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iPad Air 3: Lot Of Things To Offer

With the iPad Air 2 2014 we concluded that Apple market has boosted tablet and somehow made it better than ever. Do you think that we will see the same thing in iPad Air 3? Absolutely not, as there would be several developments in iPad Air 3. we’re not really expecting a quantum leap with the iPad Air 3, but some things are bound to change or develop. The processor of iPad Air 3 will naturally make its changes in a possible manner and it will get even slimmer and lighter than the iPad Air 2.

iPad Air 3

There are some improvements we do like to view in iPad Air 3, not so enhanced but you can say some feasible change, such as 32GB becoming the smallest size. As of now we cannot collect huge info about it to go ahead. With the announcement of iPad air 3 in October, we are expecting to know more rumors till this gap. Also read Liquid Web Coupons 

  1. 16GB size

With the iPad Air 2, Apple had 32GB as its option and offered 64GB at the same price. This thing you can take as an appreciation and what will you say about a 16GB model.

There are several apps and the fact that there is no iPad which offer expandable storage that just doesn’t really cut it, particularly if you need to store videos, games, and music on it, which is not good to have it. So we love to see Apple leave the 16GB size and make it 32GB the smallest.

  1. Slow motion video

If you ask anybody they will not appreciate the camera in iPads, Apple always has fun with slow motion video on the iPad Air 2.

It’s optional but it’s constituted at 120fps, will not cut it when the less capacity iPhone 6 can reach 240fps. So we need double the frames and double the smoothness on the iPad Air 3, which can utilize the feature better as it has got that larger viewfinder.

  1. Bring back the silencer

Even child can say that iPad Air 2 is a better than iPad Air in several ways, but we did not like the eradication of silence. If you will rethink that technically it’s not essential to have it, as maintaining the silence of the tablet is easily feasible through Control Center, but having a switch button was easier and appreciable so needless to add we do need to have it present for the iPad Air 3.

  1. More thin more vivacious

There is a style of carrying slim gadgets and a slimmer more amazing and it is about smartphone and tablet makers to create ever slimmer devices. Undoubtedly, the slimmer slates look better and very handy, but due to this, we cannot appreciate the fact that it compels battery to be shrunk and hamper the device’s life.

At 6.1mm thick the iPad Air 2 is right on the edge of what we do acknowledge to have an embracing thickness, so we really do not need the iPad Air 3 to be thinner as it is so sophisticated to handle.

  1. Better battery life

The iPad Air 2 have good battery life In fact, more than reasonable, you can use it for up to 10 hours of web browsing or video watching, but there is always need to be better if you are a hyper gamer or spend maximum time on the web. Apple done great work to improve battery life in iOS 10, it helps iPad air 3 to get longer battery life.

We fervently know that the iPad Air 3 will have a battery backup. We are known to this fact so we are more relaxing that iPad Air 3 will be the upgraded version with more amazing features.

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