How to See Archived Posts on Instagram? Ultimate Guide

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Instagram is a very well-liked and widely-used social networking site. Instagram’s early adopters are well aware of the app’s meteoric rise to prominence due to the unique capabilities it offers for sharing photographs.

Post-sharing is still the most popular feature of this application, even if hundreds of other features have been added since then.

The ability to archive posts is another addition that was made available with the advent of the function a number of years ago.

Instagram provides the option of saving posts and stories to an archive, where they will not appear on your profile but will remain accessible via the app.

You may make Instagram posts private so that only you can see them in your archive. But how and where can you access the Instagram post archive?

If this is something that has been plaguing you, fear not; you will find out here how to access Instagram’s post archives.

How to See Archived Posts on Instagram?

It may be difficult to locate posts you have archived because of the way they are saved in your profile.

How to See Archived Posts on Instagram

These postings are also restricted to the Instagram mobile app and cannot be seen on the Instagram website. Keep reading to learn how to access Instagram’s photo and video post archives:

  • Launch Instagram and go to the tab labeled “Profile.”
  • Choose the hamburger menu option.
  • Choose the “Archive” tab.
  • Select “Posts archive” from the drop-down.
  • Following that link, you’ll be able to access all of the content you’ve already published.
  • To read an entry, select it and click on it.

How to Unarchive a Previously Archived Post?

You may now unarchive posts from Instagram and show them out on your profile if you so want. If you unarchive a post on Instagram, it won’t appear in your feed again, but it will be viewable to anybody who visits your profile.

Just follow these instructions to bring an archived Instagram post back to the forefront:

  • Bring up Instagram and sign in.
  • Follow the following procedures to access Instagram’s ‘Archived posts.
  • Click on the Archived Posts menu and choose the one you want to unarchive.
  • Pick the one with the three dots.
  • Use the profile’s “Show on Profile” option.
  • Re-select “Show on profile” from the menu.
  • As soon as you unarchive the post, every one may see it on your profile.

Therefore, here is how you may unarchive an Instagram post.

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Conclusion: How to See Archived Posts on Instagram?

So, if you follow the instructions in this article, you may access Instagram’s post archives. You may archive posts for later viewing, as well as unarchive them at any time to show up again in your profile.

We really hope that your questions have been answered and that this post has been of use. In case you have any questions, feel free to post a remark.

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