How to Remove Slideshow from Any Website? Ultimate Guide

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In this post, we are going to share details on How to Remove Slideshow from Any Website? Slideshows may be found on a plethora of websites.

Despite the fact that it may be a useful tool for conveying and disseminating information, you may find yourself distracted by a large number of slideshows that slow down your reading of the page. Remove the slideshow from the webpage at this point.

For what purposes do websites use Slideshows?

You may attract a lot of traffic from search engines by using a slideshow In order to improve your Google Analytics performance, this is a great solution.

As a general rule, it’s all about the clicks, which is why websites use concepts like slideshows to get people to click. Ads are delivered after a few pages of the slideshows if you’ve taken note of that fact already.

An example of this is the use of a “clickbait” tactic. An ad blocks your way to the next slide in the slideshow, making it impossible for you to continue.

How to Remove Slideshow from Any Website? How to Do It!

Deslagging the webpage may be accomplished by a number of means. Consider a few possibilities one at a time so that you may easily de-slide your website.

Websites - How to Remove Slideshow from Any Website

Method 1 – Use a website application to Deslide a webpage

Several online programs exist that might assist you in eliminating the slideshow from the website. Deslide Clusterfake is one of the better choices from this standpoint.

The online application is basic and straightforward to use. To deslide a website, all you have to do is type in its URL. The web application does the remainder of the work.

This does not need any special knowledge on your part. Go to your website and copy the URL of the page that includes the slide presentation. Visit to learn more.

Locate the Slideshow URL box and paste the URL you just copied. When you’re finished, click Deslide. Under the Display box, you have the option to choose the output file format or leave it as is.

That does the trick. The output format may be accessed without the slideshow being shown.

Method 2 – Make Use of the Deslide Chrome Extension

Similarly, you may use a variety of web apps to navigate a website’s content. Use the PageZipper Deslide Chrome Extension if you’re having trouble sliding.

To begin, download and install the Chrome extension on your computer or mobile device.

Follow the steps outlined here:

  • Open the URL of the website you wish to de-slidify.
  • Add the extension by clicking on it.
  • That’s all there is to it. The material will be shown after the webpage is deslided by the extension.

PageZipper Chrome’s addon will not work with JavaScript sites. It should be sufficient for all websites.

If a website’s slideshows are getting in the way of your browsing experience, use one of the methods listed above to remove them from the page. Remove a slideshow website using these two approaches.

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Conclusion: How to Remove Slideshow from Any Website?

Above we mentioned everything about deleting a slideshow. If still, you find something to add then let us know in the comment section.

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