iAmAffiliate Review 2024: Is It The Ultimate Forum of Choice For Affiliate Marketers?

iAmAffiliate Review


iAmAffiliate is a community for affiliate marketers to share their knowledge and learn from others who are just getting started in the field of internet marketing. Those who desire to expand their affiliate marketing network may profit from the company's services.

Out of 10


  • Feedback in real-time
  • Courses on paid advertising and SEO
  • Pricing Options That Are Affordable
  • Spreading the Word Through A Community of People
  • Newbie-friendly advanced tutorials for each traffic source


  • For beginners, a bit pricey


Price: $ 49.95

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In this post, we are going to talk about the iAmAffiliate Review 2024.

True affiliates know how challenging it is to keep up with the most recent industry trends and innovations.

It takes a great deal of effort and money to discover a trustworthy location to obtain information and communicates with others.

This is demonstrated by the fact that many affiliate marketing forums demand a substantial fee to access their whole database of information.

Even though the content is frequently well worth the cost, most affiliates (especially beginners) cannot justify paying more than $100 per month to visit a forum.

Some may argue that there are good free alternatives, but the reality is that they frequently have spam accounts containing inaccurate or outdated information that is nearly useless in a competitive business climate.

Finding a balance is essential, and the VIP iAmAffiliate forum could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

iAmAffiliate Review: What Is iAmAffiliate?

iAmAffiliate is one of the top affiliate marketing forums. It began as a side project of the super affiliate iAmAttila a few years ago. It then expanded and became a vital knowledge hub for affiliate marketing!

Affiliate marketing-related subtopics and quizzes abound on the forum. It is also a place for those who are new to the industry, in the middle of it, or at the top of it to share ideas, collaborate, learn about the industry, and network.

iAmAffiliate Review

iAmAffiliate can compete with other online forums due to its adaptability and experienced staff. All sections of iAmAffiliate are available for $49.99. Members of the forum can also view successful case studies.

Best Features & Benefits of iAmAffiliate

Here are some of the features & benefits of iAmAffiliate:

Features Of iAmAffiliate - iAmAffiliate Review

1. Massive Community

Every forum needs a community page, and iAmAffiliate is no exception. It enables communication with affiliates worldwide.

There is a space for everyone, whether they are experts, novices, or super-affiliates, to connect.

2. Variety of Topics

Need News for Affiliates? What about user guides and tutorials? Alternately, you can increase your business by discovering innovative ways to do so.

The forums are filled with these and additional subjects. There are categories for everything.

3. Industry Experts

Many online communities do not give prospective members much knowledge and experience.

However, iAmAffiliate comprises industry veterans, professionals, and authorities who are willing to assist any individual, regardless of their talents or expertise.

4. The Forum Sections Explained

Within a few seconds, the user can find advice on the site’s forums. For this reason, the forums include separate sections for various subjects and concerns. Here is further information regarding each of these areas.

5. 10 Recent Active Topics

Want to follow the current fashion? Then, navigate to the top ten most recent active subjects to discover the most current trending themes.

Examine the most discussed subjects to determine what everyone is discussing. Join the fun and stay informed on what’s happening!

6. The Community

Check out this section if you wish to network with individuals or converse with specialists.

This forum has conversations, announcements, and introductions, as well as a fun, off-topic part that can assist you with anything.

7. The Knowledge Base

There is an extensive questions and answers section containing over 3500 posts. Many of the questions are designed for both beginners and intermediates. The most recent industry developments are examined in depth.

If you want to get a competitive advantage, you must keep up with its continuous updates and information. The spy sessions from Andor are another excellent feature.

Andor, one of the more well-known members, provides weekly spy sessions on the week’s finest landing pages and advertisements. The forums provide a wealth of information, including tips & tricks, myth-busting, and more.

In their crypto section, you may learn about the most recent internet trends. Those who know what they want will find different sections for Google, Facebook, and TikTok advertisements.

This section offers thorough instructions on utilizing the search engine, platform, and video service, as well as information about the product and business insider leads.

8. How-To Guide & Case Studies

In this part, you will find all you need to learn, including how-to guides, case studies, follow-along videos, chatbots, and a number of iAmAttila and his team’s original case studies.

This learning part alone is worth the price of the forum!

9. Vendors

There is an assortment of available merchants. They provide various exclusive services and bargains that every marketer should take advantage of.

How do I register with iAmAffiliate?

The registration procedure is simple and quick. Simply enter your email address, select and confirm a password, select a nickname, and enter your time zone.

You must also select a membership package from the two available options.

Register with iAmAffiliate

What is the interface of the forum look like?

The forum is very easy to use and easy to read. After logging in, you’re taken to the dashboard, which is where you interact with everything!

  • 10 recent active topics

The top ten topics are displayed in chronological order. On this site, you can always see what’s trending and what’s being discussed. 

  • The community

You’ll find announcements, introductions, and discussions in the community tab! New promotions and news will be listed here, as well as other information you can use to improve your forum experience.

In this section, members can also discuss anything and everything in the “Off-Topic” section!

  • The knowledge base

The forum’s knowledge base is its bread and butter. Here you can find a selection of in-depth articles covering virtually every aspect of the industry. There is a section with over 3,500 questions and answers about debt.

There you can find answers to the most often asked questions by beginners and intermediates. This section examines some of the most recent advances in the sector.

Therefore, monitor it for daily updates and information that will give you a competitive advantage. One of the most notable members, Andor, gives weekly spy sessions examining the week’s most effective landing pages and advertisements.

In addition to sections on tips & tactics, myth-busting, and much more, the forums provide a crypto section for keeping up with the most recent online trends.

Those who know what they’re looking for can find Google, Facebook, and TikTok advertisements in separate categories. In these sections, you’ll find in-depth instructions on how to use each tool, as well as industry secrets and essential information.

  • How to guide & case studies

The How-To section contains everything you’d expect: detailed instructions, case studies, videos, chatbots, and a few examples of iAmAttila’s work.

Join the forum to discover how much you can learn, especially if you’re a novice!

  • Vendors

There is a vast array of firms that qualify as vendors. Any marketer should take advantage of the unique discounts, deals, and chances it presents.

iAmAffiliate Subscription Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

iAmAffiliate gives customers and other affiliates a selection of four subscription packages, including two options specific to affiliates and CPA networks.

There is one monthly plan and one annual plan for each bundle type. Individual Member Access for the Monthly Plan begins at $49.95 a month, while Annual Individual Member Access for the Annual Plan begins at $495.00 per year, with 2 months free!

iAmAffiliate Pricing Plans - iAmAffiliate Review

Following are the specifics of each subscription plan, including prices and features:



Price: $49.95 per month


  • Get the latest updates on what’s working right now
  • Attila’s best-kept secrets are yours to discover
  • Get Thousands of Dollars of Free Advice
  • Identify and network with successful people who share your values
  • Joint venture opportunities with unique characteristics


Price:  $495.00 per year (2 free months) – SAVE $105


  • Get the latest updates on what’s working right now
  • A Private Look At Attila’s Best Kept Secrets
  • Get Thousands of Dollars of Free Advice
  • Join a network of successful, like-minded individuals
  • Joint ventures with a unique perspective
  • Avoid Guru Courses and Save Thousands



Price: $99.95 per month 


  • Reach affiliates who are running campaigns
  • Opportunities for direct advertising
  • Customer Bonding Made Easy
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Spreading the Word Community
  • Professional Opinions of Great Value
  • Trends and Demands in the Industry
  • Post here if you want more business, such as Traffic Sources, CPA Networks, SAAS Tools, etc.


Price: $995.00 per year (2 free months) – SAVE $205


  • Opportunities for direct advertising
  • Customer Bonding Made Easy
  • Feedback in real-time
  • Spreading the Word together as a community
  • Expert Opinions You Can Trust
  • Trends and Demands in the Industry

You can learn more about their subscription plans and pricing structure as well as the terms and conditions involved by visiting the iAmAffiliate pricing page now!

iAmAffiliate Review: Pros & Cons

Here are some of the pros & cons of iAmAffiliate:


  • Six- and seven-figure case studies
  • Advertising Opportunities Direct
  • Feedback in real-time
  • Expert Opinions that are Valuable
  • Pricing Options That Are Affordable
  • Courses on paid advertising and SEO
  • Newbie-friendly advanced tutorials for each traffic source
  • Follow the campaigns
  • Spreading the Word Through A Community of People


  • For beginners, a bit pricey

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Conclusion: iAmAffiliate Review 2024

Like forums, online groups, and web pages, iAmAffiliate stands out as a genuine premium affiliate marketing community with current information.

As a member, you have the ability to learn, communicate with other specialists, grow, and benefit from all of this.

It is endorsed by renowned and well-known affiliate marketing specialists, making it a reliable tool that will help you skyrocket your earnings and establish you as an authority in a rapidly growing area.

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