How To Target Competitors’ Followers On Instagram? [The Ultimate Guide]

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Instagram is a picture and video-sharing app that connects people all over the globe. With over 700 million monthly users, Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms today.

Some people use this app to generate money, while others just use it to share photos of themselves, their travels, or the meals they prepared and enjoyed. If you want to outsell the competition, you need to learn how to reach their Instagram followers.

Today, almost everyone uses some kind of social media. Instagram is a well-liked social networking service because it enables users to share photos with narratives or subtitles.

Instagram has around 800 million monthly users, so it’s no wonder that businesses are capitalizing on the app’s popularity by attempting to get the attention of their rivals’ fans (Hootsuite).

Here are four strategies for reaching out to your competitors’ Instagram followers, whether your goal is to increase your own brand’s visibility or to poach some of your rivals’ prospective clients.

At this point, the reader should be interested enough in what you have to say to continue reading the blog article.

If that’s the case, you should start courting your rivals’ fan base. Instagram has quickly become one of the most widely used social media sites, with almost everyone and every company using it.

But how can we compete with the other businesses on this site? To obtain a larger Instagram following, you might use hashtags like #followback and #f4f to reach the followers of your competitors (Follow for Follow).

Everyone wants to expand their fan base, which is why I’m writing this, yet most people lack the knowledge to accomplish so.

To achieve this quickly and easily, just try to attract the same audience that follows your rivals. Maybe you’re thinking, “How are you going to target the followers of my competitors?” Let me demonstrate.

Instagram Strategies for Spying on Your Rivals’ Followers

Instagram being a medium on which you have already made a strong presence, targeting your rivals’ followers there might be a wise move.

This piece’s overarching goal is to provide guidance on utilizing hashtags and following strategies to attract a certain demographic of Instagram users to your profile.

Please take into consideration that this approach would work for any other social network that relies on hashtags and interests, such as Pinterest, Twitter, etc.

Once you’ve settled on a social media site where your rivals’ users congregate, you need to research the hashtags they use and who exactly uses them.

This is shown in the figure below using Instagram as an example, but the same principle holds for any other social networking site.

Perform a hashtag search for “fashion” or any other phrase you desire to target to begin your competition research for Instagram accounts.

To see the most recent discussion on this topic, use the search bar at the top right of your screen.

How To Target Competitors' Followers On Instagram


Use the ‘Explore’ link in the menu on the left to look around. After getting to the “Explore” tab, click the “magnifying glass” icon again and then “Hashtags.”

Hashtags associated with your search query will now appear on this page. Finding out which hashtags your rivals are employing to guarantee they are reaching a large audience should be your goal here.

This method also works for any other Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. hashtag you’re trying to promote.

Reach out to them through follow requests after you’ve identified the hashtags they’re using. Not putting enough emphasis on this particular facet of user targeting would be a mistake.

Instagram, as we are all aware, is a rapidly expanding social media platform with over 150 million monthly active users.

It ranks between Facebook and Twitter in terms of popularity, making it a perfect marketing channel for businesses seeking visibility.

This isn’t going to be another post on how to use Instagram; instead, I’ll focus on how to put it to work for your business.

My own Instagram account, which has over 4,500 followers and is still growing, has benefited from this straightforward strategy.

Your first step is to visit the follower profile of a prominent competitor’s Instagram page (make sure their account is public).

You’re not wanting to market your company, but rather to research various niches in order to identify pages that share your interests; thus, you’re searching for accounts on the same topic as their page.

This is the portion that requires some effort and time; on average, you should expect to spend anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes on it, depending on how many accounts you manage to locate.

To make the most of this period, you should focus on the correct sort of competitor’s website, since this will likely lead to a domino effect where more comparable sites start to adopt their practices.


  • You’re now following over a hundred individuals on a daily basis (there is no use in getting no value from your followers).
  • Don’t go about unfollowing people every day (you may share my sentiments; if someone doesn’t follow me or interact with my posts, I unfollow them all).
  • Do something to interact with their audience. Nobody cares whether you follow them, but it’s nice to know you care enough to observe what they’re up to.
  • Make sure the stuff they upload is relevant to your goal (not only will this demonstrate your interest, but it will also make them feel good to be noticed by a rival).


  • Don’t randomly unfollow someone every now and then (as I stated before, you’re not benefiting from doing so).
  • Avoid responding to every single person who follows you back; doing so will make you appear needy and will dilute the impact of your eventual unfollow.
  • Please refrain from responding to postings that don’t request feedback with “great shot” or “awesome.” You are not here because you are valued; you want just to be noticed.
  • You shouldn’t follow everyone who follows you (it’s awkward and time-consuming).

Why Target Competitors & Followers on Instagram?

It wasn’t long ago that Instagram was only a modest service for posting images to be seen by a select few. Though the photo-sharing app has amassed over 700 million daily users, many companies are just now beginning to see its full potential.

There’s no denying that Instagram is a fantastic visual medium for making adverts that will appear in the feeds of certain consumers.

The key reason to go after rivals and their followers on Instagram is that they already have a sizable fan base that you can leverage.

The more people who follow a person, the greater the chance that one of their postings will be seen by those individuals.

them. Having a specific audience to whom you’re presenting your content increases the likelihood that they will follow you.

Target Competitors & Followers on Instagram


You’ve surely heard by now that Instagram accepts advertisements, which means companies all around the globe are vying for a piece of Instagram’s user base.

If your rivals are already active on the platform and have built up a sizable fan base, you will need to exert even more effort to achieve similar levels of success.

It’s possible that they’re spending thousands of dollars daily on advertisements in an effort to boost sales. This means you need to figure out how to compete with them without spending as much money.

Advertising on Instagram is a great method to reach your target audience and get a foothold in the competitive Instagram market. If they’re going to the trouble of following a rival, it’s because they like the rival’s writing.

If you provide a service or product that is similar to one already on the market, you immediately have access to a pool of potential customers who may be interested in both your and your rivals’ offerings.

But if you’re still having trouble finding a strategy to make your company stand out on Instagram, why not take a cue from your followers and see what they’re doing right?

They must be doing something right if they’ve amassed over 100,000 Instagram followers.

It’s not hard to learn what they did and then implement it in your own company. One possible explanation is that they utilized a fantastic product or provided excellent service at a reduced price. The way people speak in their postings could be telling.

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Conclusion: How To Target Competitors’ Followers On Instagram?

The fastest strategy to increase your Instagram following is to advertise to the people who follow competing pages in your field.

Finding new individuals on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter may be time-consuming and costly, therefore this strategy can hasten the process of acquiring more likes on your postings.

We’ve gone through how to locate your rivals’ Instagram audience, and now we’ll provide some strategies for reaching out to them. One method is to write an interesting biography that will pique their interest.

Your bio has to be relevant to the brands and businesses they already follow and engage with, otherwise you risk being ignored.

You may further reach out to this audience by carefully including hashtags inside your posts, making them more discoverable to the individuals who follow the relevant tags.

If you want to get more followers on Instagram, you should follow your rivals’ followers. Rather than spending hours poring through hundreds of accounts manually, you can use a program like Instagress, which does this for you automatically.

If someone follows me and then immediately unfollows me, I know they weren’t really interested in my content but were just attempting to boost their own follower count at my expense.

These are just a few suggestions that might help you get the ball rolling in expanding your Instagram following.

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