How To Enable Two Factor Authentication Feature 2023?

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A few years back, Apple has added two-factor authentication in order to improve user security. As of today, Apple has taken that security to another level by now with its two-factor authentication feature for all users who runs OS X El Capitan and iOS 9.

Two-Factor AuthenticationSo, if you are thinking about Enabling Apple’s new two-factor authentication feature, this article will help you out.

Apple has created a robust and easier-to-use system to protect your login security. If you are using the latest iTunes and major OS release on every Apple device connected to a similar iCloud account.

The two-factor authentication framework requires that you sign into another browser or gadget at whatever point you sign into another browser or gadget. You need to enter your secret password and verification code from another bit of equipment under your control.

It keeps somebody from taking or speculating your secret password and accessing your record, which should be possible remotely or through a security break.

Also, they need to have a token that must be created by or sent to a device that is under your control, which implies they regularly require physical access to a cell phone, PC, or SIM.

The redesigned framework stays accessible tentatively. The new framework welcomes clients, instead of requires a switch. The most critical change is that the new frameworks get rid of the Recovery Key. This is a last-discard approach to recapturing your record in the event that you’d lost or lost access to other record data.

So before giving you an answer about How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication for iCloud on iOS, it is important to know that is a method of authentication relying on two different components Apple ID’s password, and a secondary device that has already been authenticated.

This secondary device would receive a confirmation code whenever a new authentication is requested.

Apple will offer you two ways when it is about How to enable Apple’s new two-factor authentication feature. Either when you sign in to iCloud on a new gadget or to your existing user account through the Settings followed by iCloud (iOS) and the iCloud preference pane (OS X).

In the latter case, you will get an email to your Apple ID-associated email address.

Now Let’s Began About How To Enable Two-Factor Feature Authentication For iCloud On iOS.

First, make sure that your Apple device is updated with the latest version of iOS. When you try to login into your iCloud account, you will get a new message asking whether you need to enable two-factor authentication.


If your device is already signed in to iCloud, then click on Settings, then iCloud and then click on your name. On the next screen, click on Password and Security. Scroll down to the bottom and Set Up Two-Factor Authentication link.

Two-Factor Authentication

Click Continue and then enter your phone number. Wait for the verification code. After verifying your phone number. Next, it will ask you a security question, you can skip this step if you want. At the bottom, you will see that your Two-Factor Authentication feature is on.

After setup, try to sign in to iCloud on another gadget and you’ll be requested to enter the code sent to the trusted device. A message will come out that shows a map of where the login was requested and with the options to Allow or Don’t Allow.

In the event that you tap Don’t Allow, the individual won’t be permitted to log into the account. If you tap Allow, you’ll then get a popup with the six-digit confirmation code that must be entered on the other device so it can sign in.

As should be obvious, this is significantly more secure than simply empowering Two-Factor Authentication.

Let’s Find Out  How To Set Up a Two-Factor Authentication feature for Your Apple ID.

First, log in to your Apple ID. A window will appear. You will see the “Password and Security” option on the right side of the window.

If you have set up any security questions, you have to answer your personal security questions to proceed.

A paragraph will appear explaining your Two-Step Verification. All you need to do is click the “Get Started” icon.

After reading few notices, begin Step 1 of the enrolment process. Tap on continue until you get to the first step. You need to provide your mobile phone number.

verification code

You will get a confirmation code SMS. You need to enter this number on the Apple website. Put this number in order to verify the phone. Once your number is verified, the press continues to proceed further.

You will receive a “Recovery Key” in case you lost your device. This is a secret code that helps you recover your account if something goes wrong with your Two-Factor Authentication procedure.

Keep this code private and secure!  Without it, you can’t access your Two-Factor Authentication account.

You will be asked to again enter your secret “Recovery Key”. This is done to make sure that you have copied the key and have to store it securely.

Read all the terms and conditions and click the “I understand the conditions above.” checkbox.

enable two step verification

Now to click on the “Enable two-step authentication” tab. Your two-factor authentication is now active.

I am sure you will find your answer with easy steps about how to set up Two-Factor Authentication for your Apple ID account.

Two Factor is comprised of something that a user knows and something the user claims. The gadget that they possess then gives an answer where a Passcode is produced locally or is gotten by SMS, Voice, or a Secure Email.

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Final Words:- How To Enable Two Factor Authentication Feature?

Now a  password and passcode are required to log in sequence. By enabling two-factor authentication, protection benefits the real user.

I hope this article will guide you to your answer about How to enable Apple’s new two-factor authentication feature on your device.

Be it iPad, iPhone, MacBook, etc. Activating two-factor authentication surely benefits you. It is the safest way to confirm your identity with the use of two different devices. To enable your two-factor authentication feature in your device now.

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