or availability details of the OnePlus Cardboard.

OnePlus has already announced the date for the launch event of the OnePlus 2. The event will kick start at 7pm PT (7:30am IST) on July 27 and would be live-streamed around the world.
If you are new to OnePlus, I would like to tell you that it not a mathematics calculation but Chinese OnePlus is a company who launched its first phone named OnePlus One (again its not 2) almost a year ago  and had a great success with it. OnePlus One was recently launched in India with top notch specs but a at mid-range price, which surprised many peeps and even the geeks and therefore it had a tag line #TheFlagshipKiller. Now after enjoying a great success with OnePlus One, according to leaked sources, the company is preparing its next device called OnePlus Two. Though it seems not to launch in anytime soon but it was mentioned by a Chinese Reseller called GeekBuying in his website.


Now coming to the specs (LEAKED) it has a 5.5″ 1080 display, this time with almost no bezels around. Under the hood it is powered by Snapdragon 805 Processor with 3 GB Ram, which is same as the OnePlus One, and 64 GB of Storage. It is leaked to have a 16 MP Rear Facing Camera and a 5 MP Front Camera. The battery capacity is 3300  mAh and runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat (which I think is not true) with Oppo’s Color Os on top, instead of which actually lines up with rumors that Cyanogen won’t have a hand in the One’s successor.
OnePlus Two
Looking at the image the phone look awesome with almost a bezel less display. The image says it has a very tiny button on the bezel but it surely looks fake. We can see only a little bezel which has the speakers on top and bottom of the display.
The specs of this OnePlus Two look pretty much similar to the OnePlus One but there is a significant jump in the price department according to what GeekBuying listed for pre-order i.e $538.19, which actually is a huge jump with almost same specs. Will the CyanogenMod Os partner with other brands instead of OnePlus ?? and Is the price jump and design really true?? We will surely get to know this in future. Stay Tuned , Stay Updated!!

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