Jasper AI vs CopyAI 2023: Which Is The Better AI Writing Tool?

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I wrote this post for you if you are trying to decide between Jasper AI and Copy AI.

We’ll give you a quick overview of each feature of both platforms below so you can make an informed decision. 

To determine which of these AI writing tools is better overall, this article compares Jasper AI and Copy AI.

Without a doubt, the secret to building a powerful online presence is producing excellent content. 

Additionally, while many talented copywriters can create interesting and captivating content, AI copywriting software has assisted in advancing the situation.

You can write high-quality content up to ten times faster with AI writing software, which also assists you in overcoming writer’s block and producing coherent text in various foreign languages. 

Numerous bloggers, copywriters, and marketers have learned about the potential it offers to improve their writing due to advancements in AI technology and machine learning. 

They now frequently use tools like Jasper and Copy AI. This article should help you choose the powerful AI copywriting tool.

We will contrast Jasper and Copy AI to determine your needs best.

Jasper AI

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Copy AI

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Pricing $29 $35
Best for

Ads, emails, landing pages, website headlines, product descriptions, social media postings, blog articles, classifieds, and more may all benefit from the use of Jasper.ai, a copywriting tool driven by artificial intelligence. Copywriters and conversion professionals train Jasper.ai so that high-quality results are possible. By using Jasper.ai, you will also be able to save a lot of time.

Copy.ai is an artificial intelligence-based writing platform. As a "creative tool," they facilitate the development of promotional materials for businesses. Copy.ai can generate material in many languages. The software is well-suited to international businesses. It works superbly for short content creation.

  • Creates 100% original content
  • Improve existing content with Content Improver
  • Create social media posts.
  • Generate blog posts, stories, etc.
  • It offers built-in editor.
  • It starts with a list of good templates.
  • Provides best tutorials to learn.
  • Easy to use and beginner friendly.
  • Recipes for Boss Mode with Jasper AI.
  • 100% original content.
  • There is support for almost 25 major languages.
  • Easy-to-use templates and tools.
  • The creation of material in many languages.
  • Automated plagiarism detecting software.
  • There's even a spell checker built right in.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Only 7 days trial period.
  • Repeated words can be noticed.
  • Offers a restricted set of capabilities.
  • Building Long-Form Copy Can Be Frustrating
Ease of Use

The presentation of your material may be modified using a simple drag-and-drop interface. In addition to creating new texts, You may also use it to edit existing ones. Thanks to Jasper AI, you can have a fully formed article in only a few seconds. Simply record your voice, save the file, and send it to Jasper AI to have it perform its magic. Occasionally, mistakes occur due to the system's baffling approach to tool organization. It makes Blog posts much quicker than Copy AI and in fewer steps.

The user interface of Copy AI has been simplified so that children may use it. You may use this to check if your writing is heading in the appropriate direction. There are 45 different templates available, which makes the work done quickly. It seems to be highly organized and straightforward.

Value For Money

Jasper is less expensive. For $89 a month, Jasper lets you make up to 100,000 words. It is best for teamwork and provides tonnes of erotic features. You can generate an unlimited number of images. There are three different packages available for different types of users as well. It is very pocket friendly for beginners too.

Like Jasper AI, you may try the pro plan at no cost for a week. On the other hand, they provide a free plan that may be used indefinitely. It costs more than Jasper and has fewer features for such money. You can determine the features designed with new customers in mind since they are straightforward and effective solely for them.

Customer Support

If you're looking for something in the Jasper Bootcamp's documentation, chat support is the quickest method to contact a helpful human (Jasper 101). Jasper users having difficulties may access several assistance resources through links at the page's bottom left. The possible choices include (but are not limited to) Access video guides, live Q&A sessions, a helpful user community, and real-time chat assistance.

Copy AI's chat assistance is simply accessible from the user dashboard. They are far more active on Twitter, and inquiries are addressed rapidly. Both the "contact us" and "help" pages of Copy AI's website provide extensive FAQs with answers to common issues.

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Jasper Ai Vs Copyai – Which Is Better Overall?

In a rush? Do not worry. The key details are summarized in the following concise TL;DR format: Anyone looking to create long content should consider Jasper.

It is a great solution that offers everything needed to produce content on a large scale.

Jasper offers significantly more functionality while only experiencing minor price changes, making it an exceptional value.

It is very user-friendly and even comes with a built-in AI picture production program that you can use to make the perfect graphics to go with your content (for an additional $20 per month).

Jasper AI Overview - Jasper AI vs CopyAI

Even Grammarly and SurferSEO are natively integrated into Jasper, giving you all the tools you need to create crystal-clear, straightforward, SEO-friendly content.

You can use Copy AI’s free plan if money is tight. Even though this plan has fewer features, it’s still a great option for those who want to try out an AI writing tool before committing to a paid subscription.

Jasper AI Vs CopyAI: The Main Differences

Although Jasper and CopyAI has many features, a few differences should be considered when choosing between the two AI tools.

The following are the primary distinctions between Jasper AI and Copy AI:

  • Content Creation – Copy AI and Jasper AI can help you write blog entries, but Jasper AI offers support for longer articles. Copy AI lacks a Google Docs style editor that works nicely with Surfer and Grammarly, unlike Jasper AI.
  • Pricing – Both services provide a free trial and a discount for paying annually instead of monthly. However, when it comes to paid plans, Jasper is more cost-effective. Jasper AI’s entry-level subscription costs $29 per month, whereas Copy AI’s entry-level plan begins at $49 per month.
  • Extras – The extras included with each selection also vary. Jasper, for instance, has 53 templates from which to choose, whereas Copy AI provides 86. Copy AI, on the other hand, only supports 25+ languages, whereas Jasper AI presently supports 29.

AI Images – Jasper Art, a new feature exclusive to asper, is a potent AI image generator. Copy AI does not provide something comparable.

Jasper AI Vs Copy AI: Features

As you might anticipate, Jasper and Copy AI have many helpful features. They can therefore be applied to a variety of writing tasks.

Although they both provide the same thing at first glance, they differ in ways that make them better options for various users.

The best course of action is to learn more about each and select the one that will serve you best.

Jasper AI Features

1. Templates – One of the best things about Jasper AI is that it comes with various templates to help you get started. If you’re writing a blog post, need help with long-form content, or create product descriptions, you can find templates in their database to assist you.

2. Integrations with Grammarly and Surfer – Jasper AI Make sure your text is easy for search engines to read and understand. Use Grammarly’s plagiarism detector to confirm that none of your content has been plagiarized.

3. Boss Mode – This powerful feature quickly creates blog posts, emails, and long-form content.

4. Content Improving – Jasper provides you with some tools you can use to improve your content. This includes suggestions for blog posts, advice on how to format a post, and AI tools that will read your content and suggest revisions you might want to make.

5. Various Content Formats – Create content for websites, campaigns, marketing materials, digital ads, and social media. They have AI copywriting software that lets you produce a wide range of content. You can even use it to create video scripts and emails with subject lines.

Jasper AI Features

 Jasper Art – In minutes, Jasper Art can help you create unique, highly-detailed images. One thing that sets Jasper apart from other tools is its creative abilities.

Along with creating content, you can also create images that complement it. Simply enter a brief description of the image you want to create and select the style, medium, and mood you want it to have.

To achieve your goals, you can also add additional keywords, such as “photorealistic.”

Copy AI’s Key Features

1. Built-in Editor: As well as letting you make content, it has a pretty full editor that lets you perfect and changes the content to your liking.

It functions in Copy AI’s dashboard, which has built-in tools for formatting content and ensuring that the layout suits your needs.

2. Content Templates: A list of useful templates can help you get started in the right direction. Modifying the tone and format of content for various purposes is simple with Copy AI.

This applies to social media posts, picture captions, and even advertisements. Even the post’s tone can be selected from a menu of alternatives.

 Great Tutorials: Although Copy AI isn’t particularly challenging to learn, it comes with some excellent tutorials that can assist users in utilizing all of its features.

It not only guides you through account creation and getting started, but it also explains how to improve the effectiveness of your content and even how to target a particular audience.

Copy.ai Features

The Winner

Overall, Jasper offers a wider range of options. Jasper has a significant advantage over Copy AI thanks to Boss Mode, enabling users to quickly create long-form content.

Additionally, it gives users access to Jasper Art, a revolutionary tool for those who want to create original images quickly.

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Jasper AI Vs Copy AI: Ease Of Use

Both AI copywriting tools are simple to use because they are designed to simplify life. However, each has unique components that require a little more time to get used to.

Let’s take a closer look to determine which is superior.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI reviews frequently mention how simple it is to start creating content. Many tools are available to help you get started in the right direction, and you can select from various templates.

  • Social media
  • Ads
  • E-commerce
  • Video descriptions
  • Blog posts
  • SEO (meta description and titles)
  • Frameworks – Marketing content frameworks that work

Using the templates, you can start creating different types of content right away.

Additionally, they provide helpful pointers and advice in this section to ensure the software’s content follows your desired course.

After selecting the template you want to use to ensure the content accomplishes its objectives, you will be asked a series of questions.

Jasper AI Customer Review

You might be asked to select the tone of voice you want the piece to have, for instance, or to include details like product or company names if they fit what you want to create.

Another recent addition that is currently still in beta is the “One-Time Blog Post” feature. With this feature, creating a whole blog post from beginning to end only takes a few seconds.

Simply enter your topic, pick a voice, and select the readership you’re writing for before clicking “Generate AI Content.”

Jasper immediately creates a brief blog post (427 words long), as seen in the image above, complete with an introduction and a conclusion.

It could be better, but it’s a really good point that requires little effort. From here, you can add more commands and prompts to expand on the content and add more specifics to the blog post.

Copy AI

CopyAI user interface has been designed to be very simple.

Even those who have never used AI copywriting software before vouch for how simple it is and how well-designed the tutorials are when you encounter difficulties.

The software offers a variety of templates, wizards, and options to choose from when you want to start a new project.

This aids in ensuring that your writing is going in the right direction. Among the options are:

  • Blog post wizard
  • Write blog outline
  • Blog intro
  • Welcome email
  • Social media bio
  • Case studies
  • Email newsletter
  • Video scripts
  • Rejection letters

The list is endless! There are 45 available templates in total. Wedding vows and song lyrics can both be written using templates!

Copy.ai Ease Of Use

You have access to a variety of tools that can assist you in creating content once you’ve selected a template.

Locating these is simply because they are listed on the right side of the page when you need them.

The blog post wizard offers a full blog post, similar to Jasper’s “One-Shot Blog Post,” in less than five minutes.

You can be shown how to choose talking points by simply typing in your blog post’s title, keywords, and preferred tone.

Jasper only needed a few seconds to create a “One-Shot Blog Post,” but this one took a few minutes.

The Winner

Jasper, prevails in this contest. Compared to Copy AI, it creates blog posts much more quickly and with fewer steps.

Jasper’s user dashboard is easier to read and navigate thanks to larger fonts, images, bold buttons, and brilliant color and contrast.

Does Jasper Offer Better Customer Support? 

The majority of us are aware that anything we purchase may experience issues. But when this occurs, the assistance provided truly makes a difference.

Support teams should be reachable whenever you need them and in a manner that suits you. What customer support do Jasper AI and Copy AI provide, then?

Jasper AI

If you’re experiencing issues with Jasper, you can find support options at the bottom left of your page. The following options are available to you:

  • Videos and tutorials
  • Join a live Q&A call
  • Ask the community
  • Chat support

Jasper AI Support

If you can’t find the answers in the Jasper Bootcamp, chat support is the quickest way to contact someone who can help you (Jasper 101).

Be ready to wait up to eight hours if it’s extremely busy; responses typically take a couple of hours.

Copy AI

Like Jasper, Copy AI users can quickly access chat support from their dashboard. 

You can check if assistance is available immediately by clicking the chat button in the bottom right corner.

You will be informed in advance exactly how long it will take for support to re-open if they are not immediately accessible.

People get quicker responses to their questions on Twitter because the community is much more active there.

Paul Yacoubian, the CEO’s DM, can be contacted with any inquiries. He answers them in turn.

The “contact us” page also has a “frequently asked questions” section, and Copy AI’s help page contains a wealth of information.

The Winner

It’s a tie. Communicating with Jasper and Copy AI is simple via email and chat. They can quickly answer the most frequent questions in both communities and video tutorials.

Pricing Plans: Which One Is More Affordable?  

Both Copy AI and Jasper AI offer various packages at various price points. You can look at the various plans here to ensure that you select the best package.

In the end, if the package you select doesn’t meet your needs, you don’t want to pay for either option.

Jasper Pricing

If you’d like to try Jasper AI out, you can do so with a free trial. For the trial period, you may produce up to 10,000 words.

Then, if you decide to proceed, you must select one of its packages:

Jasper AI Pricing Plan

  • Starter – $24 a month (discounted if you pay annually). This lets you write up to 20,000 words monthly and use all 50 AI templates and their editor software. The price will increase depending on how many words you want to write each month.
  • Boss Mode: $49 per month (discounted if paid annually). The Boss Mode Plan allows for 50,000 words of writing per month. Everything in the Starter plan is included in this one, plus access to an editor similar to Google Docs, the most content history, Command features, and priority chat support. You can use the sliding scale to calculate the price based on how many words you want to write each month.
  • Custom Prices: If you need to write more words each month or need more help, get in touch with them to receive a custom pricing plan. You should also go to some training and onboarding sessions in addition to having an account manager.

Jasper Art Pricing: The monthly fee for Jasper Art is $20 per user. Every month, you can generate an unlimited number of images.

Copy AI Pricing

Like Jasper AI, it has a free trial where you can use the pro plan for up to 7 days without paying. But they also have a free plan that you can use for as long as you want.

  • Free – You can create up to 2,000 words per month and have unlimited access to their tools with their free accounts.
  • Pro – $49 per month for 40,000 words or less. The price increases following how many words you want to write each month. With this plan, you can have up to 5 user accounts. Additionally, you have full access to all of their tools, including the blog wizard tool.

Copy.ai Pricing Plans

  • Custom – For a personalized quote, kindly contact us if you require more than 300,000 words each month

The Winner:

Jasper is less expensive overall. Jasper charges $89 per month for up to 100,000 words.

Making 100,000 words would cost $99 per month with Copy AI. In contrast, Copy AI scores higher because Jasper lacks a free plan while they do.

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Verdict: Jasper AI vs CopyAI 2023

Jasper is more effective and less expensive when creating content than Copy AI.

One of the best features of Jasper is that users can join Jasper Art for an additional $20 per month and create as many images as they want to accompany their content.

Compared to purchasing stock photos, this is a significant advancement for those who create content because it can save them hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month.

Did I mention that the pictures it produces are insanely good? But that doesn’t mean that Copy AI has no good features.

If you want to create a lot of short-form content for social media, such as product descriptions and blog posts, Copy AI might be a good option.

There is a free plan available as well that allows for 2,000 words of writing each month. This is fantastic if you want to test how AI-generated content performs for you.

To put it another way, Jasper is an excellent tool for creating long-form content like books, blogs, emails, and newsletters. You can try Jasper and everything it offers right here for free.

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