Is A MacBook Air Good For Video Editing 2023? (The Truth Reveal)

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Here, we’ll discuss whether or not the MacBook Air is a suitable machine for the task of video editing.

Recently, the Macbook Air from Apple has outperformed PCs running Windows. The M1 processor ought to have no trouble handling many tasks at once, including video editing.

You are correct in saying so. The use of a MacBook Air for video editing is a sensible one.

Is MacBook Air Good For Video Editing?

The detailed reply is below for people curious about this topic:

Is MacBook Air Good for Video Editing

1. Strong Central Processing Unit (CPU)

That’s the job of the central processing unit (CPU) of a laptop. The cognitive abilities of a machine. For your laptop to handle more complex activities.

The strength of the M1 lies therein. Compared to the Core i7 9th Gen, the Core i5, and even the Ryzen 5 3500U, this processor is superior in every way. The 9th generation Intel Core i9 processor is superior.

You can’t have an edge quite that squished down. The latter is more costly when compared. Having 8 cores should account for the higher CPU rating.

I take it, therefore, that you are capable of using a video editing programme like Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are, without a doubt, market leaders.

Your laptop will not object if you try any of these things.

2. RAM

Though the M1’s processing capability only permits 8GB RAM, 16GB is required to edit a 4K video. It was designed by Apple’s engineers to handle tasks involving random access memory.

You have effectively increased the capacity of your laptop by a factor of two. Perhaps 8GB isn’t enough space for you.

However, instances like these are rather uncommon. The most well-liked video editing software is compatible with the MacBook Air.

3. Storage

This varies by the make and model of the laptop. The SSD storage capacity ranges from 256GB to 1TB. In addition, you should take stock of your financial situation before doing anything else.

I would recommend 512GB of storage or more.

Data may be stored in both Premiere Pro and FCP. More storage capacity means speedier programme loading times. Using nothing but solid-state drives (SSD) is also vital.

Generally speaking, Apple doesn’t include hard disc drives (HDDs) in its products, but just to be crystal clear, you should always go for SSDs.

Since solid-state devices can download software 10 times more quickly than hard drives. As a result, you won’t experience any judder while playing back 4K videos, even as the programme generates data on your hard drive.

4. Graphics Card

A dedicated graphics card is required for graphically demanding work. The integrated graphics of today’s mobile chipsets hold up well. Example: the 8-core M1. We ask that you please purchase 8 cores.

A dedicated graphics processor with built-in visuals. Great efficiency is achieved by running a lengthy programme.

5. Reputable Displays

Why are you even thinking about it? Sure. You need expert video editing. There might hurt the overall impression if the colours or white balance are off.

The way it’s presented might fool you into making a hasty judgement.

a Full High Definition retina screen at 13.3 inches That suggests a more capable editing interface. It’s always going to look better than sRGB since it has 25% more colours to choose from.

It is possible to read the text since the pixel density is high enough. Video subtitling should benefit from that.

6. Battery

At long last, the battery! Whether for business or leisure, you may need to take some time away from your connected devices.

The MacBook Air’s battery life may last for up to 18 hours, on average. The battery life is above-average at 10-12 hours.

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Conclusion: Is MacBook Air Good for Video Editing?

The MacBook Air is capable of running applications with complex graphical user interfaces, as seen above. Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple’s Final Cut Pro are two examples. Even with 4K video, there will be no lag.

You should expect a high frame rate and colour correction.

You’re welcome for reading this.

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