How to Track a TextNow Number 2024: [The Ultimate Guide]

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Are you finding a way to track a TextNow Number? Here, I discuss not only 1 but 8 legit ways that will help you track TextNow messages.

The TextNow app allows users to send texts and make phone calls without requiring a cellular connection in the age of constantly changing communication systems.

With an internet connection, anyone can send and receive text messages, make phone calls, and even use video chat.

Although the app is easy to use, many people encounter unknown numbers or are unsure of who is on the other end due to its ease of use and accessibility.

The app has been downloaded over 250 million times. Thus, understanding how to track a TextNow number is crucial.

So, here I help you with tracking of TextNow numbers.

What Is Textnow?

Before diving deep into tracking a TextNow number, it’s essential to understand the app’s functionality and purpose.

TextNow is a free phone service app that uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to make calls and send messages.

Overview Of Textnow - How to Track a TextNow Number

Anyone with internet access can sign up for a phone number, which means it’s possible for users to have spoofed or fake numbers.

While TextNow provides a budget-friendly alternative to traditional phone plans, its very nature makes it essential for users to be cautious when interacting with unknown numbers.

What Is TextNow Subscriber?

A subscriber to Textnow is able to send and receive text messages through the use of the Textnow app.

Textnow is a free program that enables users to send and receive text messages without the usage of a regular cell phone plan. Users can do this without having to subscribe to a mobile phone service.

While signing up for Textnow, customers have the option of using either their real phone number or a fictitious phone number instead of their real phone number.

Textnow also provides its customers with the option of purchasing a membership that, in exchange for a fee, grants them access to additional capabilities such as the capacity to make phone calls and make use of data.

In addition to this, you can commonly find Textnow subscribers in the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

How To Track A TextNow Number?

If you want to know who owns a TextNow number, there are a few ways to find out.

1. Phone Lookup Service

Using a service that does a reverse phone lookup is the most effective method. Based on the information contained in these records, you may be able to identify the owner of a number, including a TextNow number.

There are services available that will assist you to track down a TextNow number, one of which is the Anonymous TextNow number lookup service.

You might be asked to supply the phone number in addition to some identifying information, such as the name of the person who owns the phone or an approximation of where they are located.

Some reverse phone lookup services may charge a fee, while others may provide the first few searches free of charge.

When you have identified a mobile phone lookup service that satisfies your requirements, you will be able to enter the TextNow number into the search field and view the results to determine what information is accessible.

2. Use SpyForMe Tool

If you want to track a number, SpyForMe is a great tool to use. Getting started takes only a few minutes, and the process is straightforward.

SpyForMe Tool

The process is as follows:

  1. In the SpyForMe search bar, enter the TextNow number you want to track.
  2. The “Track” button will appear.
  3. Let SpyForMe do the work while you relax.
  4. Tracking the TextNow number will reveal all of its details, including its location, carrier, and more.

3. Track By SMS

Using an SMS tracker is one of the best ways to track a TextNow number. To track someone, follow these steps:

  1. Make a tracking link at
  2. SMS the link you created
  3. Click on that link to get them to click
  4. For their IP address, click the Access Link on the page and open it in a new tab
  5. Find out where they are by visiting the IP tracker

4. Create Another TextNow Account

If you wish, you can set up a new TextNow account with a new number or a phone number so that you can contact the person directly.

Describe the other person’s experience in a way that he or she will find interesting.

Most of the time, interacting with someone and telling them stories will help them figure out who they are.

5. Internet Search

Alternatively, you can search the internet for the owner of a TextNow number. You can often find out the owner’s name and address by entering a phone number on a website.

6. Social Media Search

In addition, you can search for the person via social media or messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger or Twitter if you know their name.

Phone numbers are often included on profiles so that other people can contact them. You can use this to find out whose TextNow number belongs to a person if you know their name but not their fake number.

7. Contact TextNow

If you are still unsure who owns your TextNow number, you can contact TextNow customer service.

It may be possible for them to tell you something about the owner of the number or at least assist you in contacting them. Support is also available through TextNow.

8. The Police Might Be Able to Identify Them

You may be able to track the person using a TextNow number if they use that service. TextNow gives users a disposable, temporary phone number.

The police may be able to assist you in tracking someone who is using TextNow, though it can be difficult to do so.

Are TextNow Numbers Traceable?

To answer your question in a nutshell: yes, your TextNow number can be traced. Unfortunately, the procedure is more complicated than it is when dealing with standard phone numbers.

You will be required to furnish law enforcement with particular and sensitive information relating to the TextNow account in order for them to trace a TextNow number.

This contains the email address that was used to sign up for the account, the IP address that was used to create the account, as well as the device ID of the phone that was utilised.

With this information, law enforcement will be able to make a request for additional information from TextNow and maybe track down the number.

It is vital, however, to keep in mind that this method might be time-consuming and is not guaranteed to produce desirable results.

Is TextNow’s Service Good?

TextNow is a popular service that allows users to make free calls and text messages. Since 2009, this corporation has been operating, and it currently has millions of customers.

TextNow enables users to create their own unique phone number, make calls and send texts via Wi-Fi, as well as send and receive photo messages.

This functionality is only one of many available options. Both the United States of America and Canada are supported by this service.

The reviews for TextNow are, on the whole, favourable. Customers appreciate that the service doesn’t cost them anything, in addition to the many useful functions it provides.

Nonetheless, several customers have voiced their dissatisfaction with the service’s quality, namely the sound of their phone calls.

Those looking for a free texting and calling service will find that TextNow is a wonderful option to consider.

The company has been in operation for a considerable amount of time and provides a wide range of amenities.

Yet, a number of consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the service’s overall quality.

How To Report A TextNow Number?

Here are the steps you can take to report a TextNow number that is being used for illegal or fraudulent activities:

  1. TextNow’s website can be found at
  2. Click the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Please enter your name, email address, and TextNow number on the Contact Us page. Please include a brief description of why you are reporting the TextNow number in the “Message” field.
  4. The “Send” button will appear.

How To Tell If A TextNow Number Is Still Active?

You can check a few things to see if your TextNow number has been activated if you have any doubts.

Log into your TextNow account and send a text message. You are still in service if the message is delivered.

You can also test your TextNow account by dialing a number. You are still in service if you are successfully connected to the call.

The customer service team at TextNow will be able to let you know if your number is still active if you are still unsure.

FAQ On How to Track a TextNow Number?

Why would someone want to track a TextNow number?

There may be various reasons why someone would want to track a TextNow number, such as to locate a lost or stolen phone, monitor the activity of a family member, or investigate potential fraud or harassment.

Can you track TextNow numbers legally?

It depends on your goals and tracking method. The practice may be legal if it is intended to locate a lost or stolen phone or to monitor a minor child's activities. However, it is illegal if the purpose is to spy on someone without their consent or to engage in illegal activity. It is always best to consult with a legal professional before tracking someone's phone number.

What is TextNow?

TextNow is a communication app that allows users to make calls and send messages using a virtual phone number.

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Conclusion: How to Track a TextNow Number?

Whether for personal or professional reasons, it’s essential to know who’s on the other end of a TextNow number for safety and security.

Although there are various methods of tracking these numbers, remember that the nature of the app may make it difficult to ascertain an individual’s identity.

By understanding the app’s purpose, investigating through search engines or external apps, and exercising caution in all interactions, you can preserve both your safety and online anonymity when dealing with unknown TextNow numbers.


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