KWFinder Black Friday Deals 2021: 25% Lifetime Discount On All Plans + 5 Months FREE with Annual Subscription

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Good keywords not only rank better in search engines but also convert better and ultimately generate potential customers, clients, and revenue for our business.

Keyword research and finding good keywords for your content may get boring, time-consuming, and very difficult if you don’t have the right tools to do it.

There are lots of tools in the market that can help you to find good keywords for your content, but today we are going to talk about a very special Keyword Research tool known as KWFinder.

KWFinder is running a huge 25% Lifetime discount for its black Friday deals, and in this post, you will find out How to activate and get the KWFInder Black Friday deals 2021 Lifetime discount.

So let’s get started.


Black Friday Deals – 25% OFF

Introduction Of KWFinder Tool

KWFInder Black Friday deals

KWFinder is one of the SEO Tool by Mangools that helps you to find profitable keywords for your website.

It has got a clean and elegant interface which makes it user-friendly and easy to use, If you’re a beginner webmaster and are looking for a Keyword Research tool, then look no further than KWFInder.

You will get all of the important metrics that you will ever need for your Keyword Research like Keyword search volume, Keyword Competitiveness, DA and PA of Ranking websites, etc.

I’ve used all sorts of different keyword research tools in the past like Longtailpro, Keysearch, etc, but nothing comes close to KWFinder’s ease of use and accuracy.


Black Friday Deals – 25% OFF

How To Activate KWFinder Black Friday Deals

Step 1: Click Here to grab your Special KWFinder Black Friday Deal

Step 2: Click On Pricing

KWFInder Black Friday deals

Step 3: It will take you to the pricing table

Step 4: Select the most suitable KWFinder Plan for yourself and click on Subscribe NOW Button

Step 5: On the next page it will take you to the checkout page where you will have to fill in with your personal information and then you have to checkout using a Debit / Credit card or PayPal.

KWFInder Black Friday deals

After you checkout, your black Friday deal will be applied automatically.

Congratulations you have successfully applied KWFinder Black Friday Deals.

Features And Interface Of Mangools KWFinder


KWFinder has a super clean, unique, and Elegant interface which makes it easy to use and user-friendly.

KWFInder Black Friday deals

KWFinder is a super useful tool that will help you to find profitable keywords for your website.

Just put a seed keyword related to your website’s niche and it will put together a list of Related keywords with their search volume, PPC Data, CPC Data, Trend Data, and difficulty data. It also pulls the website that is ranking for that keyword with their DA PA and CF TF data.

Google Autocomplete and Questions are inbuilt features of KWFinder and it shows the relevant data.

If you are a webmaster who runs an affiliate site, or Adsense site which makes revenue for you, then this single keyword research tool can help boost the search traffic and revenue for your website drastically.

SERP Checker

SERP Checker

SERP Checker is a tool by Mangools that will help you to do SERP Analysis of any keyword, it shows how many websites are ranked for a particular keyword and what are their SEO metrics like DA, PA, and other SEO metrics.

This checker also helps you to find the position of your website for a particular keyword that you enter.

This tool helps you to analyze the SERP Results page and analyze your competitors according to their website metrics.

SERP Checker tool is very helpful for Competitor Analysis. and to check where your website stands among your competitors.

Rank Watcher

RANK Watcher is a Rank Tracking tool by Managools that helps you to check the ranking of your keyword for a particular keyword, you can check the ranking history of your keyword and it also shows how your keyword is performing in SERP Rankings.

You can check the rank of your keyword across various devices and for different locations.

KWFInder Black Friday deals

Link Miner is a Backlink analysis tool from Mangools which has a BAcklink Database of 9.5 Trillion and It has crawled more than 2.5 Trillion ‘Unique URLs since 2013.

It is a very easy-to-use backlink analysis tool.

Site Profiler

KWFInder Black Friday deals

Site Profiler is a site analysis tool from Mangools that helps you to analyze the website’s credentials which include Website DA, PA, CF, TF, Alexa Rank, Referring IP’s, and other stats.

It also helps you to have a look at their backlink stats, their top content, and similar websites.


Black Friday Deals – 25% OFF

Pricing Plans of KWFinder

KWFinder has 3 different pricing plans, namely Basic, Premium and Agency plans.

Mangools BasicMangools PremiumMangools Agency
Pricing$29.90/Mo if you buy Annual Plan

$49/Mo if you buy monthly plan
$39.90/Mo if you buy Annual Plan

$69/Mo if you buy monthly plan
$79.90/Mo if you buy Annual Plan

$129/Mo if you buy monthly plan
Keyword Lookups / 24h1005001200
Keyword Suggestions / Search200 of 700700 of 700700 of 700
Competitor Keywords / Search25Unlimited*Unlimited*
SERP Lookups / 24h1005001200
Tracked Keywords Daily2007001500
Backlink Rows Monthly100,000500,0001,200,000
SImultaneous Logins————————————–310
KWFInder Black Friday deals

But during this black Friday deal, you can get all of the above-listed plans at an extra 25% Discount for a lifetime + you can get an extra 40% Discount if you buy an annual subscription.


Black Friday Deals – 25% OFF

Which Plan Of KWFInder Should You Buy?

If you are an individual with only 1 website to work with, then you should go with the Basic plan as the resources of the basic plan will be more than enough for a single website

If you own 3 to 4 websites that require more extensive research and more resources then you should go with the premium plan.

If you are an agency and handle client’s websites, and have multiple different websites to work with then you should go with the Agency plan.


Black Friday Deals – 25% OFF

KWFinder Discount

KWFinder also has a very attractive discount by which you can save a lot of your hard-earned money on this SEO tool.

IF you purchase KWFinder annual plan then you get an extra 40% OFF, but you get this discount only if you buy the annual plan. All the plans of KWFinder will be discounted 40% OFF if you buy the annual plan.

other than that KWFInder also runs some special discounts on special occasions like Christmas, New year, Black Friday, etc.


Black Friday Deals – 25% OFF

Reason to consider KWFinder

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Has a FREE Plan
  • Has a FREE Chrome Extension
  • The interface of KWFinder is very clean and Elegant
  • Faster Keyword Research with every Metric
  • KWFinder also has a very resourceful knowledge base which you can use to get the answers or help regarding anything related to the tool.
  • KWFinder has every good feature called List Creation, this comes up with a list of other related keywords and their SEO metrics
  • Domain Lookup Feature
  • Bulk Upload and Review feature for multiple keywords
  • Keyword Lookup feature for Extensive Keyword Research
  • Simultaneous Login Feature
  • Keyword Organization Feature
  • Keywords Suggestion Feature


Black Friday Deals – 25% OFF

Pros And Cons Of KWFinder SEO Tool


  • Has a FREE plan who is a good thing for newbies to get started
  • Very affordable pricing as compared to other great SEO tools in the market like SEMrush and Ahrefs.
  • You get 4 extra SEO tools with the KWFinder SEO tool Subscription.
  • KWFInder has a FREE Extension for Chrome and Firefox
  • KWFInder has all the features that you will ever need for your Keyword Research Endeavours
  • The Interface of KWFInder is very clean and Elegant. any newbie can easily get around and understand KWFinder in one day


  • The Money Back Guarantee period of KWFinder is too low, only 48 hours to get your money back if you don’t like the tool, they should at least make it 7 days.
  • It’s not a full replacement for premium SEO tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs.
  • KWFinder doesn’t support multi-tabbed Keyword Research
  • Keyword search and Keyword Results are limited


Black Friday Deals – 25% OFF

FAQsRelated to KWFinder Black Friday Deals

Q. Do KWFinder have any Money Back Guarantee

Yes KWFinder has a 48-hour money-back guarantee

Q. What other SEO tools do you get with a KWFinder subscription?

You will these SEO tools with a KWFInder subscription.

1. KWFInder
2. SERPChecker
3. SERPWatcher
4. LinkMiner
4. SiteProfiler

Q. What is the Use of the KWFInder SEO Tool?

KWFInder is an excellent SEO tool by Mangools that helps you to find profitable, easy to rank keywords for your website. It shows you, Keyword Difficulty and much more SEO-related stuff that will be helpful for any webmaster.

Q. How much does KWFinder Subscription cost?

The pricing plans of KW Finder is also very simple and straightforward

1. Basic Plans starts at $29.90 per month
2. Premium Plan starts at $39.90 per month
3. Agency Plan starts at $79.90 per month

the above pricing plans are for the regular days but during this black Friday deals, you can get all the above plans for a 25% Discount for a lifetime, which means the next month also you will get to pay the same 25% discounted price for the KWFInder. These pricing plans will be for a lifetime

Q. When will KWFInder Black Friday Deals Begin?

KW Finder Black Friday deals will begin from November 27th and will last till Cyber Monday deals last.

Q. Do KWFinder have any FREE Trials?

Yes, KWFinder and all the other tools in Mangools have a 10 Days FREE Trial, No strings attached.


Black Friday Deals – 25% OFF

Conclusion Of KWFInder Black Friday deals

KWFInder is one of the best Keyword Researching tools in the market, with its accurate reporting and advanced Difficulty metrics make KWFInder the best Keyword research tool in the market.

I’ve used many keyword Research tools in the Past but KWFinder is the best when it comes to User Interface, Accuracy, and SEO Features, any newbie can easily get an upper hand on KWFinder within a day.

And best of all, KWFInder is offering its Super awesome KWFinder Black Friday deals 25% OFF lifetime, So don’t miss this deal and grab your KWFinder SEO tool right now before it’s too late.

KWFInder is an ideal choice for busy SEO professionals who don’t have much time to analyze everything.


Black Friday Deals – 25% OFF

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Black Friday Deals – 25% OFF

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