How to Find Someone IP Address on Instagram 2023? 3 Awsome Ways

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Instagram is a widely known and popular social networking website. It is now accessible as a smartphone application, which boosts its appeal.

There is a necessity to discover someone’s IP address due to the prevalence of Instagram usage. So, how can you discover an Instagram user’s IP address?

Once you’ve read our extensive step-by-step instructions – see below – it should be rather simple to complete.

How to Find Someone IP Address on Instagram? Use Instagram IP Finder

Instagram IP Finder is accessible via apps like Storyslash and iStaunch. These free web applications allow you to determine someone’s IP address. These applications can also be used to track the whereabouts of an individual.

How To Find Someone IP Address On Instagram

There is no requirement to install a third-party program in order to use these apps, making them incredibly convenient for many users. This is how to employ these tools:

1. Choose Your Victim

You must first open the Instagram app and copy the individual’s Instagram username. This will assist you in determining their IP address. If you recall the person’s name but not their IP address, use Instagram Search to locate their username.

2. Go to IP Finder

You must now navigate to either Storyslash or iStaunch. The functionality and layout of both applications are comparable, so you may use this guide for either.

Find a form on the website labeled “Enter Instagram Username.” Copy and paste the username into the form, then click the “Find IP Address” button.

3. Enjoy

After clicking the button, the IP address will be highlighted in green immediately following the search form. The applications are competent at calculating the address.

However, this may not be the actual IP address. The application could record the user’s previous IP address.

Therefore, if you’re dissatisfied with the outcome, apply the strategies listed below.

1. Use Grabify IP Logger

IP grabbers are applications that enable real-time IP tracking. Such applications as IP Logger can generate links with attached code.

This code collects the user’s IP address as soon as they click the link. Therefore, you typically only need to shorten the URL and interest the recipient in it. Here is how to use the Grabify app to retrieve the IP:

Use Grabify IP Logger

  •  Get the Profile Link

Before using the software, launch the Instagram app on the mobile device and navigate to the profile of the user whose IP address you need to obtain.

Then, tap the three dots next to the individual’s profile and copy the link to their Instagram profile for later use.

  • Go to Grabify

Proceed to Grabify IP Logger next. Paste the profile link that you already copied into the designated field. “Enter a valid URL or tracking code” will be written on it.

Click “Create URL” underneath the link. The application will generate a link that will allow you to obtain the IP. Additionally, copy the tracking code you will receive along with the link.

  • Share the Link

For the link to function, you must provide it to the intended recipient. This individual should click on the link. Therefore, you must establish a conversation with them.

Discuss for a while, and then introduce a link in an alluring manner. It could be a humorous image or nice music.

  • Refresh the Grabify Page

Once the user clicks the link, the program will identify their IP address. All that remains is to return to the Grabify page and reload it. The page will then display the user’s current IP address.

2. Use Command Prompt

The Command Prompt is an integral component of your computer. Code strings can be used to give a computer orders and cause it to do certain operations.

It can, among other things, display IP addresses that connect to your computer. Therefore, it is simple to calculate the IP address of a user who connects to your network.

  • Close All Apps

The Command Prompt can display all addresses currently associated with a computer. You must determine which of them is the Instagram address.

Therefore, to prevent errors, you must close all unnecessary programs on your computer. Don’t forget to terminate background applications; utilize Task Manager to do so.

  • Get to know each other on Instagram

You must first visit Instagram, log into your account, then locate the user whose IP address you require. After this, you will need to engage them in the discussion.

Remember that you cannot use the Instagram mobile application. Launch the application on a desktop or PC. You can initiate a standard chat, but initiating a call or video call is preferable.

  • Use Command Prompt

On your computer, go to the following steps as soon as you’ve established a chat or a call on Instagram:

  • Step 1: Open the search box by pressing Win+R
  • Step 2: Open the Command Prompt by typing cmd into the search menu
  • Step 3: Type the command netstat -an in the Command Prompt

You will be able to see all the IP addresses of the computers that connect to yours. Your Instagram IP address should be one of them.

3. Tracing the Location

When you have a person’s IP address, it’s time to locate them! It does not matter how the address was obtained.

You can use it to determine a person’s location utilizing many web applications. Opentracker, IP Tracker, and many others are examples. Here is the procedure.

  • Get the IP Address

Before anything else, you must obtain the individual’s IP address. It will facilitate location tracking. If you don’t already have an IP address, utilize the preceding techniques to obtain one. If you have it, simply make a copy.

  • Go to Opentracker

After obtaining the IP address, you must navigate to the Opentracker website or another comparable website. You can perform a Google search for “online IP location tracker,” however this article will demonstrate how to utilize Opentracker.

  • Track IP

Locate the section on the Opentracker website labeled “Type IP Number to track.” Enter your IP address and click the “Search” button. After this, you will obtain a wealth of information about the target individual. The application will display geolocation, subcontinent, nation, latitude, and longitude, for instance.

Why Track the Instagram IP Address?

You may wish to track someone’s IP address for several reasons. Many people today believe that their internet presence grants them complete independence.

Therefore, they post offensive comments, commit fraud, and create fraudulent accounts, among other things. To prevent someone from doing so, you may require their IP address; see more reasons below.

  • Minimizing Fraud: You might have to deal with fraud from certain accounts if you are a blogger or a business owner. It is legit to track their IP address if you paid for service but did not receive anything.
  • Stop Online Harassment: Some individuals believe that they can do anything online. Therefore, people post offensive remarks and attempt to bother you. However, you can capture their IP address and cease their activities.
  • Unmask Fake Accounts: If you have a large and popular account, you may encounter several imposters exploiting your name and ideas. These individuals pretend to be you and refuse to cease. Therefore, seizing their IP is a technique to silence them.
  • Stop Misinformation: Any Instagram user with a huge account or business has encountered false information. Some individuals may visit your account and post false negative comments about you. They are frequently your competition. Demonstrate that you are aware of their IP address to prevent deception.

Don’t worry, here is a solution to hiding your IP address on Instagram.

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Conclusion: How to Find Someone IP Address on Instagram?

Presently, Instagram is a prominent site. Thus, those with accounts there may encounter numerous difficulties. There may be online harassment, false information, and numerous forgeries

You can obtain the IP addresses of anyone that harm your company or reputation.

Use Storyslash or iStaunch to rapidly calculate the IP. You may also use Grabify to generate links that retrieve a user’s IP address. Also available in the Command Prompt.

And after you have the address, you can pinpoint its location by using Opentracker or IP Tracker.

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