How to Link Skype with Facebook? [Best Tips & Tricks]

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In this post, we are going to share a view on How to Link Skype with Facebook?

There is no question that Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world. However, if we’re talking about voice-over IP services, then surely Skype reigns supreme, right?

That’s why I’m going through How to connect Skype with Facebook here.

I mean okay, there are quite a few products for both social media, and video conversations, for example, Twitter or Google Plus when it comes to the former, and Google Hangouts, Fame when it comes to the latter, but these two tech titans simply don’t seem to care, huh?

Do you have any questions at all about “Can I contact my Facebook friends using Skype?” or “How to Connect Your Facebook Account to Skype?” So, it seems like you’re in the clear!

Sure enough, I’ll be discussing topics just like that here!

Can I Use Facebook for Video Chat Instead of Skype?

I call, why would you want to know the steps of linking your Skype and Facebook accounts? What I mean is, imagine if Facebook video chat didn’t need a connection to another service like Skype.

Indeed, you can. The market there is volatile, though, which is likely what inspired both organizations to develop this useful function.

All you have to do to start a Facebook video chat is click the video call icon at the very top of the chat boxes. The idea is that Facebook makes it easy to contact everyone on your contact list at once, right?

How to Link Skype with Facebook

You probably don’t want to have a video chat with all of them, as that would just be too much noise, right? Video is great, but words can do the trick too. It becomes more intimate, and not everyone deserves your attention.

It’s up to you to decide which of your pals to video chat with when using Skype. You may choose to add the friends you really want to be in contact with.

On the other hand, I’ve always thought Skype’s video call quality was somewhat better than Facebook’s.

Okay, if “quality” is an issue for you, too, then learning how to connect Skype and Facebook is something you should look into.

Facebook video calls vs Skype video calls:-

I’d really want this to show up in search results for the phrase “how to link Facebook and skype,” but alas, it’s not long enough to qualify as an authoritative resource in that area.

100% Before I teach you how to make a Facebook-Skype call, let me use this opportunity to clarify the difference between the two.

1. Discussions at a Gathering

There’s no way to accomplish this during a Facebook video chat. The video calls on Facebook are strictly one-on-one.

2. Lacks Client-Side Setup

Fortunately, if you have a Facebook friend who also uses Skype, you can have a video chat with them without either of you having to install Skype.

All right, so there are the two main distinctions between Facebook and Skype video conversations.

Just why was I giving you that information? Since you want to combine the two, you must be familiar with the relative merits of the two services.

How Do I Make Use of Skype’s VideoCall Features?

So, once you’ve imported your pals into Skype (I’ll show you how), you’re ready to give it a try, right? Technically, you can perform all of the same actions as before without using the Facebook connect feature.

Skype's VideoCall Features


1. Telephonic or Electronic Messages Sent Instantly: Naturally, if it supports live video chatting, it should also support instant messaging with your buddies, right? Sure, that’s the way it usually is.

2. Make arrangements for a phone call! And you may plan ahead and arrive promptly, too!

3. Conferring Via Videophone: It goes without saying that I don’t have to explain this.

4. Messages in the form of videos: It’s true that you can’t accomplish this on Facebook. Facebook Messages aren’t available to you (yet), right? Skype allows you to do just that!

Also, a great deal more.

How Do I Connect Skype to Facebook?

Let’s get to the exciting part now! Also, this is the shortest section! It literally just takes a minute or two to do the entire thing! Just chill down; it’s not like the time beast is after you or something.

  • Join or log into Skype.
  • Click on Contacts > Contact list > Facebook.
  • If you haven’t granted permission to connect, a window will appear asking for it. To hell with it; just give in.
  • So, that’s it, you’re finished! All of your Facebook friends would automatically be added to your phone’s address book. With the ability to choose which contacts are shown.

How to Start a Skype Video Chat with a Facebook Friend?

Simply clicking a friend’s name on Facebook will take you to their Skype profile if they are currently online.

If they had a Facebook account, the word “Facebook” would appear, their online status would be shown, and all you’d have to do to start a video conversation would be to click the corresponding button.

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Conclusion: How to Link Skype with Facebook?

So, folks, that’s all for connecting Skype and Facebook! I did my best to respond to some of the most often-asked concerns about this matter so that you may decide for yourself whether or not to forward with this plan.

But if you answered yes, then I think you’ll agree that this manual would have been useful.

Or do you have any suggestions for other approaches or adjustments that would help make this work? I’m willing to hear your ideas.

Use the space provided for feedback.

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