How To Find Unlimited Blog Post Ideas For Your Next Blog Posts? – 17 Best Ways

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Have you been blogging for a while and you are falling short for Blog Post ideas?

Do you feel like you are not getting Blog Post ideas to write your next blog post and wondering what should be your next blog post?

If all of the above scenarios resonate with you, the you are in the right place.

Today I’m going to tell you how to find blog post ideas for your blog. And this is the same exact technique that I use to find Blog post ideas for my Blog.

With the help of the same technique, I have written over 50 posts in the span of the last 3 months and I still have over 200+ Blog posts ideas to write on which is remaining. All thanks to the techniques and methods Mentioned Below.

Are you ready to explore this? So without a further due, let’s get started.

1. Facebook Groups

how to find blog post ideas

Facebook groups are the number one place for inspiration when it comes to getting Blog Post ideas for a blog post.

Why Facebook Groups?

Facebook has over 2.4 billion users worldwide.

The best part about Facebook is that it has something called Facebook groups which is hugely underrated.

If people will start using Facebook groups effectively then they can use it effectively to grow their blogs and websites.

There are Facebook groups related to anything you can think of, you will find Facebook groups on any niche you can think of.

there’s a Facebook group for, Dogs, Pets, Cooking, Dating and anything that t you can think of.

People like to hang on Facebook groups, do you know why?

Because there they get exposed to so many other talented players in the same niche where they can learn something and even gain some audience.

Facebook groups are really awesome. people ask their questions on Facebook groups and are really determined and focused on helping and growing the community.

Through Facebook groups you can collect good questions which people ask There and gain some Blog Post ideas for your next blog post.

Here’s an Example: A person asked his query and 14 People jumped in his post to help him. so this is a question he is asking you can note down this question and create a Blog post related to that specific problem.

how to find blog post ideas

If that person is having that problem then the same problem might also be faced by many others. So this is how to find blog post ideas from Facebook Groups.

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2. Quora

how to find blog post ideas

Quora is a great platform for Internet Entrepreneurs.

On Quora, Entrepreneurs can get direct access to the market demands and queries that people have, they get access to the doubts and things that people care about the most in their niche.

And from that data people can create valuable products for their target audience.

The best thing about Quora is that it is a question and answer platform where people ask question and people answer those questions based on what they know.

So it is a really great place for you to be if you want to gather real queries that people have, you can gather real topics that people care about the most, and then, later on, you can create awesome blog posts for that topic.

Here’s an Example How you should find Topics on Quora:

how to find blog post ideas

Here i just searched for blogging and lots of questions started displaying in front of me. those are individual topics in itself and can be made a separate blog posts for them.

You can also see what type of answers people are giving to the questions related to your niche which you can later reference to take help from when Creating your article.

3. Linkedin

how to find blog post ideas

LinkedIn is the best platform if you are running a B2B blog.

There you can find many professional people related to your niche.

On LinkedIn you can get connected to professional people in your niche and figure out what they are discussing, what type of posts do they care about the most.

And from there you can gain great insights for your next blog posts Directly from the niche experts.

4. YouTube

how to find blog post ideas

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google and daily people spend most of their time on YouTube watching lots of videos daily.

Capitalize on that opportunity. Many video creators use that platform to cater to those audiences and create valuable videos for your niche audience.

So you can also capitalize on this opportunity and Look for all the people on youtube who make videos related to your niche.

And watch out carefully what type of videos they create, that your target audience loves to watch.

You can also go ahead and read comments on those videos to gain some extra insights on what topic they demand. sometimes people request new Blog Post topic ideas for creating next videos in their video comment section.

Now What you can do is, you can create a blog post on a similar topic and people will love to read your blog posts.

In this way you will never fall short when it comes to getting Blog Post ideas for your blog post.

5. Instagram

how to find blog post ideas

Although it’s not a relevant platform to find your target audience doubts and queries, you can still use this platform to know what people care about the most in your niche.

What you have to do is, find out all the type of pages, profiles on Instagram that has the most amount of followers, that your target audience follows.

After that I want you to follow all those big accounts which have huge followers of your niche and whose posts get maximum engagements in terms of comments, likes, etc.

Next, I want you to go to their comments section and what you will find is that you will see some real nuggets that people discuss there, people talk about some real things and problems that matters too them, sometimes people ask their queries on comments.

find all those burning topics related to your niche and you now have another bunch of Blog Post ideas for your next blog post.

6. Twitter

how to find blog post ideas

Twitter can be a great platform to collect blog post ideas from other bloggers.

Bloggers share others blog posts on twitter and in return people share their blog post too.

So you can follow all the Bloggers in your niche and can spy on them, what they are sharing, whose content they are sharing etc.

In this way you will get to know a lot of your Competitors and you will also get a lot of blog posts ideas for your next blog post.

7. Udemy

how to find blog post ideas

Udemy is an Online Courses marketplace where you can find courses related to every single niche possible.

Just find a good course related to your niche and watch inside the course curriculum what are the contents of that course.

You will get to know a fair idea of what they are teaching inside that course related to your niche.

So you can gather some blog post ideas from udemy courses also.

8. Ads on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, watch out what dreams they are selling.

how to find blog post ideas

This can be the favourite place for all the online course sellers.

See what type of ads people are showing to your target audience.

You will get to know some of the pain points of your target audience and you can use those pain points as a topic in your blog post and create content around them.

9. Other blogs on the same niche

how to find blog post ideas

When it comes to getting Blog Post ideas for blog posts then what’s better than your own Competitors?

Competitors websites and blogs are the best source of Blog Post content ideas, people often ignore this stuff but it’s really beneficial for getting Blog Post ideas.

People only write what they wanna write but just think about it for a second, your Competitors who are making money from Their blog and running a successful blogs they are not just writing anything they want, they are writing properly researched articles which are guaranteed to give them results in terms of money, audience etc.

So make data driven smart decision and play smartly, spy on your Competitors and churn out lots of Blog Post Content ideas from big blogs in your niche.

10. Google itself

how to find blog post ideas

Google can be your best friend for finding Blog Post content ideas.

Here’s how.

  1. Google’s Autosuggest some keywords ideas
  2. Google’s related search results
  3. Google shows some top ranking pages related to your niche, spy on their blogs, what type of content they have written.

11. Reddit

how to find blog post ideas

Reddit is also like Quora where people share blog posts, Ask questions, answer people’s questions etc.

So you can watch all the type of questions that’s been asked in your niche and you can find lots of burning topics and question that people actually care about the most in your niche.

12. Buzzsumo

how to find blog post ideas

Buzzsumo is a content search engine that displays the most shared content on social platforms.

You can see what’s the most shared content related to a particular term or you can also enter any URL in there and Buzzsumo will show you what are the most popular content of that website which has got most amount of social shares.

Find out all of those content related to your keyword, or domain and create better version of those Content because it has been proven that those content gets shared a lot and if you create similar content by adding 10x value than the Competitors post, the guess what will happen. your post too will be shared by lots and lots of people and great content also attracts lots of backlinks.

13. Ubersuggest

how to find blog post ideas

Ubersuggest is another great tool to find lots of Blog Post content ideas.

Ubersuggest has a dedicated section for content ideas where you can get content suggestions for your entered term.

Just type in any head term or any term related to your niche and it will pull out all the Blog Post content ideas for you that you can write.

14. Answer The Public

how to find blog post ideas

Answer the public is a great place to find new Blog Post ideas, questions related to a topic. It is a pretty weird platform in the first place, but the tool is very good

Just go to and in the search bar, search any broad topic that you want to write a post on. It will fetch all the questions, Blog Post topic ideas related to that term.

Now simply go ahead and record the topic ideas that you would like to write post on.

AnswerThePublic is a goldmine when it comes to getting Blog post content ideas.

Forums are a great place to get new insights into your target niche market.

Forums are the most active place where like minded people hang out online withing the same niche, have discussions and Build community.

Join some of the active forums in your industry or niche and observe what are the most Popular topics that you come across in those forums, what people are discussing etc.

Doing these things will keep you up to date with the most recent information related to your niche and then you can further go ahead and write a blog post on the topic you like.

One such great forum is Warrior Forum, In this website you can find Forums related to any niche. Its liek Reddit.

16. Be Genuinely Interested In Your Blog’s Niche

how to find blog post ideas

Don’t just blog just for the sake of writing blog posts and making money.

Blog because you are genuinely interested in your Niche and Develop an interest to help people with your Articles and building community.

The purpose of a blog should always be to provide useful information to the people first.

If you will be Genuinely Interested in your niche then you will automatically find unique Blog Post ideas for your next blog post, you will never need any external sources to get Blog Post ideas for your blog post then.

If you will be Genuinely Interested in your niche, you will automatically do research in your niche more and more and write blog posts more and more, and you will always have something to write about your niche in that way.

So be Genuinely passionate about your Niche and observe and note down all the Blog Post ideas that flows into your mind.

17. Your Own Experiences, your common sense

how to find blog post ideas

And yeah don’t forget to write about your own experiences in your niche.

Write about what are the problems that you faced in your niche, write about what are the solutions to that problem that you found etc.

This is the best topic you will ever find because you will naturally find it easy to write about your own experiences and how you gone through that situation and solved that problem.

Conclusion of How To Find Blog Post Ideas

I hope that you have found Enough ways to find Blog Post content ideas from This blog post. Now go ahead and Scrape out lots of Blog Post content ideas for your blog too.

I’m pretty damn sure that after reading this article you will never search How to Find Blog Post Ideas again on Google.

And do let me know in the comments box , if there’s something that you don’t agree with or If there’s something you need more clarification with. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Looking forward to listening back from you, how you liked this post and if you have any queries regarding this post then feel free to reply to this in the comments section. I will get back to you ASAP.

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Action item for you: Record all of your Competitors blogs and Find all the blog post ideas related to your niche and write all of them down on a spreadsheet or a mind map tool. This will give you enough blog post ideas for future to write on.

FAQs Related How To Find Blog Post Ideas

Where should I record all of Those post ideas?

I would recommend you to record all of those blog post ideas in a Spreadsheet software like Google docs or microsoft Excel.

You can also create a mindmap and record all of the Blog Post ideas in that mindmap.

Can you gather unlimited Blog Post content ideas?

Yes, the possibilities are endless, you just have to connect with your end consumer of content, what do they demand, listen to their problems and you will find countless Blog Post content ideas for you blog.

What is the best place to get Blog Post content ideas?

The best place to get Blog Post content ideas is your Competitors blog.

Observe what they are writing, how they are writing and why they are writing.

What is the best blog post idea?

The best blog post idea is the topic that’s trending in your niche.

Do a Google trend search for the topic that you want to write and it will show you the trend graph. If the graph seems to be growing in popularity then it’s a good topic, if the graph seems to be decreasing in popularity then probably no one is interested in that topic anymore.

And there are also some evergreen topics which are timeless, which people will continue to consume for the coming time. (Some content topics are evergreen and never gets old).

how to find blog post ideas

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