Apple iPhone’s New iOS 11 Features & Release Date

Apple’s privatised Operating System termed as iOS is the software used in the entire brand’s smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on. Giving neck-to-neck competition to Androids, Windows, and etc. iOS is confined only to Apple’s devices. A series of electronic devices such as iPhone 2/3/4/5/5s/6/6s/7/7s/7sPlus, Mac, iPad, iPad Touch, iPod and so on uses the operating system in its function thus exclusively created and developed by Apple Inc. for its hardware.

Considerably the second most popular mobile operating system globally followed by Android being the best ever OS used in smartphones. Initially it only supported iPhones but later on it extended its support to iPod Touch and iPad tablet. The respective devices being extensively different from smartphones, iPod is used to download and listen thousands of songs at one go whereas iPad is tablet or the latest one being fablet (mixed breed of phone and tablet) where it works as a smartphone as well as laptop too. Termed as feasible and easy to travel with, iPad is becoming quite famous amongst the Apple consumers.

iOS 11

All the hardware devices supported by iOS has been deprived by various versions and the latest one being iOS 10 is highly popular as it contains extra added features, latest surfing apps likewise Androids, and so on. As per the present situation, in January 2017, the App Store (it’s the term used in Apple phones) contains more than 2.2 million iOS application out of which 7,25,000 are native to iPads. The respective application has collectively been downloaded more than 130 billion times.

iOS 11 User Interface

The operating system of Apple’s user interface is mostly based upon direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures. Divided in four sections which are basically abstraction layers such as the Core Operating System, Core Services, Media and Cocoa Touch, the following layers can be controlled by multi-interface control elements. The latest iOS runs on iPhone 5, iPad (4th Generation), iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2 and iPod Touch (6th Generation). It is used within internal accelerometer which are used by some application so as to responding the shaking of the device or even rotating in a three dimensional mode.

Apple Inc. looking forward to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the smartphones giants launched iOS 10 on 13th of September,2016, with all the extended application in a more authentic form. Till date, it has already been downloaded in 76% of the devices which are reachable in iPhone 5/5c/5s/6/6s/6sPlus/SE/7/7Plus/iPad/iPad Air/iPad Pro/iPad Mini/iPod Touch. The version has been upgraded from its previous system with delivering an unduly option to out-reach the public.

Perhaps, after the huge success of iOS 10 Apple users are looking forward for the launch of iOS 11 where the experts believe that the respective operating system might get released somewhere near September 2017, as the firm celebrated its 10th anniversary, subsequently introducing new specification so as to be used in iPhone 7 models as well as unreleased iPhone 8 devices. There may be chances of postponing the event to early 2018, but it renders upon very low and vague chances.

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