How To Promote Your Blog Posts In 2022? Here Are The Four Best Ways To Do It (Working Strategy)

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Recent years have seen significant development in content marketing. The reason? Companies use content to reach and engage with customers and convey a message. However, they have a difficult time propagating it.

Even if there is unique content in an article, it is unlikely that it will appear on Google’s first page right away. In addition to posting videos on social media, you need to promote them. 

It applies to any piece of information you are to share. Success in content promotion is therefore depending both on the content itself and on the strategy the content promotion company adopts. 

This article describes How to Promote Your Blog Post through various channels and why content is so crucial to brands, businesses, and affiliate websites.

What Makes Content Strategy So Important?

The content strategy provides the business owner with the opportunity to set goals and priorities for achieving results that align with the company’s overall strategy. Usually, it comes with the answers to the particular questions:

  • Are you producing the right content?
  • Could you tell me for whom you would create it?
  • What are your plans for distribution?

You should engage the media by answering their needs, offering something new, or solving their issues. 

The purpose of all content is to create value and add to the customer experience. Value-added content assists businesses in grabbing the attention of their target audiences and adds value to their sales funnel. 

What Are The Reasons For Promoting Your Content?

There are also many reasons for you to promote your business’ content. The content you create is directly linked to your income in affiliate marketing, while other companies are looking to build their brands with it.

Here are a few of them.

Raising Your Company’s Awareness

No matter what type of blog, social media profile, or website you create, the content you submit to each reflects your company’s personality.

If you decide to appeal to an audience by portraying your expertise, vision, or values, the content will reflect it. The way you are perceived within this space is up to you.

Contributing to your image and helping to be recognized is possible when the content is good.

For increasing awareness of their products and services, many business owners use multiple channels. Different social media platforms are capable of targeting specific audiences.

Engaging In a Dialogue

If you want attention and to answer a query on the Internet, you have to provide something. The content you create will allow you to declare yourself and attract people to you.

Both you and your content are defined by your comment. Your expertise may be required to answer a question in the document. 

Additionally, it may refer to a discussion that places a different point of view on a particular subject. To promote the content, however, you need to show that you exist and that you can help. 

In addition, sharing your content with others involves such a step. By targeting a niche, you increase the likelihood of your content being shared.


Last but not least, content is a diamond or a gem. You should dig for a good one, clean it, and display it for sale. 

In the same way, promotion is also important. People should be able to see and understand its value if it is visible. 

Do you know how to do it? 

There are many channels to choose from social media, marketing, blogs, communities, and Google.

Method #1 – Using social media 

How to Promote Your Blog Post

By using social media to promote content, you are likely to increase visibility. It is noteworthy that each the popular social media has its unique features. 

You will discover that each platform has its peculiarities regarding posting content to promote your business.

Promote Your Expertise on LinkedIn

How does it make sense? Networks such as LinkedIn are known for being business-oriented. When your business involves business, or if you provide services to businesses, it is an excellent channel for promoting media about your products. Excellent content and expertise are all you need. 

How to promote content on LinkedIn?

To begin with, think about what you want to convey. The product must be of the highest quality. Your brand image will be reflected in your profile. Prospecting strategies that include social selling fall into this category. 

Around 75% of marketers deem it to be a great lead generator, so it should not be a surprise. The marketers usually spread their message on LinkedIn in several ways:

LinkedIn groups- You can start conversations and share content with groups. Marketers can create an image of an expert by commenting appropriately and sharing advice. The links to their posts can be shared once they gain the trust of the group members. 

Similarly, you need to ensure that the post is relevant and beneficial, rather than advertising your products. You risk turning it against yourself if you don’t. Also, you can create your groups and add your content to them.

LinkedIn Posts- Your post will likely appear in your followers’ feed if you connect with enough people. Posts are essential for any social media. These pieces convey your values to the customer and are valuable.

If you write a post or comment on LinkedIn, you can point customers to your website. It is not necessary for your excellent post to link to your website. You may receive visits to your profile and be interested in connecting. 

Choose a Suitable Format

Consider ahead of time what you are going to say. Its materials should be considered. It might be helpful to add some pictures if it’s news to increase the comment rate. 

An inserted link is likely to increase engagement rates, whereas adding a video can result in more sharing. Whatever your goal or audience, everything depends on them.

Build Relationships

Taking part in LinkedIn’s network will help you reach and influence more people. There may be influencers or opinion leaders you can contact. You will likely get more traffic or views if they repost your content. 

Additionally, there are other benefits. Through an email finder extension, you can access more profiles, get their emails, and contact them to further cooperate. 

LinkedIn allows one to focus on content marketing with a business and expertise in mind. Content marketing is about communication and sharing insights.

Boosting Content on Facebook

Facebook is another way to promote your content. Media pieces posted on blogs can be promoted on a similar principle. It’s a good idea, but why?

You can target potential customers and pay for promotions through it. Thus, affiliate websites can make use of this platform. 

Then, how do you promote Facebook content?

Attract more audience members, and engage them

Getting your Facebook audience’s attention should be the priority you consider after creating a profile. Why do you need them?

Likes and shares will be provided for you. In turn, you get the trust of others which is essential for further content promulgation.

You can share content on Facebook by using an email newsletter or a blog to encourage users to do so. The profile page can also be used to expand the audience by using promos and quizzes. With more followers, you have a better chance of getting the content promoted.

Focus on the content

Facebook offers a variety of content. Consequently, if marketers are to stand out, they must offer unique and valuable content.

The video could be accompanied by a link to your blog. Besides, choosing the right headline is also important. Provide a solution to the problem that is clear and intriguing. As with LinkedIn content promotion, the same applies.

Furthermore, Facebook Live can be used. But this would only work if you can get a lot of followers. As the first step in directing traffic from Facebook is to build your social media profile, it can prove challenging.

Use Facebook targeting to boost your page

The popularity of using Facebook to promote content has increased quite a bit. As a first step, it offers the option of boosting a post or page.

When it comes to content promotion, it gives you a lot of advantages. The link should be appealing to the user so that they click it. You can still drive traffic to your website if you do it right.

The post can then be shown to different audiences you specify through Facebook Ads Manager. The click rates and cost per click of individual clicks are also available to you in this respect. The first few times may be challenging. If you are aware of your audience, it should not be a problem.

A targeted approach to marketing makes all the difference. Your audience can be selected, first of all, according to their demographics and interests.

Depending on your product, you can target specific audiences. In addition, Facebook has a feature called Custom Audiences. Why is it so important? By doing so, specific URLs can be targeted. A competitor’s website or your own can be used as an example.

With this approach, you can reach out to prospects based on their research. Say, for example, someone was looking to buy software and checked out your review site.

After comparing three or four services, they spent about 10 minutes. The post which explains why one is better than the other could be shown to them if you did the targeting correctly.

In order to achieve this result, Facebook provides excellent targeting options, which can be helpful for people who know their audience intimately.

Method #2 – Using Guest Posts

How to Promote Your Blog Post

Is there any other way to promote your website than through social media? It is a reasonable question since all business owners want Google to list their website in search results and for other authoritative websites to mention it. The technique is used by marketers as a way to promote their websites.

How Does Guest Posting Work? Are There Any Benefits?

Contributing content to other websites is known as guest posting. Nevertheless, the most important aspect of the article is that it is written by someone representing a company that is using the promotion strategy.

Organic links or promotional links leading to the company’s blog or website are inserted, offering value to the reader or just identifying themselves. This type of content strategy is beneficial, but what are the benefits? 

The company can increase traffic to a website that publishes its articles by publishing them on authoritative websites.

Moreover, the articles serve to develop the authority and expertise of the representative. Relationships are built and the company’s image is enhanced. 

Finally, if an author is able to include a link on their website, it will strengthen its position in search engines. Specifically, it increases the chances of being ranked higher in Google searches.

It’s true that guest posting takes time, but your individual posts can be denied if you’re not approved. How to do it right? There are some rules.

Locate a Blog For Guest Posting

Guest posts require some effort to find. For example, you can google “guest post” along with your business’s keyword and see what comes up. In some cases, this isn’t a good option. 

It appears the domain has a poor domain rating or a bad reputation. Thus, it would be best if you checked their reputation using SEO tools such as Ahrefs.

Also, try to find a digital community that includes your target audience. Publish your content on the websites where the blogger has posted it if you have one you think covers your topic. 

Researching your competitors’ backlink profiles is another method. The domain rating of a website should be included in best practices. It’s hard to take time, but it pays off in the end. 

Analyze The Blog You Are Targeting

Research is a good idea before writing an article for a blog or creating a pitch. A blog’s audience should find the content you produce interesting first. 

Consequently, the audience type should be determined. It may be necessary to provide specific insights in order to write for advanced audiences.

You may also need to include a business focus in your promotion article if they come from the B2B niche. Also, take a look at the website’s available content. Start with the tips and advice that are available for the general topic if any content is not available on the specific topic.

Embrace Opportunities

Bloggers and writers have high requirements for their blogs or that there are a lot of similar posts. Those factors make it difficult for marketers to post content. 

An excellent pitch should be delivered at the right time in this respect. If your product is mentioned in an online post, or your product seems to be on a list, or you see the recent activity of other bloggers on that blog, that is the right time. 

It is possible for such a blog to be cooperative as well. They should be approached and asked for possible guest posts based on these signals.

What is the best way to create a good pitch? You could comment on their latest writings. Keep your message clear and personalize it. While providing value, do not forget to introduce yourself. 

Your work and expertise should be displayed. It is important to remember that you are providing value, not promoting your product to their audience. The secondary objective is to achieve the former.

Method #3 – Using Email Marketing

How to Promote Your Blog Post

The business must have a subscription list of customers or prospects before they can use this method of web marketing. You need to make sure they are interested in your content or product first. 

Email marketing has a low ROI and allows a direct connection with the audience. Moreover, one can personalize the message, enhancing the experience of the recipient.

It is still important for marketers to know enough about email marketing to create campaigns that increase web traffic. What exactly are they?

Producing New Content

If you’re planning to promote your content through an email channel, consider it first before creating content. Currently, many users email from mobile devices, so you can optimize your page for mobile devices. 

For a better reading experience, include images and infographics. In order to make the promoted content relevant, you can include only specific posts in the newsletter and not all of them. 

Finding The Right Audience For Your List

If half of your list subscribed to the newsletter via the website, you have a good email list. The validity of your claims needs to be rechecked. 

In addition, make sure their demographics and interests match your buyer persona. There is a chance that the specific content on your website may not be needed right now. 

As a result, you should ensure that your article will be of interest to the target audience.

Creating And Scheduling a Newsletter

It’s important that your newsletter is designed well if you want to attract traffic to your website. 

Why does it matter? 

Let’s start with the email’s content. Introduce yourself and then give information that will excite your audience. The link should drive people to your website so they can learn more. Template creation features are available in some email marketing automation programs.

You should also make sure that the call to action button is clickable. You should not push your newsletter, but offer more insights via the link instead.

Furthermore, your emails should be sent at the appropriate time. Due to lack of time, many recipients do not open emails. You could, for instance, send them a weekly letter with useful information. 

Among your readers, you can attempt to create a habit. Visual support in the form of pictures is needed for the promotion of media. Interactivity and improved click-through rates are likely to result.

Method #4 – Engage With Influencers

How to Promote Your Blog Post

Last but not least, collaborating with opinion leaders, writers, and influencers is another way to promote content. A good backlink profile can be very beneficial for improving outreach results. 

In social media, influencers are people who promote products or services, whereas bloggers are people who spread your content, data, or guides.

Exactly how? Articles can be written using them. Nonetheless, finding an agreement with them is necessary in order to achieve that. There are certainly some authors who find your helpful content and link to it because it is good in its own right. 

It may need to be presented to them if it is not visible. How can influencers help promote your content? 

The following steps must be taken: 

Know Your Goal

Maybe you want to improve the profile of your backlinks or make yourself more visible. The author of an existing piece of content may be willing to add your link to the content. 

Depending on the scope of your product, the greatness of your product or updated statistics might be the justification.

You may also want to improve your image at the same time. If this is the case, you may want to propose a joint case study. Your product or previous materials are likely to be linked to by the writer. 

Influencer Identification

Thousands of people may follow an influencer. Yet it isn’t always the best option. The importance of engagement cannot be overstated. The person may be worth cooperating with if they only have 1,000 followers, but have a 30% engagement rate. 

Searching for influencers in your niche who rank high is another way to find them. Finding a reputable author can be accomplished by using keyword search and Ahrefs Content Explorer.

The author is checked to see if they are likely to post on the big websites regularly and attract visitors to their sites.

Connect With Influencers 

Identify an influencer and submit a proposal for a publication once you find them. It might be rejected or you might not hear back. Offer them value while approaching them as experts. 

Contribute to their blogs by commenting on them and sharing. The ground is thus laid for a deeper and more meaningful conversation.

Also, you can try to find their LinkedIn profiles and extract their emails from their accounts using the above tools. Personalized approaches are essential as well. By doing so, you will demonstrate that you value their time and work.

Having discussions and exchanges of ideas with influencers is crucial in working with them. Finding common ground can be challenging sometimes. Nevertheless, as you work together more, you get to know each other better. 

Content promotion involves getting published or at least promoting your content on big websites. To strengthen your credibility and build an impressive backlink profile for you in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Promoting content is not a simple task. You will need to put in the effort and time for it. Create content that your audience will find value in the first place. The next step is to determine the best channels to use to promote it. 

A successful content marketer applies a mixture of strategies. Of course, you can combine them. You must decide how to market your product and reach your goals.

Facebook boosts are great for B2C products, whereas LinkedIn is great for B2B. As well, you can collaborate with influencers and send emails to customers. 

As for the latter two, they are great for building the backlink profile, while the first one allows you to generate traffic via email lists. It is possible to combine them all.

The decision will be yours based on what type of business you have. However, you must write excellent content when you begin your blog.

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