How To Put Two Photos Side By Side On Android 2024 : Quick Solution

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Do you also want to know that How to put two photos side by side on Android then this is the best article for you?

Occasionally, we may want to combine several photos into one. Putting the pictures side by side could be necessary for many reasons.

A transformation photo can be shared with your friends or used as part of a simple collage.

The capturing of photos on Android is relatively easy, but the editing part is a bit of a challenge. Although there are a variety of photo editing apps for Android that makes photo editing easy, many of them are complicated to operate.

Making a comparison picture does not require any advanced photo editing software.

It is very easy to put two images side-by-side on the Google Play Store thanks to a variety of lightweight and easy-to-use applications.

How to put two photos side by side on Android?

You have landed on the right web page for instructions on how to combine two images or to place two images side by side on Android.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to add two photos side-by-side on Android. Read on.

1. Using Google Photos

Putting two pictures side by side on Android doesn’t require you to download any additional apps. Combining photos on Android is easy through the Google Photos app.

Google Photos

Check out how to combine photos in Google Photos.

Step 1. Download the Google Photos app for your Android smartphone.

Step 2. Select the photos you would like to combine.

Step 3. When the (+) icon appears, tap it.

Step 4. Choose the ‘Collage’ option from the pop-up menu.

Step 5. Merge the images side-by-side. The image can now be edited or text can be added with the markup tool.

Step 6. At the bottom of the screen, tap on the Done button once you’re finished editing.

There you have it! Congratulations. The following tutorial shows you how to align two pictures on Android using Google Photos.

Learn How To Save An Image From Google Docs. 

2. Collage Maker – Photo Editor & Photo Collage

Collage Maker is one of the most popular collage makers available on the Google Play Store.

On Android, it allows users to mix two pictures horizontally.

Collage Maker - How To Put Two Photos Side By Side

Here are the instructions.

Step 1. Install the Collage Maker app from the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Tap the ‘Grid’ button once the app is installed.

Step 3. Select the images you want to put alongside each other.

Step 4. Tap Next after you’re done.

Step 5. Side-by-side images will be merged. There are no borders, texts, or other elements you can add to the photos.

Step 6. Tap on the ‘Save’ button when you are done editing.

How do I post two photos side by side on Facebook?

Posts on your timeline can include multiple photos.

The first step is to click “Add Photo/Video” at the top of your homepage, then click “Upload Photos/Video.”

Choose the photos you wish to upload and click “Open.” You can also add more photos to the post by clicking “+.”

What is the best way to post side-by-side photos on Instagram?

The first method uses Instagram’s multiple photo options :

Step 1: Instagram will open. By doing so, you will be taken to your Instagram Home page if you are already logged in.

Step 2: Press +.

Step 3: Tap the Library.

Step 4: Select multiple items by tapping the “Select Multiple” icon.

Step 5: You can upload photos one at a time by tapping them.

Step 6: Click Next.

Step 7: If you want to add a filter, tap it.

Step 8: Click Next.

What is the best way to merge two photos?

Using Microsoft Paint, merge two images into one.

Step 1: Simply right-click on the image you want to merge and select ‘Open with’.

Step 2: The little square box shown in the image below can be dragged to increase the size of your background.

Step 3: The “Paste” button in the menu bar has a drop-down arrow under it.

Step 4: The second image can be repositioned with the first image by dragging it.

What is the best way to place pictures side by side in Word?

To fit both images on the page, click and drag the top-right corners of each image down.

If the images are too large for the page, you can’t align them unless you choose “Behind Text” or “In Front of Text”.

What is the procedure for making a photo collage on Facebook?

To include them in your collage, tap on them.

There’s a list of different layouts for your photos near the top of the screen. Choose your favorite.

After that, select Facebook and save it!

What is the Facebook procedure for posting a photo collage?

Upon tapping on Photo, you will see recent photos from your camera roll organized into collages by the date and place you took them.

Your collage can be edited by adding, removing, or rearranging the photos and videos that you want to include.

The collage can be titled after you’re finished before sharing.

Is it possible to upload two photos side by side on Instagram?

Sharing multiple photos on Instagram in one post.

Step 1: On the home screen, click the + icon.

Step 2: Add your first image by tapping it.

Step 3: Tap the multiple selection icon on the right side of the image.

Step 4: You can tap on the additional images you want to add and tap an image again to deselect it.

Step 5: You can edit your photos by tapping Next at the top of the screen as usual.

What is the process for posting multiple images to Instagram on Android?

Step 1: Go to your device’s app store and download Instagram. With a purple-and-orange box and a white camera, the Instagram icon looks like a box.

Step 2: You can add more by tapping the plus icon.

Step 3: Select multiple items by tapping the SELECT MULTIPLE buttons.

Step 4: Your first image should be selected.

Step 5: Select More images that are available.

Step 6: Click Next.

Step 7: Filter your images with a filter.

Step 8: Click Next.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to crop multiple pictures, but how do you do it?

You need to use a tool to resize multiple photos or videos with different sizes before posting them on Instagram.

Make each photo or video into a square by adding a white background.

By doing this, you won’t have to crop or resize your images before posting.

On Instagram, how do you upload multiple pictures at once?

Up to ten photos or videos can be uploaded and shared as one post in Feed:

Step 1: At the bottom of the screen, tap on Library (iPhone) or Gallery (Android).

Step 2: Tap the screen.

Step 3: From your phone’s library, select up to ten photos and videos.

What is the best way to combine several pictures into one?

Create a PDF from a collection of pictures in Windows 10.

Step 1: The first step is to open File Explorer and navigate to the folder containing images that you want to merge into one PDF.

Step 2: Choosing all the pictures to be combined into one PDF is the second step.

Step 3: With images selected, select the Print option by right-clicking.

What is the best way to combine JPEG files?

Easily merge jpegs by dragging and opening them with preview.

By pressing cmd+A, you can select all images and print them.

Printing is just a matter of choosing the correct orientation and saving all of them together as one PDF document.

What is the best way to merge two photos in Lightroom?

With Lightroom Classic CC, you can combine multiple exposure bracketed images into one HDR image.

You can select images in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC by pressing Ctrl or Command. From the Photo menu, select Photo Merge > HDR.

Use the Ctrl+H keyboard shortcut. Deselect the Automatic Alignment and Automatic Tone options from the Preview HDR options window if necessary.

What are the steps for overlaying pictures in Google Docs?

Below the document title, click “Insert.”.

Once the drawing window opens, click “Drawing.”. From the list of icons, click “Image.”.

From here, you can select and edit an image by clicking “choose an image to upload”. Click “open”.

The text and image must be aligned on the same line in Word.

Align an object to a text.

Step 1: To select an object, click on it.

Step 2: If you have selected a picture, click the Format Picture tab.

Step 3: Choose the style other than In Line with Text under Arrange (such as Tight ).

Step 4: Drag the object to the desired location in the document.

There you have it! With an Android device, you can side by side two pictures.

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