How To Win 8 Ball Pool On iMessage? Full Guide

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The GamePigeon app is one of the most recent additions to iMessage on iOS 10. You may play games like 8 ball pool with your friends and family.

The first player seeks to “pocket” balls numbered 1–7, while the second player aims for balls numbered 9–15. One must be the first to pocket all of their team’s balls and the 8 ball to win.

The rules are the same as an 8-ball pool, however, the game is played on a mobile device. The best ways to play and win will be discussed in this post.

What are the tips for Beating 8-Ball Pool?

To play 8-ball pool and other games like Sea Battle through iMessage, you will need to download and install GamePigeon on your iMessage app.

How To Win 8 Ball Pool On iMessage

Read on for further instructions on how to do this:

  • To access the ‘A’ button in iMessage, open a conversation.
  • Select “Store” from the menu of available choices.
  • To get the app, choose GamePigeon.
  • The game’s interface for the controller will then appear.
  • Go back to iMessage again
  • A collection of games, including an 8-ball pool, will be made available.

In the 8-ball pool, what does “English” mean?

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “English” isn’t what it means. In this context, it refers to spinning the cue ball before the shooting, which is especially useful for the first stroke.

To acquire the best possible angle for your next shot, this strategy is just as applicable to pool as it is to billiards.

To make the more difficult shots, such as when the ball is above the pocket, it is a good idea to practice doing so on the app as well. And, as was previously said, it works well for the first shot.

How can you improve at the 8-ball pool?

It’s recommended that every 8 Ball Pool player utilize their daily free spin on the ‘Spin and Win level,’ even if they don’t plan on playing a game that day.

Coins earned through spins may be used to purchase or upgrade cue sticks, making it simpler to strike the intended ball in the pool.

Playing with brute force won’t go you very far; in fact, the entire objective of the pool is to emphasize elegance over brute strength. Setting the required power too high might cause you to miss the cue ball entirely.

To increase your chances of winning, utilize a soft touch and restrict the amount of force you put into the game. Extending your aim in-game is your best bet, so use post-it notes or a ruler to figure out your angle, then do so while keeping an eye on the clock.

Why should I spend money on a new cue?

A better cue, which you may purchase after you’ve amassed enough cash, is crucial to your success in the game.

The easiest technique to acquire an edge over the opposing player in a game of 8-ball pool is to have a high-quality cue.

If you hesitate for too long before shooting, your turn will end before you get off a shot. To avoid being passed over, try tapping and dragging on the pool table directly in front of the cue tip to accelerate your strokes.

How can you win in an 8-ball pool?

First, while breaking, try to hit the second-to-last ball in the last row. Once you’ve locked in on this ball, crank up the intensity of your stroke to the bar.

One of them is certain to go in, and the rest of them will be in better alignment for your next shot. Before you shoot, make sure the aim circle is where you want it to be.

You should NOT take the shot until the lines in the aim circle vanish; in the meanwhile, pay attention to the clock and make any necessary adjustments.

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Conclusion: How To Win 8 Ball Pool On iMessage?

In conclusion, there aren’t a tonne of hacks for 8 ball pool, but the things we’ve described here may help you improve your methods and increase your odds of victory.

The best thing you can do is put in a lot of practice time and make sure you fully grasp the laws of the game before you attempt to pot the 8 ball illegally, otherwise you’ll end up with a loss.

Avoid potting the cue ball at all costs; it goes without saying, but in case it doesn’t: doing so will result in a foul.

The greatest piece of advice is to get as much practice as possible since your comfort level with different sorts of shots will improve as you play more.

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